My channel has been going through a lot of changes lately, folks from rc construction to rc scale, rock crawling trucks and mudding trucks, and to some fast drift cars we just got in yes, the arma felony 6s. So before we get off topic into the armor fellow d6x ron, you just got that dozer man i’m waiting to see that thing in the dirt pushing some dirt. So how she’s been? I know she’s been obese and i know you’ve been having little problems with it, but i know you’ll get it right to everyone else, that’s in the rc construction business. I did not forget about you so this week we have coming up a motor change for my brother’s oshkosh, or, should i say, 802 hg802 truck. I keep forgetting the name of that truck, but it is a beast of a truck. It did lock them axles, but we’re not going to get too far into that i’m. Just going to give you an update on what my channel has been going through, so rc construction guys sit back, relax enjoy this show get motivated and let’s move some dirt. Okay, so right out the hat, we had our project from the little dozer tonka dozers and we had our project going on for our rc semi trailer build. So let me get y’all caught up on some of this stuff, so lately we’ve been doing a lot of other things and i just want to get you all caught back up on this and back on track.

So your rc construction, guys. Ah, we got some work done on it. As you can see here we got movable, we got movable drivetrain, but we don’t have the motors installed, but we do have it fitting on the track with a sophisticated tensioning mechanism that i’ve designed metal tracks, metal, sprocket and all this is metal idlers, okay, so that’s. When the back burner pronounced, i did not forget about y’all, okay, we we still are using the rc construction as a full platform, so don’t fret. So meanwhile i keep losing my tools. I i re. I really didn’t have some rc tools to begin with, so i went ahead on amazon and purchased. This 49 bucks little set of tools. Okay, so, as you can see, we got some little allen. Wrenches allen screw hex, some hex drivers, phillips um, different drivers. In here little pliers, a magnet tray, a spike to bore a hole, a reamer. You know some pliers, okay, so that’s a good set that i’m, hopefully i’m, not going to lose the tools to start to get organized more professional. So i know y’all thinking i forgot about my trailer build, i did not trailer build, is almost complete. Now, folks, i have a lot going on y’all, seeing me working on the rc scale, mudding track the obstacle course the mind we’ve been working on trying to get this dozer going on. You saw my new toy. I got in life been kicking in with work family.

So again, this is a lot for us for my channel to endure and i’m trying my best, so we did not get off topic of our construction again. So this is where we’re at on our truck on our trailer so y’all see, i probably i stained it and polyurethaned it with about four coats that polyurethane it takes a little bit to put on, but we got it. I think the other need black. I still got ta put my axles in finish that up put a board in here, tighten it up with some aluminum angle arm and our trailer will be on the way, hopefully that’s, coming up pretty soon and you’ll get to see dooley pulling this on the mine. So don’t forget about the globe liner, there, okay, the globe liner, still has to get finished also so that again there’s a lot going on now with all that being said, y’all folks that are watching me that are involved in the scale, trucks and the rc car That i purchased the arma felony 6s come close and we’ll show you what’s, going on holy 80 miles per hour. I’Ve been wanting this car folks, so this is not going to be a run. Video i’m going to get y’all to wait for the run. Video. Of course i got to get some batteries for it so take some spectrum batteries, so come let’s see what’s going on inside of this beast. So my friends, if you want this arma felony 6s race car, let me tell you you will not regret it.

So the body, shell, is a cheap, you know but durable plastic, so it flops around. So if you flip it, it will not break, of course, that’s typical and look at the inside of this car how beautiful work of art that is. Oh, i can’t wait to run this. These towers are very stiff and hard. Okay, the shocks are all built: aluminum uh, so beautiful it’s, a spectrum platform all wheel, drive a center shaft, no belt two big 3ds batteries that go in here a cross member arm to keep this thing from flexing. This is a true race car folks. It has an awesome steer for drifting and i can’t wait to run this i’ve seen videos, but it does not justify the beastness of it. Okay, just like my rc construction equipment, my dozer and everything else, it’s just it’s so much it enlightens you when you open the package and see how big this thing is: okay, uh, the underneath, i think, that’s an aluminum plate here, big spur gear and it’s. Just you know there’s so much we can talk about, but we got ta keep this video short and sweet. So i love the the saying in here. It says nothing to see here officer and it has your two big freaking massive exhaust pipes. Awesome man love this car so guys i hope you got updated on my channel again. Thank you all for liking, commenting and supporting the channel and, of course, subscribing books.