The sg1603 drifter car super popular now, 1 16 scale awesome little car infraction mini gosh. What a beautiful looking little little car these are super fun, guys they’re super popular right now, 1200 milliamp lithium ion battery 380 brushed motor, and these are great right out the box guys they can take some abuse and they’re awesome for drifting, especially on a mall floor. Like you see here, look at the gloss. This is what you want to be on all right. Let’S get cruising Applause. Oh i love it. Beauty, pretty quick too, not too bad on uh 2s battery lithium ion. I love the lights on it. This is great for a beginner or even an experienced guy. This is the floor to do it on guys. Oh cool Applause, Applause, uh, i like that the lights can change white and red. We got all red, that’s, pretty evil, huh, Music, ah Music Applause, how much fun man! Now i did a brushless upgrade on my 1604 and it was probably it’s manageable, but i would definitely glue the tires tires. Don’T come glued to your rim. Here. If you look here, the tires are not glued, so if you’re definitely going to go brushless on this, i would glue these tires for sure, but uh. This is great right out the box guys. I love that it looks like a little infraction. I mean that’s. What’S awesome Applause, speed run not too bad. I figure 15 miles an hour, so 15, 20.

Applause, wow Applause, Music, beautiful little car. Oh, i love it. Applause, Applause, uh Applause here comes the guy. Let’S see look at that, so cool easy to drive. Oh just wonderful! I love it love it love it perfect to get into the hobby you’re not going to break the bank at all nice and nice and quick right out the box not too slow, not too fast, perfect for drifting, and if you got a floor like this, in Your local mall, maybe they won’t, come down on you, but a beautiful, beautiful thing to do here on this kind of a floor. So a couple more passes, then we’ll call it a day: Applause, Music, mm, hmm, Music, so Music, all right guys. The sg1603 man beautiful car, beautiful little beginner’s car or even an expert hobby grade you can upgrade it for under 100 100. You really can’t go wrong. This car is super popular on youtube right now and uh yeah. I can’t say enough about it. Go pick one up. I got the links in the description below the video and, if you like, this concept, please be sure to like subscribe and hit that notification bell and i bring you rc content like this.