The traxxas slash ultimate. The pro 4 Sc 10 is available at a reasonable 340 Dolarów, while the ultimate is 550 Dolarów. Just a huge difference in pricing and its not going to be too much of a race rather really observing how these vehicles behave in an oval. A rough oval track were going to have two of these pro 4 se10s, a two wheel drive slash and a traxxas max and a very special surprise. Na koniec, all right this should be interesting. The red one is the 340 dollar team associated pro 4 sc10 blue. One is just a slash two wheel drive and the black one is the 550 dollar slash ultimate Music theyre, all brushless, the the red one. The c10 has some good punch. It takes off a little bit slower, not as punchy but very good top speed. Ma to. It takes a little bit of a of a grinding sound. We feel like maybe a housing gear. Housing is touching, but right here is a very good indicator of how it corners the corners kind of wide you have to slow down, but it is very stable in the rough right theres. The two wheel drive and the four wheel drive just hooks up and just takes off. None of these vehicles have had any different tires or the fluids or stock settings, and they all kind of behave differently. The slash ultimate its kind of glued to the ground kind of a point and shoot kind of vehicle, and it turns really well.

The team associated is fast, but you got ta slow down. Masz ta, take the corner deliberately, masz ta, be easy on the throttle. The pro4 se10 seems pretty stable in the rough stuff and the jumps, maybe its the best one. Three two one go stock. Electronics on these all running three cell, the the two slashes have a little bit of pcn traction control, while the team associated is, has no aids whatsoever. Trzy dwa jeden raz: two wheel drive is pretty good. It hooks up and its a little wild, but its definitely the lightest overpowered and its hooking up with its rear wheel, drive very well right there. The slash ultimate really is easy for everyone to drive and heres something interesting. The team associate pro 4 sc10 has a net a webbing and it really does work all the other vehicles were dirty to all the way to their tubs, but the team associated was clean inside we did a lot of driver swaps, so dont pay too much attention To the driving style and the results lets look at how how these vehicles just handle terrain, the team associated got bogged down. The wheels got bogged down with mud inside so it got a little bit slower still planted, but a little while the slash ultimate. That didnt happen right there when they catch an edge. They just tumbleand this is whats cool about short courseis they can tumble 20 times its no big deal.

They can hit each other and just move laterally and not crash its so cool thats. Why theyre? So perfect for racing we went through two or three battery packs, with heavy heavy use and no damage at all happened to these cars. After about six to eight minutes, the team associated would overheat, the esc would shut down. The motor was very hot good thing. The esc theres no temperature controls on the motor, so you got to monitor that yourself. The traxxas max is super interesting. It just travels on with a wheelie but its fine, its controllable, and here is our special guest, its an e flight airplane and its doing all those with us. This is a small hundred dollar airplane with a brushless motor and it flies super good. I could not believe that it was taking these tight horners. We felt pretty safe and, Tak myślę, thats the magic of the airplanes these days. Anyone can fly them with a little bit of training. It has a lot of aids if you want it to be to help you out be more stable, so great fun. I also was flying with full flaps on that way. It could be slower and would be more maneuverable right there. The team associate is fully bogged down, but its still rolling it just would quit Music. The max is a very able player for sure corners, good wheelies, like crazy and when it flips over, we just press the button and it it writes itself with its self writing technology when youre using 4s.

So our conclusion, definitely the slash ultimateis a tighter running vehicle corners, lepszy, maybe a little more planted box stock, but the team associated sc4 s.