This is a two wheel drive off road buggy. This one came fully ready to run from model sport and it should be a really great build to do and i’m looking forward to it. Let’S take a look inside okay. Więc, as i remove the box first things first, is we get the stickers very nice printed on some very flexible paper, so they’ll come off quite easily onto the polycarbonate body. Następnego, we have the polycarbonate body so with most tamiyas they come with a full hard shell, but on some of the other buggies they come with more polycarbonate body it’s, not as flexible as you think, it’s quite hard around the top of edges and stuff i’m. Still slightly um confused about what no not really confused, but i haven’t really decided what color i’m going to be doing. My um hornet in i was thinking about going for black, but now i’ve seen a really nice cherry red and white color. So i think i might go for that next bit, we have here is the spoiler from the polycarbonate body, it’s very nice, znów, not very flexible, but the stuff around the side is quite flexible, Oczywiście, that will be cut off moving down. We have the main body of the hornet since packaging because of course well in case you know, i only got this through the post today and as soon as i got it, i was like review now yeah i would get it out, but i don’t really want To get everything out and then put it back into its packet, but they have it.

That is the very nice very solid chassis of the hornet okay moving down, we have my battery, so this is a what is this one again um? I can’t remember what um milliamp battery this is, but it is quite a powerful battery and it has lots of runtime in it, so it should be brilliantly um, brilliant for going out into the woods and stuff, tak, aby było dobrze. Okk, i just can’t have a look on the back of the box thatand this came in so it is a 3 000 milliamp battery it’s 7.2 volt um battery yeah it’s. Very nice definitely get yourself. A couple of batteries. I’Ve had a couple in the past and they’ve been absolutely brilliant. Okk, next up, we will yeah we’ll continue on this side. We will take out the small box that’s in there. Oh also, if you buy stuff from model sport, actually i don’t know it will come with everything, but i got some very nice um stickers from model sport to put on it, which would definitely be going on it all right, Niech, open up this box so inside The box put it down here for you, we get the front bumper again, Ładne, actually it’s, quite flexible, but obviously it’s going to be very strong, very strong in that front part, but quite flexible on either side, and we also have uh the suspension, damper oil, um Cogs uh sway up, sway, bars there and there those sway bars i’m.

Nie jestem pewien, then we have the axles for the two wheels at the back here and here, yeah that’s quite cool packet. Now here we have um small parts body clips there, but i won’t actually be using these body clips because i prefer to use the ones i have i’m, pretty those feel quite plasticky actually and i use aluminium ones, which are good and i bought a packet of 2, 500 of them for please believe me, 2, Funt 50, and it was worth every penny of them. I really was okay uh. That sort of looks like double sided, taśma klejąca. To me pretty sure it is uh pretty sure those are servo arms there, uh tamiya grease for the differential lock in there. Oczywiście, the main part of the gearbox now uh, this tamiya grasshopper comes up grass, but oh my god, O Boże, Jestem. So sorry, i was planning on getting a grasshopper, then i went over to the hornets. The hornet just looks so much better, so this is the tamiya. Oh genuine, Tamiya, um motor. This is the fire for 450 in here it’s, a pretty damn big one uh there’s a comparison: O Boże, um yeah that’s, practically the size of my palm yeah that’s awesome, uh i’ll, try and find something to compare it to had one of the hot was Lying around, so this is it in relative size to hot wheels. To jest to, że, actually quite a big hot wheels, ale tak to jest, quite a big motor.

Podoba mi się to. Okk, let’s move on so uh here’s, a quick thing. I in this kit you get the just the solid plastic ball: bearings yeet, w porządku uh! I got some hop up version. Full metal, łożyska kulkowe. They just make it run so much smoother spend a little bit more money and your car will just run even better. Szczerze. Definitely buy these 100, they are brilliant. I absolutely love the coloration, the silver and then the blue, in the middle definite big buy. If you can don’t actually didn’t actually cost that much. I remember how much they cost, but they didn’t cost anything under six quid and it’s. Brilliant really are okay, so here we have some longer screws and bolts for the wheels in there. Nothing really much to talk about in that so it’s rc parts back all right. Uh here’s some more pins and bits and pieces pretty sure some of the pins in here like that one right there for the suspension, yep and there are some other collars for um the suspension in there. We also have more screws more screws, there’s a lot of screws in that packet, obviously for the car. Inaczej, what else is it for okay? Here we have the differential, Oczywiście, some pins actually i’m, pretty sure yeah pins in that bag are for the differential it’s. Quite big because of course gearbox is quite big. I’Ll show you that in a minute, yeah it’s pretty cool, W porządku, one more packet! So in here we have all the smaller screws and the washers and stuff and then oh there’s, some tiny, malutki, tiny bolts in there tiny tiny bolts in there and if you can see some of them, some tiny bolts in there yeah.

Just there really really tiny bowl okay, so that is everything in that box boom there’s a let’s see a little bit on the hornet on the box there, and if you can see that it’s awesome, i love this uh i’ve got a couple. I’Ve got tons of other tamiyas, they are my best cars. I love them and they’ve all come with a little bit like this, and i keep them all. My mom tries to throw them away, but i keep them because to me they’re collectible. Tak właściwie, they are quite collectible, and so is the box, but yeah it’s brilliant to have these okay moving on to the other part. Okk. Moving on to this part, here we have oh just because it’s practically on this side, we have the build instructions. All the parts are in japanese parts are in english, yeah very cool lovely photo of what it looks like. O człowieku, i just love it. I just love hornets it’s, so cool okay, so we have the driver. I’M gon na need to think of him. If you can leave a comment down below what you think, i should call this guy because it oh, i wan na, like a funny name, because it’s got ta be funny, więc tak, to jest, my driver and under here we have the um center part of the chassis. To go under and we also have the frames either side awesome. I think somebody i heard them call them elephant bars.

I i don’t know that’s what i heard please don’t give me grief on that. I i’m not 100 sure myself all right here. We have so i’m pretty sure this is the yeah. This is the four kilogram servo from core rc, co jest niesamowite, let’s get this open okay, so it also comes with all oh look at that more parts in there, so that’s all the steering, Serwa, add ons and stuff for controlling it, always good to have those Spares around and here’s the server itself. Oczywiście, quite a nice, weighty one. It doesn’t need to be as big as some of the ones i have in, like my lunch box um because of course it’s not as well, to jest, is it’s around the same size but of course it’s not as weighty, ponieważ jest to, a buggy and yeah there. You go it’s, a very nice servo, definitely just getting them, because we’ve we’ve, all um, all of our servos, are from core rc just get back in there. Okk, awesome all right! Next part, we have the gearbox parts, so two sides of the gearbox and the motor very cool okay. Now we have the hubs for the wheels, Oczywiście, the um big boy hubs at the back going straight up, all the other, the smaller ones at the front, need to go in and add it together to make one goes in properly. Inaczej, you’re just going to have a very small hub that doesn’t fit incorrectly, so i actually haven’t had a look at this yet well.

Oczywiście, i’d already opened up to check everything was there, but we have the two double wishbone suspension at the front: uh i’m. Pretty sure that that is the um, pretty sure that’s the battery holder there correct me if i’m wrong, these uh servo bits and pieces there and shocks and mounts for the suspension save that a little bit later. So here we have the other parts. So we have here um arms to hold on the motor and the gearbox mount to the back, which are these two bits here and lots of that extra bits. You have to add them to keep it um connected together, W porządku. So now we have my esc. So this is the proper tamiya esc which i’ll get this one out there we go so we’ve got the battery. Connector leads that go to connect the motor to the esc, um and, Oczywiście, the on and off switch and the plug that connects into the receiver, which i will show you in a second which is right here in the controller box. W porządku. Last but not least, which is a little bit here on safety using of the hornet in that. Last but not least, we have the tires. Look at these chunky things. They are massive. I will get these at the chat packet. Look at how spiky that is: Czyli, Ładne, nice and squishy. Oczywiście, once they go on the um car, even more they’ll be much more solid, though so that’s the back wheel and the front wheels.

I love these. They just look like a proper buggies wheel. That is absolutely awesome. Something i do do before i run is. I always just give them a little bit of a rub off on my hand, because it gets off all the slippery grease. Tammy add on to them before i drive them just makes them a little bit. Less just makes a little bit more grippy, less more grippy. All right let’s put that back in there and, Oczywiście, as i was moving the box back, we have the um straw that connects the top of the esc and it just comes out. Nope just connects to the top of the receiver. A little wire goes up inside and it sticks out and it looks cool i probably will add a little flag to the top and makes it look even more authentic. Okk, on to this, this is the controller i got with it. This is from code i’ve. Never actually had anything from code before so i hope the first impression is good. First impression: is i can’t open the blooming box? O Boże, Okk, W porządku, i’ll pause the video and then come back on when it’s got open. Okk, you open it from the side. That was a bit weird. Jestem. Przepraszam, there oh falls out like that. Wyglądać, Oh! Oh, Mój boże! Wow! Okk! I know you guys can’t feel this, but this is the nicest grip i’ve ever had on any um rc car controlled.

Before very nice got all the trim, settings and stuff it’s a free channel remote, so you can change it and stuff, actually that’s a blooming switch and change channel and stuff there it’s very nice light light design on it like the color. Most triggers got lots of spring to it got a little bit of resistance there, co jest dobre, because you want to full go back and then got that little spacer to hit the reverse awesome. That is a very cool remote and it requires let’s, zobacz. Rzućmy okiem, what all right i’ll be back on a second okay. I can’t actually get underneath that i’m gon na try and get something a little bit sharper to stick underneath it yeah that’s, quite tight, hopefully once it’s released. It should be a little bit easier. W porządku, i’m gon na go, get try get this open with a little bit of the sharper and smaller thing that can just slide under there. I’Ll look up later how to get this open. I just want to get on to more of it. Okk, so it comes with a four plug receiver, co jest dobre. That means i can also run some lights on it while running everything, that’s essential, Oczywiście, that goes up through the straw just right here, like so yum. It goes like that cool all right. That is it for this video. Thank you ever so much for joining and watching this awesome unboxing.

There will be a couple more videos out and getting this starting to be built, and i hope you guys enjoyed if you did enjoy. Please leave a like, and if you want to see, if you want to see more or some content on this channel, please just hit that subscribe button. It helps my channel grow and it just makes me feel a lot happier about doing this. Thank you ever so much guys again for watching.