Co się dzieje chłopaki? Nazywam się mark samaria. Witamy ponownie na kanale, welcome back to the rc vlog guys it is so nice to just go out and drive my x maxx. That was fun thats. What i needed, i just needed. Some x max therapy, some rc x, maxx rc therapy. It was nice anyways guys. Today we are going to unbox and check out a new car by traxxas that i think you should get for certain reasons. But i also think is super strange and weird. I know that thats kind of weird it doesnt really make sense, but let me show you where the car is and ill explain. We are opening this thing inside because it is hot outside guys, its breaking 90 degrees and its super sunny all right there. It is the traxxas bigfoot. I know what youre thinking ive already done. One of these on a channel. This is the new traxxas bigfoot, with the lights right here and before i tell you why its kind of weird well go over the box panels, naprawdę szybko. Nothing really new, aside from the fact that it has factory installed, led lighting again, ive done an unboxing on one of these, before the reason why these things are really really cool is because theyre licensed, i mean the license. Bigfoot, the older bigfoot bodies online are going north of three four dollars, so anything licensed. If you buy it and you hang on to it, it will typically go up in value.

So what this is is its a stampede two wheel drive. The platform is a stampede. Two wheel drive its mainly for your entry level people, your entry level, guys the guys that are wanting to get in the hobby a really really cool truck its still got some decent speed on it, but its not going to be blistering fast. I think the speed on this there he goes 30 plus mile na godzinę, which i wonder if you know what well actually see if it will do 30 plus miles an hour with the stock battery in it. But it comes with everything you need to run, except for double a batteries, the seven cell, nikiel, metal hydride pack and then also it comes with the battery charger remote everything else. So lets get this thing. Unboxed look thats a thats, a cool shot, oh człowiek. I think its clean Music man, i dont care, what kind of car it is a brand new rc car. I still get the same amount of excitement as i did when i first opened my very very first rc car. But here it is oh, it looks so good this ones extra, pretty its, not just any rc car. This is the bigfoot. I mean this is legendary its iconic monster truck heres. What it looks like under the body here again its based on the stampede tool, drive platform, this one does come with a black chassis, though thats really cool.

What sucks is these wheels? Dont have foams in them theyre just rubber and and wheel its probably the reason why this ones a little bit it handles a little bit. I dont want to say worse, but it handles a little bit worse than the other ones, because theres not enough weight on the ground, it does feel a little top heavy but at the same time its still a lot of fun here it is. I need to take all those little tags off: thats freaking lame anyways. As for the unboxing, it comes with your hand, tools that i dont recommend you use. This is always interesting. It comes with a dc charger, so what a dc charger is it plugs into? Your lighter port in your car, i think their idea here was, is when you bought the car. You could charge it on your way. Home ive actually never used this thing, but were gon na use it today, because we are gon na charge. The battery up with bam my portable power bank just to see how long it takes to charge because its a four amp charger it should charge faster than your typical ac charger so well see. It comes with a high speed opinion, which were gon na put the high speed opinion on this. One were gon na change it up a little bit right off the bat right out of the box were gon na put the optional gearing in there see.

If we can hit that 30 mil na godzinę, some extra body clips some spring limiters, some shock limiters your remote and then some documentation which, Przy okazji, look that right there i sliced it open, really fast and actually sliced the manual dang it one thing i Cant stand about the entry level traxxas cars is, they use, they use phillips screws. So all you need is a phillips, screwdriver and youre good, Rzeczywiście, im going to take that out. I dont know what im doing luckily to change opinion. You dont need much just two screws, plus the pinion stuff. Look at the stock pinion the stock pinions like a i dont, wiedzieć, maybe thats like thats a 14. spójrz na to, że. Its tiny just want to show this to you guys real, Szybkie, look at see how theres two holes on the motor mount there. They make it so easy to put the optional gearing in there, because you dont have to worry about meshing. You just move the motor to the second motor hole there and youre good im talking about that motor hole right there. If i had an extra hand, i could show you that one right there so now all i have to do is move it out to this. One and i should be good easy install did i forgetto bring the pinion down here, freaking a i did not forget. I have right here, quick pro tip this set screw.

That goes in the pinion clean it off really really well before you put loctite on there. This is rubbing alcohol in this little can basically just getting all the extra residue off the set screw. W ten sposób, the that way, the loctite cures better. So loctite stick. I love this loctite stick. I use this for try to use this for everything ill, put a link in the description below for this thing, because its pretty awesome, you can get it on amazon. I couldnt find it like home depot or walmart, lub coś podobnego. I actually dont like that mesh. I think its too far. I think theres too much play. Tak myślę, theres too much play. I would measure a little bit tighter than that were gon na leave it, how it is just to test it out, because you know me, i like to test things out as if someone were getting this car for the first time, not knowing anything about it. You just move that and you should be good, so heres the new opinion in there moved it to that outside option, hole um. I think we should be good. I dont like it guys im not going to lie. I want to tighten it even more im not going to do it, but i want to do it all right were just going to trust them. I know it sounds like im, not trusting them. I dont but were gon na. Zrób to wszystko dobrze, pinion change, complete lets, go see if the batterys done ill be surprised if its done, i havent been down here very long and i stared at it for a while contemplating whether i want to measure myself but oh perfect, W porządku.

So the batterys done it is super hot thats. How you know nickel metal batteries are fully charged whenever they get really really hot. This is nice and warming, its hot hot hot. So if you have a 30 minute drive home thats perfect for you to charge your battery pack all the way up on the way home, so you can drive when you get there, Applause Music guys. What did i say about the gear match? Listen to this stripped! It stripped it. I told you even though thats what it said to do. I knew that that gear mission looked right. It looked way too loose. Ah blown freaking spur gear. That sounds so bad all right. So the bad news is, is we strip the gear here? It is oh, i stopped lights on. Look at that looks good. The bad news is we strip the gear. Dobrą wiadomością jest to, że, jest, i was able to get a few runs back and forth on my street and we did get a top speed reading so before i tell you what it is. Tell me in the comments. What do you think the top speed was with the high speed gearing and the seven cell nickel meta hydride battery that came with it overall, this thing is freaking awesome i mean i cant stop looking at it looks freaking good, i mean it looks super cool. Look look how cool it looks. I had some neighbors walking down the street and they couldnt help, but look at him, like man thats a cool looking truck like it is a cool freaking truck now at top speeds.

It does have a lot of wobble like a lot of not speed wobble but like the front tires, are not really balanced and theyre kind of shaking and the bodys kind of heavy. So it does a lot of this kind of shaking right here, but other than that i mean golly, the looks of it. I mean you, cant beat it im gon na take some pictures of it at night because it looks so freaking good. I didnt flip it, but i did strip that freaking gear. I also think i have that gear in stock, so its not a big deal but yeah, even whenever i was meshing it whenev, whenever we were putting the gear in it, didnt look right, so i think the best way to do it is to remove the the Little theres the theres, a plastic piece that goes on the one side of the motor between the motor and the motor plate and what it does is it basically sets your gear mesh for you, im gon na. Take that part out and then just set my gear mesh manually, because i mean i know how to set gear mesh, but hopefully theres not too many shards of plastic in here, but yeah this things pretty freaking cool, W porządku, so whats yours guess, on top speed With a high speed gearing we didnt get there guys we didnt get there, zrobiliśmy 28 mil na godzinę. You guys see that 28 thats actually pretty good, though it says 30 mile za godzinę po wyjęciu z pudełka, thats everything that came with it.

I didnt put anything crazy on it. I literally put the gear in um, used the same battery and just pulled the trigger 28, so yeah its pretty good anyways guys.