I i keep doing this. I dont know why this jadei actually spent her with scarlet 27. Jeszcze raz, there you go and weve got a package that were going to open im. Pretty sure i know what it is unless literally its coming straight away from ordering it yesterday, but im pretty sure its something else so lets get into this, so it can only be one thing: this is the package. I really want you to show you it because my address is all over. It thought this is hard to get out im pretty sure. I know where this is and then it kind of ties in with something else. Oklaski. This stuff is hard to get into Applause. Okk, this is far smaller than i actually thought it was going to be. Oh, Mój boże, thats tiny, that cant be. Oh, Mój boże. This is real cool. So apparently this is supposed to be our rc car, but look how small it is. It is literally a can, i dont have a coke can in here, but ive got a budweiser bottle and thats sick. When i was showing it like this, i was just like oh yeah person, thats mad. I might have to keep the packaging. I dont know how you get this open, chociaż um, so this is a function forward. Reverse difference, Okk, what from a little rc cat a car? I think that uh do we just so. This might actually turn into a review as well.

I mean as well, unless it has no batteries, then were kind of screwed in that department. Ah, the tapes stuck to my hands a bit more tape there, my lovely long fingernails. Back honestly, i thought i only have like a little bit of fingernail but ive realized. Why they car people have like claws now, so yeah well mate, this thing wow this is cool. This is welcome. It comes with little cones. Oh honestly, this as a box is sick, so it comes with little cones. It comes with four lets put this down here and then you give the instruction booklet there might knock along im. Gon na have to keep this. So this is the car hows it. If youre wondering why i bought this one. Nie mam pojęcia. Apparently this is oh, jest to 160 pełna skala. Does it does it say on here? Nie, it doesnt im sure it said it was 164 scale or something something like that instructions. Does it say it no thats all in chinese all right. I dont know how to get this to pull it. Okk, Nie! This needs batteries doesnt it so its double away. Oh, ale były gon na, have to do this when we get the batteries for another, one dont know how this gets off there. I think im gon na have to look at the instruction, but it feels like the doors sort of come come loose. So honestly, i have no idea.

Nie, this wont come off. I dont know why im going to read up on there and then were going to see okay, so ive worked out. How you do this all you do, instead of pulling it up, you pull it back, so that comes off and then to charge it its got. This little thing here its got the on off switch here and then inside the actual battery of the control. You got this that plugs into there so yeah. Jest to. This is tidy its actually wicked, but what i was thinking is i could try and make my own little. Oh, my god do you know what im thinking honestly, unless these are like light up here, we could fully transform this thatd be sick, oh mate. I so totally want to try this. I was actually thinking about like getting like milk bottles or something or something sort of like a lot of crappy plastic, but actually like making home fiesta. Ive got this one, oh mate. To jest gon na, be sick. Its gon na be wicked all right. I think my batteries and my chart uh in my uh tv remote, might be okay. So next video were gon na, try that so yeah anyway. Tak czy inaczej, this means jada ashley spencer. We have scarlet 27 im going to enjoy my little drink. Szczerze, i cant get over this little packaging. This is this is cool.