This is the de 67. Masz 50 minutes per battery, so you got a lot of run time uh. They recommend it for ages, six and older, ale uh. You know some kids that are younger than six are more mature than others that are six, so its all gon na depend on your child but thats their recommendation. So lets go ahead and show you whats inside the box, so youre gon na have different stuff in this styrofoam make sure you turn it upside down and you pull everything out from the styrofoam. So this is it guys pretty cool. Looking well show you guys it up close and better, but uh independent. I mean this is really nice, so its actually pretty cool, chłopaki tak. I like this a lot thats cool, Chodzi mi o to, że, naprawdę fajne. You guys could stick something on the drivers seat. If you really wanted to so um yeah, you got your on off button underneath it lets see heres your battery, so they give you the battery for the actual truck. Now they give you a manual information for the battery, they give you a screwdriver. They give you a usb charger for the battery and this is the battery, so you go ahead and turn that upside down here is the remote. So the remote has, Wiesz, stop start for reverse left right, so the remotes actually a little different than your typical rc remote um on off so yeah the remote seems a little bit uh, not as user friendly as i would like um, but this is designed For more kids, i would say um versus adults, but well see you know well see how fast it actually is, takes two double a batteries for the remote uh.

If its fast, then i think adults would love this as well. So underneath here you pop the screw outand this is where your battery is going to go, so you just pull this out here now. I wish they made this cable a little longer, thats a little short but well manage here. Oklaski, Oklaski, Muzyki, Oklaski, Oklaski. So it can get up to decent speed. Once you get going um it doesnt have much power from 0 do 60. You know from zero to from start to basically go as you guys can see. We go full throttle here and it just slowly builds up. Jednak, if i can uh build up some speed ill show you guys here all right guys. So my final thoughts on this rc truck is its definitely for kids. Um. It cant go through tall grass. Uh youre gon na want to use this on pavement. Maybe stones um, you know something hard thats to give it good traction because it doesnt have much power from the start. Once you get up to speed its got some, you know not bad speed, but uh looks really. Ładne. Controls are good. You know the remote feels a little bit more cheaper on the cheaper side, ale to jest, ponieważ wiesz,, i think i think really almost most kids can play with this. I think for really any age um under supervision. You know for the younger ages, but i think any age can actually drive this because its pretty simple and easy to use its durable um, its a great vehicle, its its a great rc, truck its just if youre an adult and youre looking for something fast or Youre looking for something extremely fun for an adult, this is definitely not it, but for your kids, Och tak, theyre gon na love this and it looks nice too so thats, definitely a plus, więc faceci, Czyli.

My honest opinion, its my honest review, uh its a cool rc, its not an adult rc but for kids, theyre gon na love it, powiedziałbym, probably you know, Wieku, two two, maybe eight or nine, maybe older um, ale tak, to jest. My honest opinion guys.