So these are our two boxes here and, jak można powiedzieć,, these are actually very highly detailed things. We have two different colors. We have a grayish blue one here and the nice looking green one here and if we take a closer look at them, you can actually see that there’s a lot of small details on them. So they’re like a little figurine on the top over here and then we actually have a rotating piece on the top, the turret and it goes up and down as well. And then you have multiple tires and wheels on the bottom. They all actually move same goes with the green one here, so it’s going to be pretty fun like kind of use both of them – i wiesz, – maybe can make them fight. Who knows, but anyways out of the casing itself is actually really cool. It’S got a very nice presentable case to it and then the motor here kind of describes a little bit more detail kind of talks about what it can do. So the tert will move in the 360 rotation as well as move up and down. Then we have the actual remote itself kind of has like a nice military. Look to it as well, Następnie, on the bottom here actually shows all the different tanks that they cut with in terms of color lines and then over here it says that it has a forward backward turnleft right as well as sounds, Itp.

So let’s go and open. These up and take a closer look all right, so these here are our two tanks and right away I’m, going to tell you the quality on these are actually very nice. I know I said that before, but literally I can tell you that this is actually really really cool let’s see for the mouth, like the size that there are they’re, Bardzo, bardzo mały. So it does look like these are rechargeable, so you actually just go ahead and put some batteries in here and then on. The side here is a cable that comes out in which you can just go ahead and charge the actual tank itself directly by plugging it into it. So that’s neat, so let’s go ahead and charge them up here and try these out all right. So I have everything set and ready to go. I have my actual remote here charged up as well. I got like double a batteries in here now close and explain the steering itself and what I’ve seen let’s take this year is a firing cannon and then this is to move forward and back this here’s to move the actual top part of the actual tank. Then here is to turn left and right, and I believe these are controlling speeds and natural. It just took so far so let’s go ahead and fire this on there’s an onoff switch in the back here. Więc zaczynamy. It’S got like a cool looking red LED on the bottom here, saying that it’s ready and then let’s leave a light on fire.

This out, I’ll tell you what I’m pressing and then we’ll go from there so I’m, hitting forward back wow it’s, actually very fast, Tak. Most thing start that fast and then the other spinning a little oh look at that. So then we have the control for the top part there that’s pretty cool. Then we have the two different speeds, so kind of gives you an idea exactly. You know how this works so there’s, actually a lot of different things. Whoa, spójrz na to, że, so that’s applied soul is pretty cool. I think Jessie whoa, W porządku. Tak więc z tym powiedziawszy, oh we’re going to go ahead and fire up the second one here and I have my little baby, niece yzma, helping me out with that. So will be very fast. All right so we’re here with, is not a written book and go ahead and play with the tank. You’Re really excited Wow all right. What tank do you want to beat? You want to be the green one or the blue one, the blue one, Okk, don’t press! Anything yeah dancing, Ooh. W porządku. I got my remote here as well. Are you ready to play? Okk? All right I’m. Drifting around here, come on you over 400 lud, Oh sniffing Applause, Oklaski. I win fall down. You want to get really good, Okk, let’s race. You want to race one three, dwa. Oh I win. Nie, I want my gun. What three two one go: solo, you win all right, Czyli, Jeden! Okk, i’ma turn them off.

Okk, W porządku! Dobrze! Dziękuję. Can I do what these tanks are about? Oczywiście, they’re going to feel a lot of fun play with them, and the details on them are actually really cool as well, so see for you like a big pink enthusiast, or if you like, te, like miniature or remote control cars, definitely something you should look into, Ale tak, thank you guys for watching and we hope you enjoyed this video. Jeśli masz jakieś pytania, feel free to comment down below otherwise we’ll see you guys next time take care.