I got this one in early 2022 for about 290 Dolarów. We got xvo1 chassis, very cool rally, car im obsessed with these now first time, seeing one of these more expensive kits lets see whats in the box, so these 110 scales are all based on the wheelbase. Sometimes the cars are bigger, sometimes theyre smaller. This is definitely one that seems a little bit bigger, very pleased, Bardzo dobrze. Looking body nice, the fenders are pre cut. I love that no posts are cut out very cool, so this set comes with tire foams, bardzo piękne, set of wheels and tires the rim. Diameter does seem huge. I measured them theyre, just over two inches at 110 Skali. To byłoby 20 calowe koło. I dont think those had 20s on them, but either way very cool parks. Bag seems extra heavy, so im not seeing an esc in this kit and my first time seeing a grill like that on a tamiya, very cool super duper, easy paint job, just one color, so i know they sell this body with two different chassis kits. So just be careful where you drill your holes, weve got a bunch of stickers, but we have a bunch of numbers, meaning the stickers could be small lets check it out and they almost tricked me with the colors. You got to flip over and theres more. Your plastic paints no big deal painting the door mirrors semi gloss black, but look how it wants parts of the grill painted black.

That may be a little bit difficult. All right lets check the stickers out on this one. These are the heaviest stickers, ive felt so far window masks, Oh, moja dobroć, a whole bunch of stickers, a little body protection piece, so dont be intimidating and scary. They kind of are kind of big stickers. So i can tell you right now: this body is probably a nine out of ten for more experienced builders, do not buy this for a first timer or a child, or this car is going to look like crap the first time seeing the xb01 chassis. Is this one going to come with a servo saver, because i have no idea what im looking at right here, so this one has mud flaps. So this is a truly unique looking chassis. It has a little cover for the battery gearboxes, not sure what this is. Oh, so its a belt driven chassis only comes with one belt, so this chassis does come with a servo saver, theres xvl1 chassis, cztery koła, drive notice. The motor sitting up front belt driven im super excited to build this okay, so i have not researched this. Have not ever seen it dont want to spoil it notice that belt on there we have adjustable tie rod, ends for the steering camber on the front, adjustable and camber on the rear, adjustable very cool. Its going to show you how to build your oil fill shocks. Filling procedure, bardzo fajne, so typically tamiya kits dont have a remote receiver servo battery, but they usually do have an esc, and this one does not have an esc.

So we have normal grease ceramic grease. Then the oil for the shocks so 290 kit with no esc and they threw in a silver cam 540.. You cant even sell these on ebay right now. So ball bearings in this kit, not sure what that is not sure what any of this stuff is. So there are some adjustable links, very cool that it has that so thats it for the unboxing. We learned this one comes with no esc, ale szczerze mówiąc, if youre buying this one, you probably have a bunch of escs already laying around. We have a video coming. Dont know when but were going to do the body stickers cut it out 100 and then the video doing the chassis and then speed running and figuring out what we need to do to have fun with this.