This item worked just fine for my 2006 acura esx Music. I had the original keyless alarm system in the car, but one of the two remotes that came with the car stopped working. So i needed a replacement and found this unit to be much less expensive than the part from the dealer. The official acura remote is also available on amazon and other online sites, but it typically costs about twice what this cost. I was able to follow the programming instructions that came with this unit and program the remote in just a few minutes. Now i have two working remotes again. Some reviewers commented that the remote didn’t operate their power seats properly. I only use the four buttons on the remote lock, unlock, open trunk and panic and don’t use the keyless memory feature found on some cars. So that was not an issue for me. This remote worked just fine to lock unlock open the trunk and set off the alarm if the panic button is pushed that’s, all i needed for this remote to do, and it does them all just fine. I can’t comment on the durability of the remote since i’ve. Only had it a short time from an appearance standpoint, the remote i received looks exactly like the original one that came with the car, except it doesn’t say acura on the back. Some reviewers noted that the remote was not the same color as the original, but the unit i received was the same color as the original one that came with the car i’m happy with my purchase.

Pory, time will tell whether this unit gives me 12 years of service, like the original did.