I think you’ll like this old school remote with arrow buttons, fast forward and rewind buttons, Itp. Music it’s expensive, but i think it’s worth it as an integral part of the tv watching experience every day of the year. It arrived much faster than the expected date. It was pristine and well packaged. It was a pleasant purchase experience. I understand that this remote was designed with some help from the folks at apple, and it actually is much better than the siri remote that comes in the box with the apple tv. If you are looking for a simple button driven remote for the apple tv. Look no further. This works with your apple tv right out of the box without any additional programming. The only thing missing is a microphone for siri commands, but other than this, it is just about perfect in every way i bought this remote for my parents, as they were, having issues understanding the touchpad on the remote apple provides. This remote removes this touchpad complexity and is much easier for them to use the remote works out of the box. With my apple tv, the setup to connect to my tv was a few clicks and it was up and running allowing for power on slash off and volume control for anyone needing a simplified remote. This is a great alternative. This remote for the apple tv is as advertised the remote apple should have made.