This is my zd racing. Dbx10 ive had it for about six months now and its had a fair bit of use. As you can tell from the dirt and scratches keep watching to find out what ive broken, what ive upgraded and how ive set it up so lets start with the breakages. If you saw my original review, będziesz, remember that this wasnt very well built in the factory and needed a good going over to make sure everything moved smoothly without binding up id recommend. You do the same and pay particular attention to the gear mesh, which needs a little backlash to stop it from stripping working from front to back the most common breakage for me has been this upper bumper brace this loop cracks easily, even though its soft plastic, i Think ive been through three already once it breaks, the bumper will be next out of the box. Dbx 10 comes with plastic hubs and uprights and ive broken quite a few of them. Normally theyll take the driveshaft with them. W tym samym czasie, ive upgraded to the optional aluminium parts, which are a lot stronger, although strangely enough, they arent a great fit. I had to grind them down a bit with my dremel to stop them from filling the suspension arms that hasnt solved. All my front drive shaft issues, Choć, because i just had to replace another one as well after the pin that goes into the out drive sheared off thats happened to one of the rear drive shafts too ive had a couple of weird failures in the shocks where The e clips holding the pistons on have broken, ale ogólnie rzecz biorąc, the shocks are pretty good.

The standard servo is terrible and actually made the car hard to drive. Ive replaced it with one of the ds3225 servos that are widely available from chinese sellers and so far its worked really well, but to give the steering a chance of responding, ive tightened the servo saver spring until theres. Only about one millimeter gap standard setting is incredibly soft fingers crossed nothing breaks. Ive also got futaba radio in mind, because the standard radio is faulty out of the box. Im still running the standard motor and gearing because, although its not crazy, Szybko, its fast enough to have fun the final thing ive broken is the rear wing mounts the replacements, look like an older design, but they actually seem to have held up a bit better. Więc, although quite a few things have broken quite a few things havent, even though the suspension, arms and these upper links seem a bit flimsy, theyve been fined so far, and so has the cage body. My gut feeling is that this breaks a little bit too easily. Normalnie, my son drives this and hes more aggressive than me, but even if im driving it really lasts more than the battery pack before something breaks. Then you have to wait a few weeks to get the spares from china theyre cheap, but it gets a bit frustrating to have to wait all the time. Abseima do sell parts as well. They rebrand this as the adb, but they arent widely stocked not sure ill.

Go down the cheap chinese basher route again, but im going to make the most of it while it survives so ive done a few setup changes to fine tune, the handling, which is what ill take a look at now up front. Weve got the ride: height set to drive shafts level with the shocks on the inner hole on the wishbone camber is set to one degree. Negative and toeing is at zero. I didnt like thin oil in the shocks so im running 550 cst, which helps to keep the nose up over jumps as standard the diffs are filled with grease, but ive cleaned that out and filled the front with 30 000 cst silicone oil, which stops the inside Wheel from unloading under power and makes it much easier to drive at the rear were running the same ride height with the shocks in the middle hole on the wishbone. Camber is still one degree, Z 450 cst oil in the shocks. This time and 10 000 cst oil in the diff. To sum up after six months use, i still agree with my original impressions of the dbx 10, its not going to set any speed records and its not going to pull any amazing stunts in the skatepark. But it looks great handles well and gobbles up rough ground with these, if only it lasted a bit longer between breakages as ever. If youve got any questions or comments, please leave them below. Inaczej.