Cars I’m so excited to check these out. I want to thank Playmobil for sending them to me to open up with you guys today. So there are a total of three cars to collect. I believe I will show you in just a second, but we have two of the styles here today. I noticed this one says 7 piece and this one says three piece: I’m, not really sure what that means per se, because I see I only see a car and I see a controller. So I don’t know what that consists of, but anyway let’s go ahead and flip this here you guys can see that there are three styles. We have this one here and we have this one here. So we don’t have the green one with us today: it’s so cool, but yeah that’s, okay, alright let’s read a little it’s, really tiny, tiny writing. You can use your smartphone tablet or the included remote control to navigate the car, so that’s so cool. You can see right here, there’s the actual physical controller, and then this guy right here is using his phone or tablet to control the car. I think that’s so cool. So this has light effects and is there anything here? Smartphone is not included, obviously, and minimum system requirements Android Android 4.3 and iOS 8 iphone 4s ipad, 3 ipad ipod touch by geez, alright, too much and then Bluetooth 4.0, obviously, is the technology that it uses so we’ve number 90, 90 and 90 89.

What number is the other one, 90, 91 I’m, so excited to check these out. We’Ll probably be using the physical controllers. I will see if I can find something to find a smart device, so we can download the app and check that out as well, but I’m really excited let’s go ahead and get these out. So if you take a closer look at them first so now I know what they meant when they had the pieces listed on the front and he’s actually do come people I didn’t think they did. I definitely thought they were sold separately, but anyway, here are the cars that you can collect a better look at that green one that we do not have I’m. Assuming I don’t know what this is instruction manual. This is the instruction manual, but I don’t know there’s. So many languages on here here is how to install the batteries. This does require batteries for Triple A batteries who are this the car and then three Triple A batteries for the remote more. Obviously, you can use your smart, smart phone instead. So here is the onoff switch location and the controller information is listed over here, great yeah, the throttle joystick light button steering control all the good stuff there’s troubleshooting there anything else. You know these are just all different languages, so let’s cool. This is actually a very short man. Wolf, easy to understand. Let me just set it off to the side for now you know what is this, this might just be hind flick little die together, you put his little racing helmet on and oh, this is clearer.

I’M. Not Oh, what is this hipped install the wheels? I don’t know what’s happening with this. One let’s check that out, but off to put this little guy together. Right now see what little guy let’s see what you have. Oh, my goodness, okay let’s see you pretty much built. We just need to put this on here. There we go so this lifts up which is really cool and and then we can put that on top of his head. Like so, can it yeah it snaps it just line it up correctly: yeah, okay and then we have these go around. I think things just go around this wrist. If I can get them on there, I don’t think I can. Maybe I haven’t won that wrong way. That’S, probably one of this yeah that was it okay, we got three of those, so in case you lose one you’re good to go perfect, he’s, looking so cute and then he’d sit down now, let’s put him in the car. Just briefly, we will be racing these and then trying to get somebody to race with me. Let’S put him in the car and he can hold the steering wheel and oh my gosh, oh they’re, so cold, so here’s where you would install batteries. And then this is like the little lock thing that was on the on the instruction manual just a moment ago. It is on the off right here. It says onoff you can see.

So is this where the batteries go. Get this on. I think if to push that button down, oh and then we have done through that, so I will definitely install the batteries on this and then we’ll definitely get to racing. But I do want to check off the controller and the other car first. So here is the controller. It does look a little confusing at first, maybe via the app would be a little more easy to understand. That looks like this is the horn. This is making onoff. It shows you the controls on the manual, so you can get to know that, but that’s really cool it’s easily easy to move so that’s, not too shabby. Then you would install the batteries back here somewhere, maybe it’s this little latch, yeah, okay cool. Now we did also get a booklet I’m, just gon na throw in look here’s a little garage that’s, so cool little tires and everything that’s just a bunch of things you can’t collect. Oh, my goodness, look at that car the Porsche, so these are the only ones in the action series, so cool. Okay, now look at the other one. It comes with the same manual, obviously probably different according to the location of the batteries and stuff like that. But here he is here: it is this don’t look so good I’m so excited so it does have the same work on the bottom, so nothing too different. It also.

Some off position definitely have to install some batteries. This is so cool. This is snake alright, and then we also got. Of course we got a little racer Belleville racer dude let’s get you out of here. Okay, this one. Only it didn’t come with cuffs. Alright, then I guess this one just has a helmet. I guess that’s. Why it’s only yeah? What was it three pieces? This is three pieces on the box. I don’t hungry once at seven anyway. Let’S put that on them. Oh my gosh there he is he’s ready to race. We’Ll just sit him down and we gon na put him fellas put his arms up and we’ll put him in the vehicle. Maybe why aren’t you sitting down in the vehicle? What do you doing? What maybe it’s his hands are in the way what’s happening? Oh there we go, we got it a little bit. There let’s put this little shield down there. This is so cool. Oh, my goodness, this is so neat. I can’t wait to actually race these guys and then the furthest one. The controller is exactly the same. Super super neat, so let’s not have an install the batteries and then we will get racing these Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, water, race. Let me know your favorite car in the comments down below I’m going to choose this, as my favorite car call me crazy. I love them both though don’t get you wrong, but make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe, because I post new videos every single day.