This is a wall wall, climber that’s, a remote control car I’m, going to show you it really quickly because you obviously know what it’s going to be. It is the remote control, and here is the car you can see it smell, sighs my hand comes in a great box, it is the infrared controller it climbs up the wall, it says it climbs on the ceiling. I actually forgot to test that out. I let my teenager play with this and unfortunately they’re not here, so I can’t ask them. I don’t want to go ahead and do it. We’Ll we’ll do that in just a moment. Okay, this is the box it comes in. I just want to show you that real quick, it does give you the directions, and I just want to show you real, quick I’m having issues with the tripod here. That’S that’s, my hold up. Okay, let me show you the car first, the card. I got the red red and silver one on the back, you see it has the plug and it has the switch for the wall, the floor or the off. This is what the bottom of it looks like, and I see there’s it’s quite dirty from being play with for so long. It is very, very lightweight and it is some type of metal or ten filling. This is your remote control, pretty typical. You have your left and right near two knobs on and off you have your channel, which is this one’s three inside the little door on front, is the plug to plug in the car to charge it, and you just tuck that back in your batteries go in The back I did not put the screw back in, you – have to put six batteries inside there and I didn’t put the screw on so I could show you that anyway, I am going to show you it functioning now.

Okay, I’m gon na have to figure out how to do this because my tripod just completely died, but I just wanted to show you how how fast it goes, and let me show you sorry, I’m having to do this. One handed the circles are like kids and cats favorite you see how fast it can get now. Let me show you crawling up the wall. Okay. Now, why don’t you here? This is very loud and that’s. Why I have not been playing with it myself now you can see it just suctions right on the wall. I’M. Sorry, the remote is now the control here.