This rc car right here its called the power craze shift 24., its or its 30 bucks and its a one out of 24 scale, rc car, just the size of my hands so with the rc car. You would receive this remote control right here in the rc car itself and the usb charger yeah and another set of tires, as you can see so theres two sets of tires. I put one on this rc car and theres another set, so total of eight tires, and this ones a bit more squishy for indoors and this ones a bit harder for a better grip of the rocks and sand outside. So with this rc car, like i said before its a one out of 24 scale, if that means its uh, this car is 24 times smaller, smaller than a real car, and this is how it looks: theres two colors, blue and red, but i chose red as You can see the wheels are like this four wheels. It claims to be two wheel drive only at the back here, as you can see the motor here and the front like this. You just turn it whatever you want. Wherever you want and then um it says it has four suspensions right here for each wheel, so i could see at the back theres one and two for each wheel at the back and then but at the front theres, very tiny suspensions that you didnt have to Add, and if you press it down, it would look like that that was all of it, bending so its kind of useless.

I would count this as uh only two suspensions at the back, but they added very small suspensions. It literally does nothing one thing good about this rc car is that its actually fast for its size? It was 32 kilometers per hour, um top speed, and if you convert that into miles per hour it would be 20., and so you can tell its really fast for its little size and it also has esi that mean that stands for electric speed controller. So when i hold the remote control and pull the trigger just a bit, it wont go as fast as im pulling it like this. So i could control it with how much i want to throttle, but only for going forward, but not going backwards. So its good, because i could control the speed and make it go faster when i want it and slow when im. Turning well with this remote control, there is a speed trim right here. Sorry, if you cant see it its a bit dark and theres, also an on and off switch right here and a speed controller, a speed dial that makes it fast mode in slow mode. This uh comes with four batter three batteries from the package, so its ready from the box, and you can just start driving right away. So some bad stuff about this rc car is when its going fast. It just tends to spin out like like that and if i go like that, full control im not even holding the wheel its just going like that Music.

My for the conclusion for this rc car. I think its really good because of the speed its very fast and how the size is, because you can play it inside your home house apartment anywhere and the leds at the front at the back and these suspensions the price everything is amazing, but for the cons For me, is that its a little bit too small? I wish it was a bit bigger and i wish the battery was a bit bigger and thats every thats all the cons and that the motor is a bit loud and yeah, but still um an amazing rc car for its price and you cant get any more Than this for a 30 dollar budget, thank you for watching this video. I hope this helped.