The earth is getting clean check it out. Big red is up on the bench here and with all this rain means that we've got dirty water and mud everywhere. So to go out today, with this powerful truck, I got to make sure it's protected and I'm using cow, our seas, utter butter. You heard that right, waterproof grease super waterproof, grease thick and easy to apply. I put on some gloves and I want to put it on the areas of the exposed, bearings and drive lines so check it out inside on the C hubs. I can point down here, maybe a little better there for you along the bearings, as well as the axle stubs. The axle housing has an exposed bearing right here and we're running MIP driveshaft. So this is a steel driveshaft. I put this grease in the cup area and the pin area, but not on the where the extension happens right. We don't want anything in here. Gumming up this area of Flex same back here, grease applied, grease applied and back on the plastic drive shaft. We have for a snap area same in the and the joints to prevent any kind of premature wear with the sand and water and mud. So there you go enough chitchat, but hopefully that helps you out remember when you're going out to play in the mud and the sand to protect those bearings in that area. Also, if it's dry outside and you're not going to be in any kind of water use.

Some sort of silicone spray, a dry, silicone spray so because this kind of grease will just attract dirt and dust and and it'll do the opposite: it'll start to wear it before you wanted it to happen so there's the advice let's get outside and have some fun Middle axle dropped its bearing out opinion, definitely has come away I'm going to have to crack that open and have a look at it. Man that thing is a powerhouse all right, clean desk everything looks good. I already have an idea of what's going on in here. I'M, pretty sure that I've broken the pinion shaft now that's. Basically the shaft that comes out and attaches to the to the drive shaft right in here see. So this whole piece is just sliding out now I haven't pulled it all the way out. Yet the only way to be able to tell for sure is I'm gon na undo the set screw. That goes straight through the output drive, and then I can remove this drive shaft now, just spin it around so this set screw actually goes all the way through I'm. Just gon na try to back off this drive shaft here and there we go yeah that's, a pretty good indicator, something's broken on the inside here's the bearing little nose pliers here just to try to get that remove it. I want to see if I can just pull this right out: nope, so that's interesting, it's just simply come away from the inside spool gear.

What has all look at this? A bearing that's? What it is? My friends, you just discovered it with me it's, not that it's broken that's good. This means that it may be a fairly inexpensive fix. This is the inside sleeve of a bearing that's. What that is a bearing has exploded on the inside. Hopefully it hasn't broken my gears I'm gon na have to take apart the whole thing and have a look at it. Now, just gon na get on the inside with the Phillips here undo the four screws one two now these rims I have on here. You actually have to do quite a bit of work just to access the inside wheel, nut where you can tighten it on the axle step. All of these little screws have to be undone, so you can take the cap off to get this nice and solid, but not a big deal, not a big deal. Wiggle wiggle wiggle, wiggle, wiggle axle removed a lot of you already knew that, but maybe some of you didn't and it helped that just avoided a lot of work wish. I had my skinnier needlenose pliers I do. Where did I put them and of course folks probably know this, but if you take your screw and put the nut on the end as you're putting them down, you never have to worry about losing them. No amount of grease what's gon na help me with my bearings today I see putting that nut right back in place as soon as I find it.

No now, this piece right here is the truss, and the trust is also the linkage mounting for suspension. So the piece of the axle housing I want to remove is screwed into place by two screws, so I'm going to remove them on either side and then just slowly flip it over again. Now that it's released – and here is our moment of truth – good time to get in there and clean out that spool gear check that out mm hmm, I don't see any ball bearings yet, which is a good sign. Okay, there's, the pinion inside looks pretty nasty. Hey all that muddy water, you guys always ask me, is grease enough, and the answer is no. You still have to take it apart and do some maintenance, but grease certainly helps protect the teeth here's a little degreaser. I want to have a look at that school gear. All right, as part of my kit, I always have bearings on hand whoops now one less, but I want to make sure to match up the bearing that exploded and replace any bearings that are questionable, and by that I mean, are the bearings you know, while I'm In here, do they actually move freely or do they grind this one's, not so bad? I feel a little bit of grinding, but nothing inside that's concerning and this one's good too, so I just need a bearing for the inside pinion. So, with the new bearings in place, one there one on the inside right behind the the pinion no slop or play everything's ready to be put back together now before I do that.

Just for some maintenance, I'm gon na go ahead and remove this pin off the driveshaft slide it out and also remove the two bearings that are here. That way when I reassemble it and go back into the mud. I know I'm not gon na, have a problem on this side and everything's been done in one fell swoop. Just a quick note on grease I've greased, both bearings and a very thin layer over everything on the inside. The pinion has been greased as well, but not too much. I don't want to gum it up right too much grease will cause resistance and that's no good same on the inside of the axle housing with the new one. It'S got a bit of grease there, not too much. I want to make sure to line it up. Put this back in place. I'M gon na flip it over now that everything feels like it's good to go and just pretty much install the truss and the links and the drive shafts okay. This is where all the water and silt runs down watch this so ho muddy and sticky, ready in 3, 2 1 go cushion pushing straight power. All six tires. Turning like crazy, beautiful that surf coming back pure power right into the sludge.