I was uh, i said now watching the doc, knowing i was getting closer and closer to her the temp reading. On this thing, just to see, i know, it’s been upside down out there, some and rolling around, but ain’t nothing broke on it that’s a good thing, nothing split at the seams Applause. Fifty fifty three nine say that or not 53.9 mile an hour, so it’s uh it’s, pulling close to 55 anyways with me. First run or two like i say i haven’t adjusted um anything on it at all and uh. Oh look at that 95 degrees. 93. Just not even just attempts attempts are definitely not an issue 99.7, but uh. I actually got two mismatched packs and arrow revo and uh. I think this is a uh smc over here, but i i just throws my batteries in there guys. I ain’t got my good stuff in it. I just wanted to see uh see what it’s got, but you see right there. You know stock prop stock, prop nothing, nothing been done to it: stock, boat, 53.