Can you see the water sporting out the side of it? Oh yeah see that that’s the water cooled system working perfectly and i’m okay to drive this through this fast. It really doesn’t worry me at all and look. I can go in this really shallow space too and then go out of it. Listen to that you are making waves. Those are like the best closest donuts you’ve ever done. Welcome back to vote week, two on the rc sailors 2021. I feel like i should specify because we’ve had so many boat weeks on the channel and they’re, always so much fun. Today, we’re going to take a look at this pro boat river jet boat, yeah, that’s right river jet boat. That is because it has a jet propulsion system rather than having an exposed, propeller and rudder. We have this very low profile system that allows us to go in really shallow water. We can also run through things like this grass and not really have to worry about getting caught and stuck as much as we would a traditional boat. You see the bottom of the boat here, the water gets sucked up in through this vent system and then pushed out the back. These tend to be a much quieter kind of a unique system too. You can do some stunts with them and they’re. Just a lot of fun, the cool thing about boat week is at the end of the week. I pick one and abby my wife picks a boat, and we, let you guys know which one is our favorite of the week, helps you narrow it down.

So you don’t have to go, buy a whole week’s worth of boats too, so today, we’re driving this 3s powered rc boat. Three cells. Look at this. This is the battery that we’re driving in this boat today it’s a 5 000 milliamp, 3 cell 11.1 volt lipo battery, which is so awesome. This is going to be really powerful. It can run a 2s battery or a 4s battery too, but this is the recommended. One because it has a self writing feature we’re, going to test that today too, so let’s put it in the water and see how it does here’s the more important question which one’s you and which one’s me is that am i driving yeah you’re driving and i’m Wearing the blue yeah, we like to start our boats off upside down. Listen to this sounds good don’t. Do too much of that out of the water, because this is a water cooled system. Water gets sucked in through this little hole in the bottom and it shoots out the side there, because there’s a hose system inside that helps keep everything, nice and cool. Look at that. That looks really good let’s go. Why would we start our boats off upside down? Because it’s fun there we go now. One thing to know about this boat is that you cannot steer it unless it’s under power, because we don’t have an exposed rudder. If you want to steer, you’ve got to have some throttle going with this thing so like if you’re coming into the shore and you’re panicking, and you let go of the throttle watch, what happens it just kind of goes straight.

So if you want this boat to steer, you have to have it under some power which is kind of hard to get used to, at least if you’re, like us and you’ve, driven about a hundred boats. I think we’re definitely over a hundred bucks. Now, hey i’m, just kind of putting around you ready for full throttle. Oh yeah, here we go. Oh i wiped out that one let’s get it see, we’re dealing with a little bit of wind and choppy waters. So here we go let’s open it up. If we can actually get silky smooth water, it’ll, it’ll speed up otherwise, here we go let’s go with the wind it’s skimming across the water. Today, look at that we can do crazy stunts with this thing, it’s actually driving a little bit better. Oh, i think i just rolled it. I can’t see it Music. Look at this. There we go self righting features, save the day. Awesome. We got ta go now as long as we can get this without too much wind. It performs really well so this bow, unlike a lot of boats that we have on the channel, has different speed settings. So we can pick us on our radio and go down to 50 and now, when i go full throttle, there’s full throttle at 50 percent. So if you’re kind of getting used to driving – and you don’t want to roll it a lot and get a lot of water on board, you can just go there’s full throttle, like i said at the 50 throttle limit and it’ll just let you kind of cruise.

Maybe you want to let a kid drive it or someone. That’S inexperienced spider was on my hand, so this is a good setting for a kid or a first time driver like let’s, say you’re turning some heads at the lake and you get someone that walks up and asks questions and you’re a generous enough person that you’d. Let them drive your boat, you can put it on 50 and just let them have a little bit of fun like this. You can even see at least i could see the water shooting out the side of it, which is really cool, it’s, a very good, efficient water cooled system right now. My turns are kind of wide on this setting. So what i can do is actually turn up. My steering rate, if i want to so there’s so much trim functionality on this boat, now look how much sharper. I can turn see i’m, almost on a dime. Now, even at this low throttle and that’s only at the steering rate halfway up let’s turn it all. The way up and see how tight i can turn there’s some low throttle. Donuts, oh yeah, those look good let’s, bring it in a little closer. It sounds good and actually drives really good on low throttle. I like this look i want to try to show you guys the water see. Can you see the water sporting out the side of it? Oh yeah see that that’s the water cooled system working perfectly and i’m okay to drive this through this grass.

It really doesn’t worry me at all and look. I can go in this really shallow space too and then go out of it. So i want to lower that steering radius, some bump it up to 75 percent and see how it drives at 75.. So maybe you get an adult, that’s interested and knows about rc boats, and they want to try it out. 75 throttle actually feels really really good on this boat. If you don’t have perfectly smooth water to drive it on, i think 75 is just perfect. See nice cruising speed, you can still have really fun turning it like crazy doing. Some really tight turns look at that. You know what else is interesting about this boat there’s, no rooster tail shooting out of it, because you don’t have that rudder just jammed down in the water. It’S really unique, let’s go back up to 100 and blast the throttle. This boat goes from zero to full throttle really fast. The only thing you have to worry about is just slamming into something, and you have to remember to maintain power if you want to steer so you don’t ever want to just like completely let off the throttle. Having said that, abby let’s put you on 75., get a feel for this jet boat Laughter. All right here you go abby you’re at the controls 75 throttle when you feel ready just bump it up to 100 and have fun, but when the water’s choppy like this, this thing is like so fast that it’s actually kind of hard to drive at a hundred Percent, if you’re full throttle, at least on a 3s battery, what are you doing? You don’t have to worry about scuffing up your prop or rudder.

You can actually beat your boat just like that, and i don’t recommend doing it a lot on gravel but that’s. A really good way to recover the boat jet boats are so awesome, and this is our biggest one that we have listen to, that you are making waves. Those are like the best closest donuts you’ve ever done. That was good. You see what i mean, how it drives really well on 75 yeah, you and you don’t, really have to worry about rolling it like it’s, probably not gon, na roll as easily when you’re, not at full throttle that’s a good boat. My favorite thing to do with these are the super. Tight turns no low water, no water, really shallow, so that’s. What this has? Oh okay, okay, okay, a little too low a little too low, but that’s what this boat has going for over really all other boats, because you don’t have to worry about scraping your rudder and uh, and your prop on rocks she’s right, that’s, so cool, because you Couldn’T, do this with the other guys that we’ve had on the channel. We’D have to be out past that grass, you are really oh man. It sounds like you sucked in just a little bit of grass. Maybe some lake weed look at it. I think it shoved it back out yeah, i think it’s good. It sounded like it was gurgling like oh it’s, still kind of doing it. Okay let’s bring it in that’s the beauty of this.

We can just bring it in fast, oh you’re, right. I hear it again: let’s see what we have in there. I want to pass the camera off to you. Leave it to me to break the boat there there. It is at the bottom, just a little bit of oh, those are rocks you sucked up in there. Abby, oh too much low, driving lesson learned: don’t drive it over rocks, handy key, pulled the rocks out. Let you keep driving abby you’re going to ruin my boat. This is my oh, nothing, river jet boat! Here we go. Oh sounds good. Now. 100. I think. Actually there weren’t rocks in there, but it was like not allowing enough water to flow in there because it was blocked so wow that was good. The wind has died down that’s why that was pretty good Music. Look at you go skimming skimming across the water pretty well, it turns so tight it does. No, you can turn that steering wheel takes a minute to get used. You can turn the steering radius down. If you want the sensitivity, yeah 100, i think you definitely want. I think so too, because it’s way too sharp yeah is it? Is it beeping? No, that was a bird okay, i’m, always listening for like low voltage warnings. So did you just turn the steering radius down the sensitivity cool? Oh wow, that is a cool boat? Ah, i like it, i like it. I like having jet boats in our fleet of boats.

Sorry, you gon na bring it in yeah there we go through the grass doesn’t matter and right onto the rocks. Nice i’ll show you guys. Water i’ll tell you what we’ll probably fast forward this yeah. This takes forever too. Okay, there we go there ready, okay, so even with that hatch system, you still get some water in here, but honestly for as much as we were upside down here, you can see down here. I want to turn the boat off. You can see it sitting down there and pulling right like there’s, quite a bit of water but let’s pour it out. Let’S go on the gravel here there you go: okay, there’s still a little bit more in there too, but what i like to do, if i get water in my boats like this, is i set them out on like the driveway, even with a little bit of Water in there and on a sunny bright day like today, of course, i’ll get my battery out and just kind of let it air dry out there too, but i like to let these sit in the sun and just evaporate any standing water in there that’s. Okay, considering how fast this is and how much we had it upside down and stuff that’s, really not too bad um, that’s kind of normal. I think a normal amount of water, not too bad. That is just super fun, so cool. I really like that. This can run in shallow water, and this is a boat that i would keep as like an alternative boat that i could run in just i know if i know i’m coming to a lake like this, there might be a couple other boats that i might prefer To run over this one, like our this geico stunt boat, was really awesome.

We have the other pro boat, the wake, something i think it’s got, the sonic lake i’m, pretty sure yeah and, i think, it’s a blast. This is just a nice like medium sized boat i’d, really like to run this in moving water. It is called the river jet boat i’d like to run this in a creek or an actual river and see how it performed. But this is the lake that we have access to today and so that’s. Why we ran it here and it is awesome if you like power that’s in the form of a jet boat, then this is for you, but we have one more boat coming to boat week, two of the rc sailors so hold out. Until you see that boat it’s even more unique than this one – and i cannot wait to share it, but if you are drooling over this thing – and you have to have it we’ll – have it linked in the description box below with the battery the very specific battery And charger that we’re using there are cheaper options of batteries and chargers too, though, so, if you want we’ll, link the cheaper option down there too, especially for the charger in case you’ve, never gotten into the hobby, and you just want to get into this boat as Cheap as possible, but i highly recommend using what we are using know that if you use those links too you’re helping to support our channel and our family and it doesn’t cost you an extra penny.

So if you found this video useful or like entertaining in any way just pick up your boat with that link and maybe you’re not gon na buy a boat today, but you find an rc car or an airplane over on the website that we linked to. If you buy something after you’ve clicked our link, we’ll get a little bit of credit for that too. So thank you. If you’re going to do that for us, we really appreciate it one more boat for boat week, and i am so pumped that’s next for the channel. So if you’re not subscribed be sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell, so you don’t miss that also in that video we’re gon na, let you guys know what was our favorite bow of boat week? Two abby gets a pick and i get a pick. So that is awesome. I i’m already like really struggling to find a favorite, so i’m, hoping that tomorrow, just knocks it out of the park for all this fun we’ve been having playing with rc boats on the water, getting out just having a good time as a family, and thank god I also want to say a big thanks to our patreon supporters, because without you guys, we couldn’t do what we do. We couldn’t be as honest and transparent as we are. You guys fully support the channel, and for that we thank you guys so much if you want to be a patreon supporter, it’s linked down in the description box below and mean the world to us.

So i am thinking about what boat video should be popping up right about now, but i kind of want it to be a surprise, so you guys need to click that link check it out that boat. Video is totally worth your time.