Unfortunately, and before i start talking about this problem i’m going to show you something else, this is my old and very cheap rc car, so i’ve got it from smith’s toy shop and really cheap one it’s less than cost less than 50 euro and it lasts i’ll, Say a couple of years and then we show no mercy and then the spoiler at the back broken and then linkage we stepped on it and broke it and then hit every curve, probably in the straight and then survived no problem at all. And then last thing. I did to this rc car was i put a bigger capacity, uh battery, which came with uh, maverick 1800 capacity and then because of the, i think, longer play time and it’s motor burned and it’s not working anymore. So, but what i want to say is why i’m showing you this is basically this cheap one survived uh more than a year, and we play with this many hours, with no concentration, just just let’s, say hit everywhere. No problem at all. Some of the parts were broken, but it was still driving under until the engine was gone and with an expectation. I got this one got it from the uk orders and online and mothersupport.com.ukraining guys delivered really quickly and this massive box, okay and pretty quickly. And what i did is i just charged the batteries and then went outside to play literally two minutes and then what happened was the part called knuckle which is holding the shaft and responds and stuff like that snapped? Probably you can see it here and i don’t remember hitting anywhere curb or anyplace was just driving just i mean just as i said two minutes literally two minutes play time and just broke the piece now it’s unusable not working at all.

I mean you cannot drive, it works fine, but you cannot drive, of course with with that missing part at the moment, it’s not 4×4. Even this shaft is missing. I found it on the street and i think it’s ridiculous compared to this old, cheap one playing really. Roughly with this guy and then expecting some better performance from uh, this rc car was a bit disappointing for us overall in two minutes before it starts breaking, and it was okay, i mean two minutes: it drove fine four by four and then draw beautifully fast one And i upgraded the battery to 3000. This is the original one, and i upgraded this to your 3 000, with an expectation to play a little bit longer ended up in only two minutes before we lost knuckle. The funny thing is okay, that’s all. Maybe there was something wrong or if you had somewhere curve or whatever happened, the funny thing is it didn’t. Last okay, it’s, not durable part, was tacky and dodgy and the part is a little bit about the moment. So i sent an email to guys and that’s. Oh yeah that’s, you can order that, but we don’t have it in stock and there are two variations are available. One of them is plastic, which is the same as the stock version. You can also get the aluminium one which it is it costs somewhere around. 23. 24 pounds, the other one is plastic: one costs somewhere around four five: four four five pounds.

I think, but it’s ridiculous – that nowhere in the world you can find them it’s not available. I left my email address so i’m waiting eagerly waiting for the email to say that it’s available in stock, but no it’s it’s not a little bit wrong overall. So if i can get the part i’ll try to replace that and then do another review. Maybe i can try to show you how to replace that. Okay, as you need and i’ll try to put some links below in the description so that that’s all for the moment and if you are planning to buy one of these, expect some some fun stuff and it’s, not as good as you see in the other review. Videos, because there are tons of review videos and guys are driving in rough terrain, jumping and hopping and doing lots of stunts similar to what we did with this old one.