My name is mark cinema. Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to rc blog, we are still at the 2021 cycle, nitro blast. The pro truckee amen is about to start, so everyone is starting to bunch up i’m pretty lucky. I get to go up there. I’M gon na get some footage and get some pictures of all the cars up close. So you guys can see what all the cars look like. These are the fastest guys, i would say in the possibly the world. Definitely in the nation, possibly in the world, but it’s crazy check this out all right here we go. I think they’re actually going to come through this thing. Oh man, i don’t, i don’t even know which way to go here. I’M, confused i’ve got live rc over here. Oh my god dude. I just missed it. There’S fire there’s, there’s fire hold on we’re gon na get the fire. This guy’s recording me vlogging. Oh seriously, look at this there’s a lot of sponsors. There’S jamie awesome team driver right there, we’re getting close we’re gon na get heat, brandon rose, he doesn’t run truck otherwise he’d be in here. Oh yeah fire. I mean seriously what rc race have you ever been to, where there’s fire explosions all right, we’re done with that i i’m not even going to spoil it i’m, not even going to spoil it. Let’S go look at the trucks again Music, all right, we’re, going to go through them slowly, one by one.

Oh, oh man that one looks familiar doesn’t. It guys that’s! Mr ryan, left himself. Oh man, i believe that’s jackson brunson’s car right there very nice, so she we’re going through them again because they look so freaking good they’re like pieces of art. They always keep them clean Music. Oh man, he hit the number four we’re gon na get the money. We got the Laughter here’s all drivers. This is really awkward. I’M, literally standing in front of the stands. Video of all the drivers waiting again it’s got ta, be awkward for them. Um hang it. I don’t have my super zoom lens. Otherwise i can get up real, close and personal. Oh here’s, oh we got we got to get these. These are already in here, there’s a rivkin’s truck thanks to the dad sister for their loving help. I believe he’s either qualified new tlr, and everyone recognizes that one. Mr thai testament truck very nice x ray here’s a order up here. I don’t know if we can see that, but it looks like i’ll read it. It looks like spencer, dakota jared cole, tyler jones, mason, spencer, tanner ryan, joe ryan jackson, jacob tom adam lee and jared that’s who’s in this race. I didn’t do that all the last nights without taking me forever. Oh man, they move the cars they’re still doing intros. They move the cars, but now you can see where everybody is by their car. Ideally you want your pit guy to be right under you.

That way, you can yell at or not yell at him, but you know be able to communicate with him better bobby’s trying to uh start his own channel. Msm 2.0 is what he’s trying to make his new channel. Oh man, what do you think should i get a slow mo coming out of the pits? What should i do? Let’S see what oh he’s live? He’S live, let’s just watch let’s just watch his live stream. Oh they’re firing up. They are firing up guys. I’Ll, put i’ll put my uh my mic around, so you guys can hear it there. Now you guys can hear it fire up. You guys. I think this hydro is just cool we’ve been hearing it all week, Music here we go we’ll be able to see him. Come around this corner, which would be cool spencer’s still up front. Oh no! Oh! No! All right! Then, we’ll come back over to this side. All the camera people just shift. Freaking fire coming out of the back. Oh let’s go behind katie, we don’t want to get in our video there. We go all right here. We go we’re coming down the street. I can’t even see they’re going by too fast, hey that’s enough we’ll try to get another another shot somewhere else there. We go coming out of onto the front all right, it’s getting all mixed up now, because people are taking the joker lane. People will use it, they can use here comes someone now jojo lane.

So if you don’t know the joke, lane is in the main you can use this lane three times and basically it cuts this whole middle part of the track out. So if you want to get past traffic – or you want to run some crazy strategy, you can use a joke lane, so ryan cavallari he’s in first he’s right here. He already used joker lane. One, it looks like the other guys are saving. There comes dakota fan with his joker lane so now dakota fence in second now cole’s in third, but he hasn’t used the joker lane. Yet so it’s gon na be a big strategy thing, it’s, really cool and really fun to do when you’re racing but it’s a little difficult as a spectator, because you don’t know you can see. Who’S used your joke, but it’s hard to kind of calculate or figure out where people actually are because of this yogurt thing, but it’s it’s such a cool. Little twist, i think it’s awesome uh my strategy i like to use it early, get out of the way. So i don’t have to worry about it. I don’t worry about it later: here’s kav, he’s that’s, the leader right there. Oh there goes rivkin. He just uses the joker lane there. He goes so now. We’Ve had late changes in the position like crazy. There goes another one joe uses joker lane. So what ha? Oh, oh, no! No! No! That’S tebow! Oh man! Oh that sucks! So where it gets difficult is! Oh someone’s got a tire coming off.

Oh no! He got taken out. Oh someone flipped over oh he’s, gon na get oh no, someone else flipped over. Oh total chaos out here right so where it gets difficult is when you use this joker lane you’re coming out of this thing and you’re running into traffic here, so you got ta use it. When you know you’re, not gon na run into traffic, which it’s hard, because you’ve got to be able to see ahead of you. If you have a pit guy it’s a little bit easier, because your big guy can tell you. But for my race i started in the lead, so i used it early because i knew there was going to be no one ahead of me and it wasn’t going to run anybody. Oh no that’s, the second time, tebow’s flipped right there kibo’s a world class driver. He will figure out a way to basically adjust and not flip over there anymore um. It looks like he’s trying different lines. He started in the middle that one he kind of went on the inside, but yeah it’s crazy, guys, people in the stands i’m gon na get some more angles for you guys, there’s cap let’s see what we got looks like. We got ripken dakota fan and then tyler jones he’s, a younger guy. Oh no, joe burnhardt makes a mistake. Cole, joe they’re buddies, all those guys, ty testament all right there, kai testament world champion mr ryan, lutz still ripping.

There goes jared wiggins, Music, oh man, jackson, brunson, all right, let’s go find another spot, here’s a cool spot coming off this double double you’ll, see them kind of come off the right side of the screen. You’Ll see the first, the first double and the second devil. There’S, the first one that’s your leader, ryan cavalieri. If i zoom out there, it goes second okay, i’m zooming in rivkin, so that’s the pack right there that’s for the lead man. Here they come. There goes joe bornhorst call ogden, but this is actually a sweet shot because you got you got him hitting this double double. You see him coming up and out and then going back over it’s a high flying track, guys it’s so much fun. And although these jumps look big and hard on the cars, the landings are built really well, so the landings are built where it’s not too much shock on your car and the track flows so easy, like. I just put it this way. I could take a revo and hit all these jumps. No problems i mean you don’t, need a lot of power, it’s really about precision with these jumps making sure you hit the downsides correctly, but man what an amazing track here comes a whole bunch of them coming over the hill. Here, oh man, i need to get see if i can get some uh some aerial shots. Some, like still photos we’ll. Try that all right now i’m, on the backside of the track directly in front of the driver, stand you can really see all the jumps right here, like all the cars are popping up and down cars flying over.

You see the dust it’s, not dust like mix of dust and nitro fuel. They have this place pretty well ventilated. So, although it looks bad on camera, it’s, not so bad, especially i’m, saying it’s, not so bad um when you’re actually here but super freaking cool kind of in a dangerous spot. To be honest, they hit this double wrong. I’M. Getting taken out Music, this spot’s pretty cool this – is this huge sweeper every year i’ve been here, they’ve had this huge sweeper and basically, if you have your car set up right, you can just almost full throttle through this thing. While taking this turn and then you’re going right into that, double double that we just saw super cool here comes some see the the jumps aren’t very brutal on your car. They just flow really well it’s, so cool guys here comes a big pack. Oh look at how much they’re, leaning in there so sweet i’m losing my voice guys i’m about to stop guys. I got ta step up my game. Look. They got a cable cam that’s live rc’s, cable cam! This is that little camera right there right there go there go. There goes. Oh man, i’m. Such a noob, all right, guys, that’s a wrap on this video. I want to just it’s so intense in there, like, i don’t, think the camera does justice on, like the vibe in there it’s crazy, but quick pro tip when the pros are racing and you’ve seen it before it’s going to be intense.

But in the middle of the race, there’s, nothing going on get food get food, because this is what this is when the food places are they’re not so packed so we’re going to get some food and then we’re going to watch the end of the race we’ve.