It'S got to be something kind of special, and I thought why not bring back something that people that used to watch. The show will remember very well let's see what I have on the bench. Three simple boxes, my friends. Look at this I've been ordering and waiting, and there are many more packages on the way, but we might as well get an idea of what's going on many moons ago, when I first started out on YouTube. One of my major projects that I started was wait. A second aha, there is optimus overkill right here. This originally started believe it or not as something called an axial dingo. It was an scx10 trail truck and over time. It did many transformations into what you finally see here today, but so many people asked to see the original overkill and I'm always having to disappoint them, because the GMC topkick body was actually discontinued until I found one on eBay and offered an exorbitant amount of money For it and let's see what's inside this box, yes, so I ended up having to make an offer on this body because it was going to be going with another RC as a spare and thankfully the gentleman on eBay agreed to sell it separately. Let'S see if it's in good shape, I love that it came in bubble, wrap yeah I'm, actually a little bit nervous about this, normally I'm, never nervous about unboxings. But today, oh yeah, look at this it's clear, so I'm gon na have to give you some sort of backing to have a look at it there.

It is boys and girls. The GMC topkick body from proline looks like he had already marked out that area. For the for the back diesel tank and stacks unbelievable that I was able to get this, this is actually a 18 scale body made to go on like a ear, Evo or kind of monster truck that kind of thing. This is a 13.8 wheelbase which is incredibly challenging and way back. Then, when I built the original overkill, which you guys can go and watch that build series right now still on the RC SPARC studio Channel, I actually didn't understand about how long the wheelbase is going to be, and I ended up clocking my axle forward a little Bit and of course, that gave me a funky bit of steering, as you can see in the original overkill videos, until I learned that I needed an extended chassis and all the frame rails, everything needed to be stretched out and the links and whatever. But eventually we got it, and that is how we ended up. Moving on in doing a triple axel with project overkill, the Optimus overkill, which was the juggernaut, HD version that I did with a fella named David jr. way back in the day gosh. This show has been going on a long time and I can't believe that we're still here able to share these kind of projects with you guys. Thank you so much for supporting the show over the years there it is.

The overkill is going to come back gon na paint him very similar to the original, so we can bring back this truck to the crowd that helped make this channel what it is today. So the original project overkill body ended up taking a lot of damage because I used it a lot back in those days and finally, when the project was over and I had a chance and I ended up moving out to the ranch, I ended up getting rid Of it so I'm glad after all these years, that is able to find one online. Now, what was I going to do for a transmission? There was only one company. I could think of that. I even wanted to entertain if I was going to make this somewhat similar to the old version, because it was an axial dingo. It had an axial transmission, but if you guys remember the original one in here well, this is even though this is the modified one. The original overkill had two motors on one transmission plate. Well, I wanted to bypass that and go straight for a bigger powerhouse this time, because the whole purpose of overkill was to be quote overkill in everything. I'Ve done all my friends, my friend a day down at super sassy. When I contacted him and said: listen, I'm. Rebuilding overkill. Could you build me a mega transmission? He jumped on board and said yes, let's see what we got here well over 200, just for the transmission alone, but it is going to be well worth that this thing is, you want to be bulletproof well, most of it it's lifetime warranty on this from super Shaft II, unbelievable overkill was gold and black back in the day and check this out.

Yes, vanquish acts or vanquish transmission housing and look at that eight millimeter output drive shaft on that. You heard me right, not a five mill, an eight mill. This is the rear. Here'S the front Wow 32 pitch spur gear, all metal with slipper clutch in there vanquish products. You can see the front straight through. Why would I have gotten 32 pitched spur gear right, well, it's, because if I want to run a powerhouse motor, an electric brushless cencored motor, I want to run 32 pitch gears, so it is heavy duty. Listen to this. Oh, my gosh I'm, just gon na sit here. I'M gon na need a few minutes on my own here. Just so, I can sit here and spin. This transmission look at how smooth that is. Aj said I was gon na have to take a day or two with this just so I could do some a some relaxation videos for everybody, Wow cool okay. So now you know what that is next. What do I have here? Well, special drive shafts, of course, because where were they're gon na find eight millimeter drive shafts that we're gon na, except for the output drive here. Thankfully super shaft II actually will make you drive shafts that are custom, so you guys want to check them out. Of course, super shaft EECOM. You can confirm with them that I paid of course, drive shafts here a little bit longer in the back a little bit shorter in the front I'm having to do a little bit of a guessing game here, because I'm actually gon na, have to make my own Links – I was thinking about this.

I wanted to make my own links. Hopefully I get to make my own links for suspension wise, because then I can easily make the length that I want to fit with overkill right here, unless you guys have some suggestions now. The next thing on the list I thought for Who am I going to get to make a frame for me because obviously overkill is the stretch frame here. The stretch frame was actually welded together with a piece on the inside to make two frames come together, but I didn't want to do that this time and I thought I've gone to enough of the GCM event. I know GCM is an awesome Canadian place to order from because, of course, I want to support folks in my country as well. Where is my razor blade, so they make a product called the C Mac and they have different chassis and parts. For that, the bonus is centered at 19 inches long and black. Is that a surprise look at this? These are ac channel frame as well, but now I can basically cut it to be whatever length. I want it to be my mistake when I look on the website itself. 19 points 7 inches long, all right all laid out, so you can see there's quite a bit, but it goes quickly. These are these side plates for the suspension link, setup right. If you don't know what I'm talking about I'm gon na be running a four link set up both front and back, I believe no leaf spring suspension in this.

I want to have good articulation, so these side plates are gon na fit on here onto the frame rail, and that way I can hook up the front and rear suspension links. This is the panhard bracket for the panhard bar a panhard bar limits, the side to side motion of an axle. Just to put it plainly, if it's more complicated than that, but that's that's, how you know the crossmember pair. Yes, do I use one or both I don't know I could add this as an ending point. If I'm not going to be running a bumper and I'm just going to be utilizing the front or the back, it depends on what I'm using the old overkill definitely had a winch. So I want to consider that, but just in case I wanted to end it on either end that way: I've got the crossmember pair and then the super tiny, which I'm probably not going to use. Now that I see that they're so small, these are great shock. Hangers right so, if I'm going to be using straight down, shocks, coil shocks whatever I don't know yet I do know actually yeah, but I did order these. If I want to use them to lighten the truck, I can do that, but later on on eBay, I saw slightly more. Let me say I can adjust the shock position so much better and since GCM does a great job on keeping everything nice and flat on these frame, rails I'm gon na be able to basically put the shock hangers anywhere.

I want, which is a big bonus. So there it is from GCM. I did spend a couple hundred dollars on this Canadian over here. People are probably wondering what the heck I was going to be doing for steering. I went down to Action hobby today, which is a local hobby store. I try to support my local hobby stores as much as possible picked up one of these Savitz 1210 SG. This servo not only is waterproof and weatherproof, but it has never really let me down so it's very expensive. Yes in the States, probably around. You know like what, like 80 bucks, still a very decent decent servo. Yes, I went on to the Hobby wing website. First time I ordered a brushless system from them. It was several hundred dollars as well us and very expensive Canadian, but this is a 540 system, but uh. This is the one the AK system, the 2300 kV. Hopefully it's got enough, get up and go. I think it is because it's for an eighth scale system really, and that is why I have the 32 pitch gears on this transmission. Now don't get me wrong this here when I say it's a couple hundred bucks. It was a couple hundred you asked, but at least it's handmade and again it's it's, almost like someone looking at an open flame. I just I just want to play with it a big shout out to AJ. Thank you very much, but for sending these stickers, I don't know if you do this for everybody or if it was just for me, but regardless.

Thank you very much. I love all the scale, stickers and it's always great to have new stickers in the shop. Also shout out to GCM, thank you very much for sending these along as well guys. I have not decided on the axle yet I don't know if I'm going to be going a portal system which this is not. This is the this. Is the the old old axial, even though this event which the axial scx10 n't, give me a lot of clearance for the differential there, the pumpkin housing I should say – and I want to know if I go portal or if I go to the old style and If I go portal, do I go to the axial portal, or do I take that the that tracks is TRX for portal, because both of them are fantastic? All of the above I want to know your opinion in the comment section down below. Let me know what you think of the project. Let me know what you think is: it should use as a as a an axle, of course, and the rest of it will just kind of fall into place. As I get the pieces, I got I'm waiting on Delrin rod. I don't know if I'm gon na make the links I'm gon na try but it's gon na be something that I'm excited to do guys drop a like click. If you like the project.