Video is all about this remote control toy car, which I am tinkering in here. I use an Arduino Uno microcontroller board, which is this one, the bottom, the bottom and an l 29 three motor drivers shield, which can control up to 4 DC motors, but here are utilized on the three DC motors, which is connected in M 1 M 2 and M 3: the M 1 is for the left, wheels M 2 is for the crane will put green sorry and for the m3 is for the right wheels. I also use an H see that 0 6 Bluetooth module to receive the remote control commands, which I connected in my mobile phone in mobile phone. I use a serial bluetooth terminal this one Music, which is sending serial command to our Arduino Uno, which is received through the HC, the zero six bluetooth module, and this one has some controls that I will mean so later on. I will demonstrate, as for the demonstration, I will connect to the SC the zero six connecting now connected. So to turn on the headlight. I will press the end. I can turn off the headlight turn on the lab signal. Sorry it’s a right signal. I can turn it off turn on the left signal turned off or hazard signal they’re, not not the buck Music. I can turn on the backlight had a brake light. Sorry for the hassle signal Music turn up the hazard signa brake light Music turn on the right signal.

Music turn off turn on the left signal Music. I can also, I also plan to use some tones for this, but for now this is only what I can provide. This should be a sound when bucking but it’s something good stop it. So I can also control the Queen. Let’S say: move it up or move it down up again hold bring down, or I can also move forward backward that’s. What everyone I hope you like this video, please subscribe to my youtube channel, leave your comments and suggestions in the comment box.