Interco trxus mt tires compared to a whole host of common tires that you will see in the market and we will be checking out and seeing just how good these tires. Perform., Hello, everyone, my name is Troy. If you’re new to the channel welcome. This is roadside rc.. We do all the rc stuff from the crawling to the bashing drifting racing, even some fpv drone stuff.. We also do a whole bunch of unboxing and product reviews, and things like that, and today we are looking at this pro line scale replica of the interco trxus.. I have no idea how you’re supposed to actually say that that’s not a word. What is that? This is a tire from interco that in the 1 1 scale world, the full size world is pretty popular.. The off shoulder treatment is good for digging into the dirt and rocks the multi siped design. All through here supposedly makes it really good for winter ice traction and then also climbing on rocks.. So then one of the big questions is really going to be. Does the great performance that this tire is known for out in the full size, 1 1 world? Does it translate to rc I’ll, give you an example: it talks a lot around the siping and how cut up and siped this tire is and the stepped shoulder design here.. Well, yes, that has been translated down into this tire. However man. It is very, very, very, very small, and so you know does that really work, or does it not In order to really give it a good test, we’re going to be using our axial scx 103 gladiator.

. It has currently the stock wheels stock tires, except these stock tires have actually been cut, and so we’re going to be giving that a test.. We have these. We actually have the amazon version of the hyrax proline super swampers, the duratrax showdowns stock trx4 sport tires except that they’ve been cut, and then we have as close to a brother as it gets. Probably for this tire, the proline trencher crawler., Really a whole lineup. Here of tires to test out and really see how does this tire perform in comparison. In order to give this tire a proper test? I have a course set up with my backyard crawler course and i’m going to take this tire, plus all the other ones, that i have one by one. Through this course. Same terrain, same truck, different tires. Have a mix of rock. We have a mix of wood dirt. That type of thing you’re going to see is each individual obstacle all the tires back to back, and then that way, what you’ll be able to really tell is? Can we really see a difference in how the truck performs, based on the tires that are on it, so let’s get to it All right now, we’ve seen a bunch of driving footage.? What are some key takeaways? Well, one that you never got to see super swamper., The super swamper as it turns out the back of these RC4WD wheels. The bead ring is actually in so far that it hits the portal cups, and so they wouldn’t go on Boo.

I would say the stock tires that have been cut actually did rather well.. I think they did just as well as actually a lot of the other tires that we evaluated and so that’s actually pretty good., And these have barely been run. Maybe, as those foams get worn in, i could see these still being a legitimate option and i do actually like the wheels, even though they are plastic, they are bead locks. I do actually like them.. I could see continuing to use those also. The surprising one. For me was actually these louise or duratrax showdowns. I really expected them to do better. Honestly, i’m, not sure why they didn’t do better.. We have actually we’ve used them a number of times. They normally do very well for us.. Just not. Today i was really surprised.. I don’t know if it was just a fluke i don’t know if there was something with this truck.. I noticed that the offset that we have this on really set it out a lot. So maybe that meant the tires were in a different spot.. I don’t know, but that surprised, me. The stock trx4 tires, on the other hand, continue to surprise me.. These have been cut. I have a whole video that i can share about what i’ve done and how i’ve cut those, but they just work. Are they the best? No they’re not going to probably win any competitions, but they do really well overall.

. I was really surprised with this comparison. However, you know the trencher versus this trx us again. Tire is slightly shorter if you will, and it at least appears that it’s slightly narrower than the then the trencher. But you know really this tire did well and the trencher did it did. Okay, you know, i would say um both of them were actually performed. Rather equal, i might actually prefer this trx us compared to the trencher after having tested it. I mean and i’m i’m kind of surprised in saying that i did not assume going into this test today that that would be my conclusion, but they really did pretty decent and, of course, not surprising. The uh kind of the hyrax knockoffs that you can get from amazon, they don’t they just don’t, do very well, and we just showed that again today, the compound is just too hard. So, yes, it has the look. They perform. Okay, they just still can’t stand up to the competition. So final conclusion, i think honestly, i’m gon na leave these on. I may find some different wheels to put them on. These are actually just some stock plastic trx4 wheels, but they did well i’d say that overall, the tire did well. The only time i ever saw kind of an issue is actually trying to climb up the wood it’s, just such a solid compound that it really struggled to get a biting edge and to go up, but otherwise.

Otherwise, i was actually rep more impressed with it than i thought i would be, and so i think i’m going to leave them on and give them a longer term test. So we can report back over time of how do they do once they’ve worn in more that kind of thing so hey. I hope this was very useful for you. You know i haven’t seen or heard of a lot of people running this tire yet that’s exactly why i wanted to give it a shot. Was i just i just couldn’t tell i couldn’t find a lot of information about it. So please, let me know down below what do you think if you saw all of those which one of the tires that i just tested, would you run, but then also? What do you think about this one? What do you think about this trx usmt besides the horrible name, truxxus mt? What is that? What is that so um, besides the horrible name? What do you think? Was it pretty good tire? Would you run it um? You know i’m really really looking at it. Just itching to get the knife out and start cutting these things up and like really really cut it up a bunch, but maybe not quite yet so um anyway, as always. Thank you.