That was very close to my ankles on my review of the ftx dr8. My title was the 6s 60 mile an hour rc car you’ve, probably never heard of and i’ve been called out because i said it done 60 mile an hour and i didn’t speed test it so in this video we’re taking it for a speed test to see. If my title was misleading and clickbait, i don’t think it was 45 to 50 or 60 mile an hour. Let’S see who’s right me or just me anyway, so we’re gon na speed run it on this single six cell 4, 800 milliamp hour 50 c from volts, and then we got some new ones from gen z, caesar 6, 500 milliamp hour 60 c i’m interested to See if the bigger power batteries, the gens ace, can push the dr8 a little bit further than the volts in this video we’ll find out. It was very cold out there i’m, not trying to make excuses, but um battery performance is never as good when the weather’s really cold in the summer months, loads, better. It gets between 45 and 50. I promise i will change the title of my misleading unboxing anyway. Let’S get into the video let’s see how fast this 6s, 1 8 scale 61 hour. Rc car can go right. I’Ve got i had to put gloves on it. It’S freezing out here, um ftxdr8 speed, run on a nice cold day, it’s about zero or maybe one degree so performance isn’t, going to be ideal.

I’Ve just run the radix six i’ve seen someone run that 60 out of the box. This is meant to do 60. So i think that one got 55 out of that. The video already should be up with that, but we’ve got 55 out of that so i’m expecting a similar speed um out of this yeah 55. We got out of that, so lipos don’t perform very well in this sort of weather. So the other thing i think of this, the tyres are going to bloom like crazy. I am pretty confident it’s going to be uncontrollable, so we’re going to give it a bit more space on this uh. This road first pass of the dr8. How fast are we gon na get that’s, not bad? Actually, i thought it’d be uncontrollable. I need to take my glove off. I’Ve got no feel yeah. That was pretty solid. I thought it was gon na be all over the place for them tires. Doesn’T seem overly fast. We give the lipo a few passes to warm up. Oh it’s, actually fast. When you get close to it, it’s definitely fast let’s see how fast we got so i’d like to see i’d like to see over 50 56 faster faster than the radix. Now the life i’m using the volts it’s 4 800 milliamp hour. I think it’s 50 c now i’ve got i’ve brought along with me. Some gens ace, 6500 milliamp 60c should give extra punch, we’ll put them in a minute and we’ll see if it gives an extra few mile an hour that was close.

That was very close to my ankles i’m impressed. I am impressed with 56. Applause right final score for the dr8 we’re uh right then here we go 57 miles an hour right so 57 mile an hour, let’s switch the batches over let’s see if we can squeeze a little bit more out of it. So just about squeeze the gens ac let’s, give this a run see if we can get a little bit more 57. If i get 60 out of this, that will be a win. So then what are we going to get here? What are your thoughts? Good good set of batteries or a good battery will always get the best out of your um electronics. Doesn’T seem faster at the moment, although it’d be hard with my uh calibrated eyes, to tell one mile an hour difference, but let’s do a few passes, get them. Lipos working get them warm still, can’t believe how well this goes. I thought them wheels would definitely be ballooning, especially the front ones. It just proves the center diff on. This is very good with a weak center diff or if you’ve got weak fluid in the center diff. Your front tires are gon na try and spin faster than the rears and balloon all right, let’s bring it in just see what that speed is first 57 again and that’s on a couple of passes. Let’S look at 55 on the first few passes with the volts lipo.

It is less milliamp power, it’s, less um c, so it’s, 4, 8, 4. 850 c. These are 6 500 with 60 c. So they’re going to give more of a burst, going to allow the um motor to max out or to draw as much current as it wants, not as it wants. But you know i mean draw more current. Usually, bigger batteries give you um more punch because they can dish out that initial burst current, but you also with that. You should also be getting a little bit more top speed if your motor can give it this might be at max anyway. The volts lipo might have been able to get this to max anyway, all right let’s do a nice long pass now: Applause pretty good range that’s, probably about it, says 100 meters or so that’s. All you need for this sort of thing. If you’re 100 meters away bashing, this you’ve got issues right, let’s bring it in. Did we get 157 answers on a postcard final scores on the dr8 no 57, so the gens, ace, lipos and the volks lipo are enough to give this thing plenty of grunt. So the bigger batteries weren’t able to give this a little bit more speed. Obviously that volts one was man enough for the job on a warm day say what are we one degree today, one degree today so i’d say on a normal summer’s day when you’re in the 20 degrees i’m talking about centigrade here, not fahrenheit.

This is definitely a 60 mile, an hour truck out the box and we’ll come back in the summer and we’ll run it.