Hoje preparei uma revisão do RC CAR para iniciantes.. Hoje vou proceder com uma revisão do ponto de vista dos iniciantes.. Os veículos a serem introduzidos hoje são produtos da PXTOYS e são divididos em modelos básicos e high-end., E embora o tamanho do veículo esteja marcado como 110, the actual size is 112. Released in Korea. In two designs., O preço do produto é 137000 won, 107. For the basic model., The high end model is not cheap. em 204000 won 160.. No entanto, the products sold by Narae Sports in Korea are We support. Free quality assurance and even parts caused by customer negligence are handled free of charge.. Those who deal with such a fast RC car for the first time cannot avoid breakdowns until they become proficient in steering.. So the free warranty really helps a lot.. Now lets take a look at how and where the standard type and the advanced type differ., And I will check to see how much performance difference it shows in actual driving.. Em primeiro lugar, the basic components are the same.. Both products include batteries, charger controls and basic tools., So all you need to do is purchase the product and charge the battery.. The biggest difference between the two products is the configuration of the electronic part.. The basic product is a brushed system with the main motor and ESC at an affordable, preço. High end products consist of a brushless system that is much better than brushed.

. Além disso, in high end products, all the electronic parts that make up the vehicle are made up of independent parts. Later the main motor, o ESC, the receiver and even the transmitter can all be recycled.. In particular, the main motor and ESC can support up to 11.1v voltage, so it can be used for 110th products.. Finalmente, the capacity of the basic battery included in the product is also different.. The basic model includes a 1800mah battery and the high end model includes a 4000mah battery. Lets see how different these differences are in real driving. First lets check the most basic speed of an RC car. The two products have the same body structure, so the driving performance is similar., No entanto, the maximum output, instantaneous, acceleration and power are very different. And the high end model can also use the 11.1v battery 3S.. No entanto, the use of 3S batteries is not recommended.. This vehicle thinks that the voltage 2S of the main battery is most suitable for controlling the vehicle. For beginners. You might think that the speed of the basic battery is also fast.. It can limit the maximum power through the dial on the remote controller.. Then lets run with the lowest output. This is enough for beginners and young children to control. Now lets check the driving time according to the battery capacity Note that these ON ROAD tracks do not require 4WD., So I removed the front shaft and tested it with 2WD.. First lets run with the 1800mah battery included in the basic product This time, using the 4000mah battery included in the high end product, I will drive the same vehicle and under the same conditions, 2Wd.

. The general and high end models showed a big difference in performance and driving time as much as the price difference.. No entanto, the performance of the general model seems to be sufficient for beginners.. Now lets proceed with off road driving. In off road. All the output of the high end model was not available., Because the output is too strong for the size of the vehicle. There were many cases of overturning when all the maximum output was used.. If you enjoy safe off road driving, the general type is sufficient.. Finalmente, lets move on to the jump test to check the durability. These vehicles have the durability to enjoy jumping as long as there are no major mistakes in the landing.. No entanto, in the case of the general type, the output is insufficient for jumping.. If you want to enjoy jumping the high end model is a better choice.. Now lets go over the performance of the vehicle and look at the details of the vehicle.. As mentioned earlier, the two products are identical, except for the electronic part., Since all parts that make up a vehicle are identical, most parts are compatible. Now lets take a look at the body responsible for the design of the vehicle. The overall design of the body is similar to the products of other companies.. No entanto, the durability and quality are very good.. The various patterns that decorate the body are not decals, so they do not get wet or fall off.

And it is designed to be thick compared to the size and weight of the vehicle, so it can be used for a long time. Now lets take a look At the wheels and tires. The disadvantage of cheap RC products is that the wheel and tire have a one piece structure.. No entanto, these vehicles introduced today are composed of bead locks that cannot be found in low end products.. The bead, lock structure allows the wheel and tire to be separated for easy maintenance. And since it does not use adhesive, it has the advantage of being able to manage it neatly.. No entanto, there is a disadvantage that it is a little heavy compared to the all. In one product. Now lets disassemble the vehicle and check the inside of the vehicle. Rc cars can be used for a long time, not only with their gorgeous appearance, but also with a strong internal structure. Like expensive, RC products. This vehicle is made of all metal with important parts., Except for the spur gear which has the largest size among internal gears. All of the deep gears are made of metal.. In particular. The quality of the gears is so sophisticated and robust that it is hard to believe that it is a product for beginners, so you do not have to worry about the durability of the drivetrain.. No entanto, the shock which occupies a large part in shock absorption was insufficient., Although it is made of plastic, it consists of a structure in which oil and a spring are combined.

. The overall performance and durability of the shock were not bad either.. No entanto, since the elasticity of the spring is too strong for the size of the shock, it was the same as a shock composed of only springs.. Also when the shock was disassembled, there was no shock piston, so the viscosity of the oil was not felt at all.. This is not much of a problem on clean, paved roads., But with such a strong bouncing off road, the higher the speed, the more difficult it is to control.. Na verdade, even if you use an oil shock, you can just use this vehicle for beginners, because the drivability doesnt change much.. No entanto, if you invest a little money and increase the oil viscosity, you can realize the feel of an oil shock.. The oil change method is very simple, so I will show you in a video.. The shock spring of this vehicle is extremely strong and the shock body is very short. So deep oil not shock oil, is required.. I initially set 20000cst, but 20000cst seemed insufficient, so I replaced it with 50000cst later and got satisfactory. Results. Deep oil is sold at all RC stores, so you can purchase the cheapest product.. Now lets finish the vehicle review by talking about the complicated looking functions of the remote controller.. Em primeiro lugar, this button is the power switch. For all RC cars. It is safe to turn on the power of the remote controller first and then turn on the power of the RC car.

. Inversamente, a sudden eruption may occur. Also if there is a product from the same company nearby, it may cause confusion. So please follow the order.. Nwo, the more you pull the trigger on the remote controller, the faster it gets. Push the trigger in the opposite direction, while moving to apply the brake., And if you push it while it is stopped, it works in reverse, but there is no brake during reverse. So be careful., The large dial of the remote controller is in charge of left and right rotation, and this part can also be controlled proportionally.. If you turn it a little, it rotates little by little, so you can adjust the turning radius as you want.. Now I will explain the functions of the three dials on the top of the remote controller.. Primeiro, the ST dial is a dial that limits the left and right rotation angles.. Turning the dial to the left decreases the maximum rotation angle., But there will be no use for it. Just leave the default state maximum and use it.. The TH dial is a dial that limits the maximum output.. As you turn the dial to the left, the maximum speed decreases., The ST.TRIM dialis a dial that aligns the left and right wheels and can be used when the vehicle cannot go straight.. por exemplo, if the vehicle is moving in the left direction, turn the dial slightly to the right. E, in the opposite case, turn left to make a straight line.

Ill finish. Nwo. These products introduced today are products that can be purchased at a slightly lower price using sites such as Ali Express.. No entanto, products cannot be helped, except for initial defects.. The products distributed by Narae Sports in Korea are a bit expensive.. No entanto, a system for beginners such as a free warranty is definitely in place.. If you are starting without knowing anything, we recommend Narae Sports in Korea. Obrigado por assistir..