What are we talking about today were not talking about. Tamiya were not talking about rock crawlers. We are talking about this little guy little 1 32 scale triggy. I would call it all the way from china, its called a speed, 132 Escala. Buggy and for all of you that have sort of looked at these online and thought, shall i buy one for the price they go for, Eu diria que: Sim, you know theyre great for kids, they, actually they go really really well. They go like a rocket. The kids will absolutely love it and its a good way to get kids off their phones and into rc its all neon lights. So you can see where youre going youre not going to lose it in a hurry. Its got two different speed controls, thats the slower one thats, the faster one, two wheel drive. It comes with some cones and stuff and some little barrels to race around um. So you can make your own little racetrack. You could get a couple of them and you could have races inside great for kids or great for adults as well, mas um. You know like its good like if you want something in your room or or in your shed, and you want to do a bit of practice, especially if your race, i mean its all relative, even though its a 132 Escala, the controller is all the same. You know as whether you, whether youre driving a 1 10 or a 1 8 or a 132, so you can get some practice in with these little things and theyre quite nippy, Theyre, quite hard to control being a two wheel, drive and the steerings, não tão grande.

But um you could certainly polish some skills with it and just have a bit of fun. Você sabe, and if not that just quite a good thing to have to sit on the shelf, you know and theyll fit underneath your other cars or what have you but yeah like quality wise like for the price im, actually quite surprised, you cant really its got A lick sand body on it, you cant the body doesnt come off. They come with this one come with three batteries which you just you unscrew, that um youll find when you get the vehicle that theres already a battery in there, but its not plugged in so youve got to just unscrew that pull the battery up plug it. In stick it back in screw it up two double a batteries in your transmitter and off you go high speed and low speed. If youve got little, kids itd be better on low speed till they get used to it, because its actually quite zippy, when you put it on on high speed, i find mine like this one, the steerings not aligned, so it doesnt go in a straight line. It tends to veer off, mas isso é. You know you might get one thats the steering straight on its just one of those things, its a budget kind of a little kind, its just its quite cool and something quite cool to have in the collection. Você sabe, especially if youre you know you collect rcs like like, i do and you have little kids come visit or whatever friends, Crianças, Você sabe, theyve got something: just youve got something you can pull out and you can let them have a have a go with Because theyre going to see your buggies little kids and they want to use them in thatand you know a lot of my tamiyas and that are shelf queens.

You know they. I dont run them um, so its like its good to have something like this to be able to pull out and or if i you know, probably next time, i see a nephew or something ill ill, give it to them, but yeah its a great little car. So if youre thinking about buying one for the money, you think oh maybe ill, get it and ill get it here and it wont go. I almost guarantee itll go theyre, quite a quite a neat little machine. Actually its pretty well made pretty tough um yeah. So i recommend them. I recommend them and with the neon lights, the flash like thats hard to beat hard to beat for the money, so yeah thats my thoughts on this, its quite a cute little buggy, and i recommend it.