What you’re looking at is a 1988 kyosho big boss, kit number 3108. This would share its dna with some other ones, other rcs, and that would be the big brute. The double dare high rider bet and a usa one. This was my favorite of the bunch. I like the paint scheme. It’S got the 80s vibe to it right here and there’s. Also a monster truck of this one i’ll show you the image of that right now. So i wanted to do a few modifications to this truck and uh. The pure is probably not gon na like what i did, but i had to well. I wanted to lower the motor a little bit, so i lowered it about an eighth of an inch just because it sat so high up. You could see you can see underneath it a bit, so i just thought it was too high up. So i lowered it. A little bit but uh so that that looks good and then i needed to um add lights to it. So i got our own light source checked it out, and then we needed to make a woolly bar, because i had to upgrade the motor the lamont’s. 05. 540 size engine just was not working or so i just bought another motor off of the off ebay. This is a uh, was a red cat. 17 Transformar 550 with a fan and uh. It runs great. Estou falando sério., would it definitely willie’s now from a standstill you don’t have to back it up and then gun it.

It just really at will so that’s awesome, it’s a heavy truck so really heavy up front as well. Then we needed to um make mirrors, and i made these out of some aluminum. I had left over and painted up some little brackets and stuff that were basically picture. Hangers and uh painted them up really nice. So i had to make a logo for the front and uh, so the lights use a separate power supply if you want, or you can plug it into the receiver as well so right now i have it set up on a 3.7 volt lipo. So i had to make a little protector plate on the inside as well to keep all electronics in there. So a lot of stuff was done. Eu sou., probably missing some things. Let me show you inside, though i had to make a pulley for this thing from uh from a little metal in front of motor, and then i used a uh, some um heat shrink tubing for a belt. It looked, i mean it’s got the lettering on it. So so it looks like a belt in there, so pretty cool truck okay inside so there’s. The willy super clean did the lettering for the wheels that looks nice. So i want to thank you guys that support this channel. I recently just clipped over a thousand subscribers and uh. I am to the moon to that uh and i i’m so grateful for all you guys coming back and watching my videos, um commenting um.

Just thank you so much for your support. Um. You guys motivate me to do uh more and more of these rc videos. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys. Thank you um! Então eu sou, not gon na uh get all softy and everything like that. But uh you know on to the next step and that would be ten thousand um. So i can’t wait. You know that’s, where i want to be next so now we’re going to see the breakdown of video uh and of the truck, and then we’ll see the running portion and all that’s going to start right now, todos os caras bem, as you can tell we are now At the stage of analyzing, what we have to do to the truck and uh tear down and also unpackage, so this is uh one of my favorite trucks just because it just looks so good. I love the stance. I love the size of this thing, so really cool trucks can’t wait to get started on this um restoration of it uh mild, mod restoration as well. That’S we’re gon na be uh installing a 550 motor in this one. So let’s go ahead and look at the body and see if there’s anything that we have to do looks like we’re going to paint the uh winches here, we’re gon na do a red. I need to make a little decap for the front note for the front.

Uh emblem a piece there, a little bit of paint missing on the hoods on the blower, so i’m gon na paint that up and then do some painting on the valve cover gasket uh with the name kyosho, so easy peasy there. We are uh in desperate need of fixing the mirrors one’s missing and this one is broken. So i got ta make a template of this and see if i can make some mirrors from scratch, so that’s going to be fun and the body needs to be washed. A little bit it’s kind of dirty and dusty, a couple of areas need to be repainted and touched up and with some chrome i’m going to take this bad boy off there. We go and looks like right off the bat we’re missing a cover here. So i believe these are clear and some clear plastic can cut it out and then uh restore that uh open this bad boy up, see what’s in here this one had a tire that’s missing. For some reason it probably was flat spotted, but i found something i found some things online. That will help me that came in so i can open this up right now, but this was about 30 33, but i have to have it some more things that came with this all right. I don’t need that for this project, Sim, that was in the pictures. Isto é, OKEY, maybe a little flood spotted right there, não é muito ruim, so yeah let’s go ahead and start breaking this thing down all right, so everything’s pretty much um apart.

We can look at everything now when i got the tire it did not have one of these inner sleeves so that’s. Another problem, i’ve noticed right here. I’Ve got a lot of residue of some, the sticky stuff that holds um things on. So i got to remove that. Then we got a big issue right here. It’S got the bottom end of an old receiver that doesn’t work. So i got ta somehow yank, that out of there and uh let’s show you inside the gear boxes, so there’s how the gears look right here. So it’s going to wipe the old grease off no bearings in here, just bushings, então sim, so that 550 motor will come in handy. I removed the outer tag that way: there’s nothing on there just looks plain that way: it look more disguised in the truck and there’s all of our bolts. This uses a drag link, type of steering setup, so i got to make sure i’ve added a whole lot of grease on this thing. Let’S move that out real well, so yeah let’s go ahead and start cleaning it up really good. I also want to show you one more thing: this motor is only mounted via sticky stuff, so probably gon na do with that. Without that and uh get it where it doesn’t use any tape just to use the screw. So i just made a template of this on some cardboard and uh transfer that over to some tin, i had and cut it with some snippers and then uh sanded it down the edges and then added some tape and then that way, um i can put it Right in here like i need to it’s very sharp, if you do something like this, so make sure you be real, careful and you add a few layers of electric tape or whatever tape you want to use gorilla tape or something so it works really good.

I test fitted it a couple times. It was just some uh holiday tin that i had there, vamos nós vamos, it fits really good in there and then all you got to do is add your rims inside and then bolt it up and it and it keeps the sides the the walls stiff and then The center soft now we got the chassis pretty much back together again um. All we got ta do now is put some leads onto the end of the engine, O 550 now and then mount the steering servo and get that all greased up looks like we have a break in the weather a little bit it’s, not raining as far as It was it’s still raining, as you can tell so. Um let’s go ahead and cut the lights on right. Aqui, got our lights on so we’re ready for action. All right let’s go, do our running portion, so i wanted it to be um, better weather, but uh we’ll take what we can it’s been raining for, like i guess three days straight, Bonita 30 degree weather all right, let’s see if that willy bar comes in handy. I say so anytime you get a car or truck that’s just heavy and will willy from a standstill, no backup required well you’re, doing something right and still have good top in let’s. Try this again even with wet uh ground and everything like that. Spins a little bit, but it it’s awesome.

If you guys haven’t seen the marie big bear, video go back and check one that one out that’s a willy machine as well handling is not too bad. You do have that independent uh rear end on there and so driving it’s pretty neutral. It is top heavy, so you will flip it that woody bar looks nice Music. Tipicamente, i don’t like to run in the rain, but it is what it is it’s not going to stop me i’m. Getting this video for you, Caras, Música, Está bem, let’s do a little bit of off roading we’ll bring it in it’s, got great ground clearance. All righty let’s go ahead and bring it in all righty. Bem, that’s a wrap on this bad boy. It turned out great despite the weather and being so cold and rainy. Uh we’ll definitely have to come visit this one again. Maybe do a top speed run or something like that, but uh when the weather is better, but she turned out really good. The mirrors look great willy bar is nice. Everything’S painted up lights are on so yeah curiosity, big boss. One of my faves please hit like i would love for you guys to subscribe and uh yeah got some cool videos coming up all right.