Here i am bjorn and uh. Hoje, i wanted to talk with you about rt, bumper and more rt is a small company based in germany that produce a lot of rc part for a wide range of branches such as techno team, coralie and many others. É claro, the house speciality of the bomb person they produce a lot of type of bumpers with a different shape, but all of them are very, Muito, Muito, very strong and also very flexible, so they can absorb any punishment you can give to your truck this one Is uh for the armor turner and, como você pode ver, is a very, Muito, Muito, muito forte, and i love it very much. It can protect your car very well. Israel is another type of bumper and is for the armor granite or big rocker or armor bartex, and it also is its very, very interesting. We now take a deep look to this bumper acting bumper and more yeah. É claro, it comes with all the hardware. You need to install it and Music, its super strong yeah. I love it very much and also for diamond granite. There is no option for uh for the bumper, and so this one is very interesting, Sim, a big thanks to rtbumper for for doing that, and we cant wait to test to test it on a skatepark in a 2040c style. As i already said, rt dont produce only bumpers, but also rc part in 1775 Alumínio.

This is our techno 1848 and we have uh some interesting upgrade freedom. Isso é uh. The real brace, como você pode ver, is uh very strong and also it looks beautiful and uh is for the real brace yeah. Also we have. This is a supporter for the rear, brace yeah and the top plate for the steering game yeah its very beautiful. Then we have a center brace option, also in 1775 Alumínio. These are super super super strong. Como você pode ver, they are very well made and they look beautiful, so they could be a useful upgrades for for your car, especially if you want to harbashing and, as i already said, arctay produce this aluminum upgrade for a lot of car, so check out uh Their facebook page or contact them for uh, more information and more parts, so thats all folks, uh, a big big, big big thanks to rt bumpers and more and uh, we cant wait uh to test uh. All this part, the bumper and the 1775 aluminium upgrade and uh. We will test them uh very soon, uh in 2014 estilo, so stay tuned and uh follow us on facebook, instagram and youtube. Thanks very much for watching see you soon.