I don’t know i’m, not sure how many there is, but there’s quite a bit there’s a couple more yeah. Oh here comes the tank bringing up the rear that’s right. We got a few yeah there’s a few more coming over there, not not, including the trail going on trailers. Look at all the cars. Can you count all the cars there’s a chevelle, oh chevelle’s, stuck stuck in the bush. We got a couple gatekeeper. We even got a tank now. I hope the tank is not going to shoot the other guys there we go he’s shooting already. We got ourselves, a convoy got two winnebagos Music, nice truck Music. There we got some people up there, Música. We got paul all right i’m in there you’re in there much better. I got to be in every one of your videos: okay and then we have the rest of the convoy coming up. A lot of people showed up, which is nice Music, and we have another trailer like mine, but he’s running the Music he’s riding the el camino. Beside the 64. Music nice track, it’s all dirty, Sim, Isto é, correto, Música, Música. Oh, olhe para isso. We’Ve got some street rods coming here. Oh he’s got a big blower on there. Oh el camino, oh aqui está, the cival. Oh here comes the rig with the tank and darn that’s it. Now i got ta catch up, paul you’re, driving all crooked, oh skateboarders, trying to split the two guys.

Oh he’s got a freaking sound module in there, which gear are you on low gear? Hey we’re getting to the bridge whoa, my 64 is moving here. We have a nice little toyota with very wide axle and tires sticking out now, that’s a beefed up toyota. Oh, eu não tenho, what do we have here? Uh military hummer is that the new body Music, Oh sim, Music cool over here grx4 in front yep in front element here: Music gentleman, trail walker in the back cool and look at that. You even got good proper stickers at the back. There that’s right man it’s an advanced tee with the motor at the back yeah i’ve, seen that on my trail before yes, it’s popular yeah, you should come to the new place. I’Ve been there last time: OKEY, yeah i’m coming again i’m, bringing a buddy too they’re. Coming again cool cool there we go we’re catching up to the winnebago. Novamente, i guess he’s checking his driveshaft again and we have dogs, Música, Direita, Música, OKEY, Música. Oh lá vamos nós, we got a chevelle tonka winnebago going into circles. Além disso, oh, the chevelle did a circle not doing it anymore. Can it catch up to me? I think it can. Oh, eu não tenho, he took a shortcut. Oh lá vamos nós. We got some people at the beach crawling on the rocks and having fun with the logs. The gatekeeper over there trying to get over stuffand we got a crawler here round and round.

We go we’re dizzy, we’re getting dizzy here, oh there’s one! Then hobby watch me get stuck watch you get stuck! OKEY, i’m watching you didn’t get stuck Music. Oh, eu não tenho, we got some guys having fun on the parking lot when in doubt travel out Music yeah. I did hey there’s a black truck pulling a black car there’s, Um 110 hobby thingamajig there’s holly’s call this truck a thingamajig now he’s calling mice rickett thingamajig so which rig is that king holler is that extended or that’s how it comes extended? And what do you got in the back, the sportback 2.0 and the low speed and the one in the rear is a lossy yeah cool Music? Looking good don’t worry i’m, not leaving you, he said, Não se preocupe, Ei! I waited i i i was making a video. I turned around and everybody’s gone. I go darn hurry. You got a video though oh yeah battery swap it’s like doing a gas station right on the side of the road. That’S right gas issue. Wait a minute somebody’s going backwards; that’s just kevin okay, Música! Oh, eu não tenho, look at that he’s throwing people in the chevy a chevy pulling a chevy. I actually look good all black compared to the picture they put up on there we go getting back to the end, been gone. How many hours we’ve been gone now? Isto é, Nada mau. Uh almost an hour, seven yeah, almost an hour, gone to go there and back so that was a nice hike.

Oh, eu não tenho, we got ourselves a tank battle here: Música, a little bit Music that’s. What i’m digging in 14 Libras. I got to watch out what i hit. Oh, eu não tenho, this side’s a little too steep Music Music, too many trucks coming up. I don’t know which way to go Music gcm for the wind Music need a recovery truck Music, Música, Música, hum, Música, OKEY, Isto é, a cool truck. Ei! Do you want to race against my winnebago, your truck versus my winnebago, who do you think is going to win and uh how much you want to bet two dollars? OKEY, where are we gon na? Go up the hill up the hill, but i got a big winnebago. OKEY, we’re gon na go up the hill. Okay on your mark get set, go i got ta go the other way because the hill’s a little steep for me. So i got to go this way: who’s going to get on top first who’s going to get there who’s going to get there first, oh não! I’M stuck! Oh, eu não tenho, oh! I got stuck yeah. I got it up there too, but i think you beat me well. That was a close race. Oh he wants his two dollars now so here’s one dollar and here’s two dollars a gentleman’s bet. There you go two dollars, i lost a bit. I got ta put more juice in my winnebago, então sim.