I don’t know a year or so so anyways guys let’s get right to it. I just want to give this truck a review, actually a two thumbs up review. We took it to the park yesterday check out what it did guys all right, Backflip, Música, right on guys, isso é uh, some pretty awesome clips right. I think we were sending this thing. Eu não sei 60 70 80 feet probably i’d say the top of the jump was at least i don’t know: eight nine, maybe probably about eight nine feet tall. So this is i i’m thinking about a 30 35 pound truck 30 pound truck. I haven’t looked at the specs guys in a while, but won’t you guys come on inside um and let me tell you a few things about the truck that are super awesome and i know i did a review probably about a year ago on this truck. I did a x max review versus the creighton review and really there is no comparison which i did say in the last video, because you know one is plastic for the main part the traxxas thumbs up and then the other one, which is this guy right here, Is it’s it’s got a lot of metal parts, metal chassis, mainly that’s, the big thing, so the metal chassis guys so anyways check out the truck i’ve. Realmente, as you’ve seen sent the truck several times, i don’t drive it easy and since i’ve had it there’s only been a couple of things i broke on the truck, so really the cost of owning this thing, hasn’t been very much.

I think i replaced the front bumper i replaced. I believe it was a rear arm and i broke. I can’t remember now, Eu sou, not exactly sure if i haven’t bent the chassis or not but come on inside let’s, dar uma olhada. Nós vamos, take the cover off and we’ll go from there. So all right guys so sorry about that. My camera must have shut off but anyways the tires don’t balloon that much, but i will tell you what the the wheels i don’t believe. Eu sou. – not quite i’m. Not quite sold on them, so they’re still running there’s they’re not falling off the truck quite yet, but the biggest things that i’m seeing is there’s one right there, as you guys seen in the video i’m actually sending this truck. I do drive this truck. Olhe para isso., that is a serious crack, but the wheels still holding together and then this is actually i’d still consider that a good wheel, so let’s move on ahead to the. What i wanted to point out is this: is the issue i’m? Not sure if you guys can really see that maybe we can zoom in, i know it’s kind of there we go so you see that crack right there in the wheel that crack runs all the way through to this side now. Eu sou., not really sure. If i would go ahead and want to try to warranty something like this, because i abused the heck out of this truck and then i also take care of at the same time so that’s, actually the worst one.

Então, em suma, i give the tires a big thumbs up all right, guys so check it out. So here is my honest opinion on this truck. Now that i’ve had it for a yearand i don’t want to say anything bad about traxxas, because look at that guys, traxxas is probably hands down. One of my favorite rigs to run got the max’s side by side. We got the x maxx up there and i’m, pretty loyal to traxxas and i’m, pretty loyal to creighton, so anyways moving on there’s there’s, a couple of things about each truck that i like to say are better than others and i think that’s, OKEY, então eu sou, going To start off by saying that check this out guys there’s body, look at this oh subscribe, so we got the body we got the wing really. All i want to say about the body is it’s pretty much bulletproof for some reason. The way the truck is designed, the body really doesn’t, take all that much damage and it obviously you can see here it comes with these uh skid skid skid, something like skid plates. I guess you’ll call them skid rails on top of the body, so those actually work super good, and then i just noticed i just just did this at the skate park uh yesterday i’m going to try to fix that up with a zip tie, so it doesn’t Get too out of hand, so you see that crack right there that’s, a pretty nice crack, so anyways body is in super good shape.

After a year, i run the heck out of this truck and it’s see that in the light, looks super nice it’s not painted it’s all stickers, but i mean it’s, not really all that beat up and the x maxx body gets pretty, beat up, not bashing it. So moving on let’s take a look at the truck look at this thing. Guys this thing is a beast right: isn’t it, oh, no, so there’s what we’re gon na start talking about is right there, oh man and right there. You see that oh man, she is bent that’s, OKEY, guys i’ve gotten quite a bit of use out of it. Look at that it’s rubbing. We need to fix that it’s rubbing against the shock. Take that bad boy out and hit her with a hammer, and actually, Eu acho, it’s about time to strip the whole truck down and give her a good old maintenance. It’S been washed with the water hose a few times. So i think it’s about that time. So guys beans is a year old and you guys see how i drive this truck. I don’t really have much to complain about at all um. You know i’m, not quite sure if you guys can see this either, but i think i’m not sure if i bent the chassis and i’m not sure if i bent the um this top, i guess shock tower brace. I don’t know what they call it, but it does look to be a little bit bent and when i first, when i first bought this thing, i was hearing that these had a slight bend in them anyway.

So i’m not i’m, não tenho certeza. If i bent it or notand then oh it’s, so heavy oh it’s, like half of my weight, it’s really hard to see but there’s the butt end um that’s too hard to hold up in the air guys. I don’t think the chassis is bent and really the wing hasn’t bent on the truck um. I did break a ball a shock, a shock rod end on the truck um. When i first got it, i did take the diffs apart and i stuck my own oils in there. I did have to actually get a brand new motor mount and motor they actually, i didn’t have to but horizon hobby prize horizon hobby hashtag verizon hobby subscribe, um sent me um a brand new spectrum motor, a brand new mount and opinion so and then one other Thing um, Sim, i lost the. I don’t know what you’re gon na call. These would be like the hinge pins that go into the top brace um kind of sits yeah like right up here in the front area uh. I lost that yesterday also in the crash. So take a look at the clip guys and let me you tell me if you think the truck is tough enough for you, but anyways guys it’s, definitely worth it, and i do have a 27 tooth pinning on there it’s still stock motor stock. Basicamente, the whole truck is stock, guys and i’m more than happy with it.

You can see the speed in the video it hauls it moves out. I mean it’s doing 50 foot 60 foot doubles flat, landing to flat landing and it’s holding right up. So i know that you can sink another thousand, two thousand three thousand dollars into these trucks and they look super awesome and yeah. Eu gosto deles., i like them a lot, so i can’t help it um but yeah then you’re you’re getting up there. So if you want to buy a truck and you don’t want to have to upgrade the truck, i know you’re going to hear a lot of guys say well, yeah you need a chassis and yeah. You need the motor mount yeah. You need the fist scale. Motor of this and the fist skill motor that well i’m, not that kind of guy so um. I went back completely to stock on my x max, so i could bash it. So i could actually use the truck and not break it. You know extra weight means extra money and parts and breakages that’s all it is it’s extra weight, extra money in breakages and parts so i’m back to stock. Well long story short guys, we’re getting off on a tangent anyways. I won’t actually do nothing to this truck until it breaks, because i have way more fun with it and it cost way less for me, como eu disse assim, um for those that do follow the channel. Just really quick, i’m gon na have a video coming up here on how i have changed up.

My cleaning routine definitely picked up the whole cal rc stuff, so stay tuned for that we’re gon na get this bad boy, nice and clean. Olhe para ele.! É.! Absolutely filthy right now, everything’s super dirty. I did my best to clean it, but it’s still, you know i use it so anyways check this out guys you see that hit there on the side of the jump. The truck took many many. Many many hits like that. Yesterdayand it finally gave upi can’t uhi can’t blame it, so we busted the rear arm or the front lower arm. Look at that i’m. Not sure you see that break right there, guys that is still holding uh. Realmente, the dog bone just popped out because we broke the pin right there. Like i said earlier, we busted the uh, the hinge, pin and we broke the rear arm, and then there was something else: Oh sim, that that wheel crack so uh. Looking over the truck, i can’t really say i got anything bad to say: can’t wait to get back together, can’t wait to get it back together, so yeah definitely definitely go out there and get yourself an army creighton toughest truck in the market, guys all right guys. So when you, when you buy a really big truck like this it’s, going to take a lot of a lot of discharge, it’s a heavy truck it’s, putting a big load on your speed control and your motor and your batteries uh more than anything.

So before we end the video guys, i just want to show you what i’m, using in this truck um. The only reason why i’m running these os is because i’m using these on my xmax speed, rig i’m trying to make 100 well when it gets sunny again. But anyways this is the new sm. This is the smc, the truespec v2 battery, and i actually run these up against my max amps batteries and i really can’t tell a huge difference at all. But uh compare these to a few of the other brands out there and they are definitely um quality that’s. All i want to say is our quality battery i’m, not going to say they don’t put out as much punch or put out more punch than other of the cheaper batteries. But this is a quality battery it’s, going to last you many many years so yeah that’s. How it goes truck is stock guys if you like this video, please don’t forget to leave me a subscribe. Leave me a like leave me a thumbs up, definitely go ahead and leave me a comment. Tell me what you think tell me what you don’t like and if you don’t like it, maybe leave me in the comments why you don’t like it i get. I get a lot of that stuff. Um people say that you’re, crazy and people say that you know i’m just here to have fun i’m just here to share the hobby.

I got a passion for these cars and trucks, and i don’t have no boats yet, but maybe maybe i’ll be next. Maybe that will be the next video but anyways guys. Please leave me a like a subscribe thumbs up and i will talk to you guys later check it out a couple more clips of this almighty creighton 8s. So far so far, so good it’s, pretty soft Music wow all right guys.