I mean another rc uh video right here uh. This is a new rc that one of my family members got uh for christmas, uh, really nice uh, Carro, um and uh. What is this uh car? This is the arma typhoon 6s arma typhoon 6s 6s. What does uh six sales? Não, no. I mean uh, 3s, 3s, OKEY. Então três! Sim, Direita, three means for the cells, bem e um. So really nice rc were gon na test. It out right right now, uh. This is the first time and uh one of the things that we um we encounter um when we open this uh package right is that it didnt came with the uh this adapter uh. Can you unplug it? So we can see the uh, the adapter yeah, of course right because um most rcs uh now and they um now when they make them right. When you open them um you, you can connect the battery to the rc so um, and then you struggle because youre like okay, what adapter do i need right so for this model for this rc, this is the uh. This is the adapter that uh that you need so um its hard to see, but right here on the on this end of this uh, this connection, it says i see lets see. Let me see um hard to get it but uh. It says i c5 ic5 on this on this end and then on this other end it says ic3.

So this is the ic3 connector and this is the ic5 connector and the reason is because uh on the battery right here in the battery, this is a ic lets, see ic3, so ic3 is smaller and then you have here on the rc ic5. So this is bigger, Então, OKEY, can you show me um um, that it wont plug in uh on the yeah, É claro, in the car? So right here, como você pode ver, uh there is a big difference, uh that this one is ten times bigger than this. One uh we sort of had a problem with uh, you know batteries, so we need an adapter and and so try to plug it in uh like uh right here you see yeah. Let me see you cant, you know you cant, OKEY, further, okay lets see yeah. So so right there see, you can see it that is loose right, OKEY, de modo que é, why you need to go uh from this size go to a bigger size, so it can fit right here, Direita, OKEY, so here um try to plug it in the adapter. Here you go you plug it in nice, okay and right here, the bigger size right and fits in perfectly okay, tudo bem, então sim. So this is how it looks right once you plug in the uh, the the adapter um, Está bem, so um um. I dont know why uh some manufacturersthey are doing this um.

You know they should include this adapter too right that way, you can just open your package, especially in christmas. You just want to open your package and just play right. You know you dont want to be okay, trying to figure out okay. What else you needand you know the rc car sitting on on the shelf or on the floor right um all right so were gon na hes gon na youre gon na put everything uh together yeah, so we can see the body and were gon na give You some uh some videos of how this rc uh performs all right, Música agora, its very cloudy and um thats for sure yeah. It looks like its going to rain, so hopefully it doesnt rain and uh right now, Isto é. por que? Se, if this video, the footage looks a little bit uh uh, not too clear, uh its because of the weather, its kind of its kind of cloudy, it is cloudy and kind of windy, cold too nice that it has uh some some clips, yeah cause uh with My other rc, i have many problems with uh losing the clips yeah yeah. So these clips have like a little rope. Yeah that way you dont lose them all right. Let me pull back a little bit from so you can see the full picture, Está bem, Music right there, Muito bom, OKEY, so now lets uh. Take some uh videos.