I love how this thing looks and we had a couple issues with it right out of the box: nothing keeping you from buying this, but a lot of people said they. If you get those issues fixed, then jump back front in front of the camera and show us what you did so over on the rc sailors shorts channel i’m, going to show you exactly how i fixed the lights on here, but it was an extremely easy fix. The issue was the tail light was not working, but i got that working no problem, so we’ll have the rc sailor shorts channel, linked in the description box below send that shorts channel a little bit of love and you can see how easily we got the lights Up and running all at once, just the way it’s supposed to go didn’t have to spend a single penny to fix that either before we drive this awesome truck, i want to thank today’s sponsor leading edge, severe clear. This is an energy supplement designed by a full scale pilot to help. All of us have a better mental focus, it’s perfect for the rc hobby. I use the focus gain from this to fix my rc truck, if you’re interested in some for yourself we’ll have it linked in the description box below and with an exclusive rc sailor promo code, you can save 15 let’s try Music today we’re going to drive this Again with the upgraded lipo battery, Porque, if you remember the included nickel metal hydride battery only ran for a few minutes, so we’re going to try to get an actual good run time and in all this snow, Eu sou.

Not so sure how it’s going to do because it’s actually pretty thick deep and hard snow to drive through even our big basher, had issues earlier so let’s get this thing powered on show you guys how it looks with all the lights running finally, and have some Fun, this is a seriously awesome crawly. Sim, all the lights are working and it looks good look at that tail light yeah. Nwo, if you guys missed it, look i’m backing up here because look through the back of the truck see those cantilever shocks in there. They are amazing if you want to see a closer shot of those just check out the first video but we’re going to drive this. We found a new hill to drive on let’s head down the hill and then we’ll see if we can get back up this hill. Olhe para isso.. This is epic, now it’s a little bit thick. The brush is just a little thick, but i think that’s going to make for some fun challenging spots. Here we go doesn’t, this truck just look sweet. Obviously downhill is usually not that big of an issue but we’re running our lipo. Now and all the lights are working now i mean you can run a nickel metal hydride. There are people out there that love nickel metals. Not so much me, though i like my lipos, you see what i’m dealing with here. There are crazy little branches of small saplings posing a huge hazard there.

We go that’s a funny route. Look at that look at that. Look at the flex, see the back. Can you see that it’s crazy? That looks good it’s awesome? This would probably be a great rock crawler. Has a really nice clearance kind of turning out to be one of my favorite crawlers made it down the hill. No problem let’s go back up the hill in a completely different spot right up here, hugging this tree gon na make it. This is really thick stuff, not really great for crawling at all. That vine is gon na get tangled up Music, even through those leaves it’s making it. Let me call it the crusher for nothing. Wow Applause i’m, pretty impressed. I keep getting stuck on those little twigs. They don’t they’re, not very forgiving. They just got ta think there. We go there, we go a little mud on the tires and we made it up the hill. Não há problema. Can we get through this now let’s see it’s pretty rough snow. I told you guys. Music really got ta throttle up and power through it, but it doesn’t all right, let’s pass the controls see if abby can make it down the hill and back up okay abby’s at the controls of the crusher. She said she’s going to pick a different spot flying down the hill. Não há problema, i mean look at this she’s. She picked a golf course. Grass quality side made it down the hill, nenhum problema em tudo, and she did pick the easy side.

I think there we go Music, just climbing right up the hill nothing’s, stopping it there’s abby and a little snow, nada, nothing in its way back down the hill can drive sideways up pretty good too. The weight distribution on this truck is great. They put all the electronics up front, including the battery yeah nicely done: i’m winded it’s a good looking truck Music. So one thing that i’m really impressed with right now with this truck is the run time because i’m running a crappy old, lipo battery and uh. I just wanted to see if this old battery had any value left and clearly it does because for crawlers it’s good. Então, even though it’s like an off brand thing that came with a ready to run cheap vehicle Music um, the battery is doing good i’m impressed. What is it like? UMA 2600 miliamesp é, almost nothing and it’s, just it feels light as a feather too, but it’s doing a good job in this truck. I brought a second lipo with me because i thought this would only last like five minutes, so good news. I gained a crawler battery today. I like this little pit right here: it’s a cool spot you’re just going to town with this thing here, get it in here a little closer: oh não, oh Música! The body lifted up yeah it’s, starting to rain. Oh não, louco! Horrible weather we’ve had look at it though it’s powering through this is a nasty hill.

Oh no there you go. Oh, eu não tenho, oh, OKEY, Bom, Bom, Bom, Bom, Isto é, some that’s, some rough snow. There i told you, i told you this snow was bad. Lá. You got to climb up that side, bring it around good idea, full throttle to power through it, but it’s working. Oh, realmente, OKEY, look at this thing guys! This is just such a sweet truck. We better get out of this ring going around again she’s trying to get hung up, so she can walk down that hill and go get it walk down the hill and get it all right. Nice good job! Well guys as the rain comes down. I like this truck about 10 times more than i originally did just knowing that it really didn’t have any major issues out of the box. The lights were as simple as i think the receiver just had a you know what we’re gon na, let you know over on the shorts channel. What was wrong with the lights? It was a simple fix, Embora, quick enough that we can address it in a minute shorts, video well at the end of the first video even with and actually did have kind of a bad battery. With that battery issue, i still said it was well worth your money and i stand by that, especially now after we’ve resolved those two small issues, so we’ll have a link in the description box below if you’re a crawling fan, you like your axials, you got a Traxxas trx, this belongs in your collection.

Rgt has been making a great name for themselves and this is kind of a unique vehicle. I’Ll bet you if you showed up at a crawling event in 2021, that a lot of your friends, probably wouldn’t, have seen this before. Although a lot of people do watch our videos nowadays, so maybe they would have seen it, but they probably don’t own one. So this is going to be a unique one, to add to the collection guys for getting out here and having some fun today, even though it’s extremely cold a little muddy. Acho que o grandalhão lá em cima., i also say a massive thank you to all of our patreon supporters, because we could not do our channel without you guys and thanks for the feedback to everybody that wanted to see a follow up on this. Because of you guys. We got this back out in front of the camera to do another.