Eu quero começar a fazer algo lá fora mais, so i am going to buy myself an electric skateboard i’ve been waiting for the industry to develop, to a to a point at which i personally find it interesting, taking a sip of coffee. So long story short, a couple of my rc’s have to go in in order to fund a skateboard project. So these three are the three that i’ve chosen um and i’m gon na put it to you, my loyal subscribers on youtube um. If you are interested in any one of these rc’sand i am going to do an overview of each one of them now, if you are interested in either a axial 8s actual yeti, xl or a vanquish vs410 or a standard uh not standard at all, but An axial yeti, 1 10th um custom build from unrooted rc. Please drop a note in the comments section below um and genuinely leave me an email or something, and i will email you back or or a number, and i will and i will sms you back and we can chat it through um. These three chucks will go on ebay at some point this week, então eu sou, leaving it up to you guys for 24 hours or so before they go on ebay, for you guys to decide whether you want to consider owning one of these bad boys, Então, firstly, the Axial yeti, como você pode ver, these are aftermarket licensed wheel and tires rock crusher uh wheels with dick what’s his name.

Dick cpec uh uh wheels they’re super lightweight. I wanted proper beads, but super lightweight bead locks, which is why i went with that. One um we’ve got a proline little bar in the front and a very nice gearheads. This is super rare gear heads um, light bar and roof rack at the top um. In the front end, we are running on all four corners: the stock shock bodies, but with the aluminium upper and lower um machined shock caps and spring retainers um from oh what’s, the name of the guy he’s, a guy who does a load of cool machining parts. I forget his name, i must remember them and then we’ve got um, some really nice um sea hubs and steering arms. Estes, eu acredito, are, Eu acho, they’re axial, i think they’re from axial um. We are running the um aftermarket a arms, Oh, eu sou, not doing very well from rpm and a gpm um rear, gpm, lower um. I guess i don’t know some kind of scratch plate whatever this is um actually a bit that needs to be replaced in a stock. One because the original one was made out of i don’t know cake or something i did the carbon fiber myself here and on there, and it is the the body itself i’ve just chopped at the back, it’s it’s got a green military coating and the rear end. We are running all hot racing um. I don’t know what these things are called the bits on the end of the axle and uh and a brace across the middle of the axle um again the uprated shocks, the axial uprated upper links and hot racing, lower links, uh hot racing drive shaft, and then There is quite a bit of magic that goes on underneath pro line body posts, proline body posts.

He says goodness me trying to go through everything: hot racing front shock tower um, a gpm top uh chassis plate, um running a big uh 40 kilogram, um servo in there. That is yes, that is a max 5 squeezed in with a full spectrum, with a huge spectrum, 8s capable motor. All of the gears inside the gearbox are all hd gears and hd hd drive sharp driveline throughout hot racing, Traseira, sway bar a custom Music, actually it’s. A hot racing, alloy brace in here with a custom bit of carbon fiber for extra rigidity and a hot racing brace at the top here, and some gpm braces on the top of the um shock mounts there. So it is, it is bulletproof. It will come with the original box it’s, basically as new. I have run it in the garden once as you can see, há, not a scratch on it, basically always tell at the bottom here if they’ve been run, um so that’s, basically as new guys, and that will go on ebay this week or if you want to Make me a a a a fair offer, hum, and i mean it has to be fair. I don’t want anyone wasting my time. Please um, let me know um, i will do the other two cars in separate videos so hang on.