This is super car, but not real. Super carro, rc carro, muito realista, rc car lets unbox it and locate it closer Music, foreign Music. This is one twelve scale rc car. This is very good quality box Music. You can see the license pack on the box, this type of bugs hard to open, but its give me a soft feeling lets look inside the box quickly manual usb charger Music, 7.4 Volts 900 milliamps rechargeable light ion battery script, driver remit, control remit control ring license Replica of mclaren 765 lt, now quick, look at the features of it. Ele tem 2.4 gigahertz transmitter with a remote control distance up to 50 Metros. I tested range about 50 Metros. Still i didnt lose any signal. Music detachable. Turning gain can be placed left and right. The remote controller needs two a size batteries. Turtle is proportional. Let me show it Applause Music, but the string turns completely left or right, Music and its string settings not on the remote controller Music. If i have time, i will upgrade it with the servo in the feature it has led lights, Música. It has adjustable spoiler and basic shock absorbers. Its top speed is 12 quilômetro por hora, but i think its faster, my colleague hasnt control, it it crashed two times, but it wasnt damaged. 7.4 Volts, 900 milliamps battery is not toy grade. I charged the battery to 94 percent and i played 10 minutes and then i checked the battery capacity again and it was still 92 percent Music.

It has the tilt interior and exterior. The most important feature is that it is as detailed as an expensive die cast model Music, also its very good gift idea for my son.