We are doing an unboxing video because last time card came didnt steer one way so lets see if its going to steer this time. Literally, i have a whole other video of me unboxing, this exact same rc, Carro, literally screwdriver and charger in here. OKEY, i cannot show you guys on camera me trying to take not the sharpest knife Music. Oh não, i broke the blade, but hopefully dont breathe the blade. You can tell this car isnt setting warmer because look broke off. Does it try stay up there? We dont need you right. Now we got a bigger one. This isnt even a flux. Não, não., you know of that. Em primeiro lugar, ele diz: cut the cable tire before use fully charge the battery and connect it before you use. OKEY, im just gon na cut this off, never cut yours towards yourself im a pro been sitting. One more piece of treasure is breaking left all right. Oh the video. If you want to know where i got this rc car or you can see that theres a little slot right here, usually you get to like this battery connection and stuff. I know that you can take all these off, because i took this off last night to see okay now we its a pretty good size, pretty good size suspension, though literally look at this controller screwdriver and a battery charger literally yeah like and subscribe. If you arent, Há 84 of you guys not subscribed, see it its, not the fanciest controller, this thing comes off: yeah theres, so many screws in the back to hold this off yeah on and off, and it comes batteries inside yeah.

Eu gosto disso., Embora, but its like a full turn or no turn see, got a packet and a book its gon na come with a charger batteries and a screwdriver see charger battery little screwdriver guys there. If you guys still dont believe me that ive already got one of these, this is why you dont put another on. I want to cut those, though that just makes that look ugly, but i mean from the front, though it doesnt look that bad. Oh, eu não tenho, the battery is huge. Sua 30 minutes run time 10 milhas por hora, though i cannot stand that its a its a crawler but its a buggy, so they should have speed, and if this doesnt turn up im not getting another car from walmart. Bem, Embora, the batterys in real quick Music and its called a blaze buggy by adventure force or something like that, yeah adventure course. Estes são 1.93 times four point: Sete: OKEY, its full speed, no speed backwards, just like turning okay, well set this to the side and ill be back when the battery is charged. Batteries fully charged now lets get in the car and its a 7.4 Volts. It snaps in there like any other walmart car, would i these are all except yo youtube. Eu., my phone Music Music, hey its not funny and its not scary, either together now lets go drive. It first were actually the shock. Absorbance guys lets see how it drives.