BEST RC PLANE 2021! E-flite DRACO 2.0m REVIEW (Maiden Flight)

Coming up four three: two: look: how slow im bringing it in look at that? Oh, i wasnt even gon na do the approach, but i did it anyway. The e flight draco two meter is a stunning rc plane with loads of features and some you may not have heard of we covered all […]

How Long Do Modern Day RC Car Batteries Last? | IMPROVED Power Systems and Batteries

Put a link in the description below, but today were gon na. Do something really cool something ive been wanting to do for a very, very long time and thats were gon na, were gon na see how long a battery will go. Distance wise, like how many miles it will go. Um i get […]

The BEST CHEAP RC CAR We've Reviewed All Year! ZD Racing DBX-07

So, stick around to the end to hear our pros and cons full review of the zd racing dbx07 coming up, welcome back and if you enjoy watching the latest and greatest rc products be sure to like subscribe and comment below what rc you would like to see On the channel next now i […]

Eachine Airloader 1280mm 4s Flight & Mod Review RC Bush Plane

What do you think the eyeballs look good dont they lets get in the sky. This is now on full cell 2200 lets get in the sky. Music were up yeah. We flying not too bad yeah, i think mckay, my kvs not quite right. I think i need a bigger prop flying pretty good, […]

EACHINE EAT14! Unboxing & Review with 3s Lipo test!!

I have not seen you guys in like a couple of weeks, but im back baby today were gon na, be taking a look at the brand new eachine e14. So, as a lot of you guys know, my plan on youtube is to become full time and if you did not see my post […]

Build Your Own RC Car at The Island in Pigeon Forge, TN (RideMakerz Review)

Ride makers show them what you just made. Ta da we got to custom pick the body the wheels, the rims its a remote control car right here, so he was able to build it. This thing lights up its amazing, so stay tuned were going to show you in this video. What ride makers […]

2021 Lexus RC F Fuji Speedway Edition Review

This is in the fuji edition Music, the current generation of the rcf debuted in 2014 uh. This is the first generation of the car and it hasnt seen a whole lot of change this year. It gets a couple of upgrades, including some standard features like blind spot monitoring and android auto that are […]

RC High Speed 😄🤪 Offroad Car | Remote Control Car | RC Car

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Power Craze Safari Racer 1:24 Scale 2.4GHz Fully Proportional RC Truck RTRJust $20 from Costco!

Sometimes i see so intriguing that without thinking much i buy it and that happened recently at a costco store. So i was there for buying something else and, interestingly holiday shopping starts. So early in september, in costco, so there were a lot of toys and one of them was this one. It is […]

Top 5 Best Rc Drift Cars Review in 2021

To help you make a well informed decision here are the best rc drift cars of the year number one most popular liberty imports super fast, rc drift cars. The liberty drift car is well renowned for its drifting prowess. It is comfortably one of the best 1 16 rc drift cars. The 1 16 […]

New Hexbug Hexmods RC Tuner Cars Pro Series Elite Raceway Review

Do a time lapse, video of us putting it all together. Watch this work really fast, all right: Music, Applause, Music, Music! Do Music, Music do Music, hey everybody, so now were done building it. We um took it from being a real rear, wheel, drive and made it a front wheel, drive. We also […]

Best RC Trucks for Beginners Buying GuideTop 5 Review [2021]

This video features our picks for the top 5 rc trucks number one most popular arma rc monster truck arma granite voltage mega srs is a 110 scale. Rc truck it is also available in two other color options of red and black in red and blue arma granite voltage. Mega rc monster truck is […]