Wow. Music Music is Music. I Música, Olá, everyone it’s me mathew, and now i welcome you here in my little rc garage. Thank you for being here and watching. This is the tamiya cc01 chassis, with a longer only conversion from 3d rep and, como você pode ver, i have installed a monster beetle body on it. I already have a video of the complete rebuild of this cc01 longaroni conversion. You can find the link in the video description Music, but now i want to show you some modifications i made to this longaroni chassis Music. Primeiro, como você pode ver, i installed longer shocks. These dampers are from mst and originally come with the cfxw chassis because of the length and softness of these dampers. The front suspension is now much smoother here. You can see it compared to the stock cc01 dampers that’s one advantage of this longer. Only conversion there are more points to screw on the dampers, also at the rear. I use the same dampers, but with a bit softer springs, and these new dampers allows more articulation of the suspension here. You can see the rear, mounting positions for the dampers overall. This new damper setup gives a better response and articulation as the stock cc01 dampers. Como você pode ver aqui, i have installed a high torque steering servo from power. Hd also, i use a longer servo horn, but the steering geometry is still not as it should be. You can see that the outer wheel still turns more than the inner wheel, but it should be exactly opposite.

I think this is because the position of this airway is in front of the axle and not centered, but on the trails. This is not a big disadvantage when you drive the car, it turns well and it’s, not a problem to steer it precisely. The next modification i’ve done is this battery tray. Originalmente, the battery should be installed here in front of the chassis, but in my opinion there is too much white on front and nearly nothing at the rear. I know the advantage of a front wide setup, but i think this is too much so with this tray. I can move the battery more backwards, and so the white distribution is more balanced by the way the rims and tires i used are also from mst. These are the rear body posts that are bolted to the chassis here, and here you can see the post in front, which i screw it on to the frame of the chassis.