It’S a remote control vehicle it’s got really high ground clearance, Eu sou, not sure how fast it goes, but it’s designed to crawl over things. They suggest eight age, eight and above uh came in a in a cardboard box with some bubble packaging. On top that only took it. I think i ordered it from amazon and it arrived in like one or two days is all so. Let me get it out of the box okay, so i took it out of the shipping box and it was taped on each side with some tape. Um there’s some information about the uh, the device, some warning labels, pretty standard stuff, hum, Diz: é. A sturdy structure for off road strong tires shock, Absorvedores, led lights and 2.4. Gigahertz is the band that it runs on there’s another picture of the box. From the other side, let’s see what’s in it it’s a pretty pretty standard styrofoam packaging. I can get that out with one one hand: não. OKEY, hang on just a second and i’ll, get it out all right, so uh it was pretty tight. Styrofoam uh well packaged uh in the in the box, and you can see see the tires already so let’s see take the uh styrofoam, oh flip it over and and there’s the uh there’s the rig. Eu notei – and this is odd, but there are two small screws loose inside the styrofoam packaging, então eu sou, not sure if that’s supposed to be like that, i would doubt it uh, but once i get the vehicle out of the box, i’ll be able to see If those screws actually go somewhere if they fell out of something so let’s see, let’s get to get it out of there.

So it’s uh it’s, pretty pretty good size. I use my hand for reference, so it’s a it’s, a it’s a little bit bigger than my hand. Um definitely has high clearance. It looks like it would do a good job of crawling over rocks and things is that a functional spare tire uh, no it’s just fake and looks like on the bottom, pretty standard on off switch and battery uh compartment. It does have pretty good shocks there. They are metal and sort of hydraulic feeling, springy, especially the front ones, they’re really springy the whole thing. The bounce is pretty good and then let’s see what else is in here. That uh looks like the battery and uh the charging cable and a little screwdriver and instructions, and then the uh, the actual remote itself, uh é, not very heavy, pretty light plastic looks like it’s got a wheel for steering and standard trigger, um throttle, and it looks Like what is that is that on all yeah that’s, just on off uh, pretty bare bones in terms of the um remote doesn’t have much other than steering and throttle forward and backwards i’m guessing so all right! Bem, what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na get the batteries all charged up and uh i’ll come back and continue this once i uh once i get the batteries charged up, i also notice there’s another screw so there’s, three there’s, actually three small screws in Here, Eu sou, not sure what that’s about i’ll i’ll explore that investigate that and see what that’s about and i’ll let you know when i come back all right, we’ll see in a bit the batteries are all charged up.

Now it didn’t take very long to charge them. Um, Eu acho, maybe an hour or so both of them charged up so we’re, going to see how well this thing runs if it’s very fast or how how it works. So here we go that’s, not real fast, but it moves right along doesn’t. Look like the grass is affecting it much it bounces a lot doesn’t it let’s see. If we can get it to go over something see, we can get it to go over this this stuff. Aqui, oh olhar para isso. Não há problema, Música. There it goes oh hi, centered, Música. There we go needed a little bit of assistance, Música, independent motors. It has a separate motor for both the front and the rear axle. So if one were to get stuck, oh look at that it doesn’t uh. It can still still drive Music really fast. Um racing type is more of a it’s like a four by four um. I wish i had some rocky areas you could try it on, but in it’s stuttering, but in watching it uh go right up over you. Don’T know why it’s cutting like that see how it’s stuttering, hum, maybe the battery’s already running low. Let me go ahead and pause it yeah. OKEY, so i figured out what was wrong, why it was stuttering, the batteries that i had in the remote control, weren’t fresh batteries, hum, and so it was losing connection between the remote control and the car.

So you got to make sure that you have brand new fresh batteries for the remote control. Caso contrário, it’ll it’ll have some problems, but i think just climbs right over stuff doesn’t. It please don’t run me over let’s, see how uh let’s see how good um a young young guy here can do it here. You go bud. Take the remote all right, let’s see how he drives. Oh you’re gon na put it up on the other side. Primeiro, this is our official tester brendan. There you go there, it goes. Is it brendan, approved and out of sight, Está bem? OKEY, go get the remote let’s head back this other way. OKEY, let’s go buddy, he’s gon na run himself over no he’s. Actually gon na run me over looks like it’s drifting, a little bit to the right. OKEY, so whoa right over the edge of the bank, ele uh. It appears to uh to run pretty good and i’m, not sure how much battery time we’ll get out of it. But we’re gon na go ahead and run it around for a bit and we’ll run the battery completely dead and i’ll come back and let you know how much uh, how long it runs on a set of batteries. Ei pessoal. So i want to do an update to my video on the de 45 rock crawler from uh drc uh last time. We i ran it in the um in the grass, but we actually went camping this weekend and we’re in an area where there’s a lot of rocks and sand and whatnot and my son, my uh two year old son, is running this thing all over the place And it is climbing over rocks and all kinds of stuff like crazy.

You know it gets stuck in the sand pack. It up now go forward Music, almost back up, é, apenas é, just digging digging in there run it towards the rocks. I wan na i wan na. Do i wan na show it on the rocks hold on brendan? Oh, eu não tenho, oh, oh, ele é, gon na make it he made it good job. Buddy future four wheel driver right there that way. Now watch this thing go over these rocks. Bem, you’re missing. Bem, stop stop let’s turn it around. Oh there you go back it up, keep going watch this thing if you can get it to the rocks. Keep going okay now go forward forward forward. OKEY, não, OKEY, i’m gon na have to trim it hang on just a second guys. Daddy i’ll tell you when okay go ahead forward forward, buddy forwards! Okay watch this! Oh bem, not that big rock now it’s going the other direction i’m going to trim it back to to the right note forwards forward, estamos, Ainda, learning forwards and backwards. OKEY, here we go keep going, keep going! Olhe para isso.! Oh bem, when you oh look at that, this thing is cool. Keep going holy, smokes look at that wow. Now i want to show you this stuff. This is some pretty freaking rough terrain right here and that thing climbed over right over the did. You hurt yourself buddy this that thing climbed right over these rocks, like they weren’t even hardly there.

I mean the thing flipped over and then righted itself and kept going pretty mad yeah that’s too big of a rock i didn’t realize it was hold on. But if you put it put it up on that one or yeah yeah, i don’t think it’ll be able to get up that one go, but he should be able to climb here. Oh wrong way. Let him let him go forward. Stop it! Stop it! Bem, Isto é. Our fault for having it close to the water forward brendan forward forward. OKEY, he doesn’t, understand, take the remote away from him because he’s he’s he it’s it. I mean he’s, two years old, he did. You did fine buddy for two years old buddy. You did fine it’ll just be a few years to get you your license. Está bem, let’s see if this thing can make it up there. I don’t well it’s trying i i think that rock is just too slanted and high it’s. Turning now to the left, Sim, é sim. I see that okay, hang on i’ll trim it again. OKEY, take take three, Eu acho, take two take three let’s see if we can get up this yeah, starting in that crevice you’re not going to be i’ll. Put it where your foot is see if it’ll, if it can climb with that yeah, i think they’re just too big going uphill, Oh sim, that guy it dives into it. Uh put it up over here, Embora.

Let’S see go up around that stuff up to try to get it up to the right there yeah, oh, i said up to the right, not off the off the cliff. You just killed everybody inside it’s stuck all right, vamos, Ver! OKEY, you don’t know how to steer. Aparentemente, no, i don’t turn the thing turn the steering wheel forward to the right. It goes right turn it back towards you. It goes left there. You go well it’s, olhar para isso. It flips all the way over so i’m fairly impressed. I mean this is really rough terrain. I mean some of these rocks are taller than the than the truck and it’s it’s going over a lot of them. Quero dizer, isso é que é, muito louco, so the name of it is rock crawler, and this officially proves that it is indeed a rock crawler anyways.