So eric and james comments, so heckle will join me today for the review of the new diatom rc fpv car, and i think it should be. You know like done by two people right, because i mean just flying around flying around driving around yeah no were gon na have a proper way. Something yeah were gon na have a proper race. So you know we need to set up dominance. geralmente. Im excited to unpack it, but there is a couple of things on this box. That kind of get me really confused. So i would like to read some of the best ones. Oh yes yeah. Let me start the first person view desktop racing car start immersive driving experience started um. Here we go theres a height power motor. In there oh yeah, there is a high power, its not high power, its height, its height power motor motor, not motor, oh, Sua. A motor yeah, its another motor, its a motor so thats thats nice and also it has 30 degree smaller turning radius smaller than what then 30 degrees by 30 Graus. Then not yes, Sua 1 Para 76 of what well 1 Para 76 percent is like its really small, and the original is only 76 Por cento. Sim, so our first tip is diatom. Please get someone who will like look at those things, so this thing comes in six colors which are beautiful. Would you like to say which colors are coming in? Is it coming in all the colors? Bem, no im, just you know what im just showing you its just crazy.

OKEY, talking is your domain. OKEY, so it comes in red, Amarelo, rosa, verde, blue and black or grayish. I dont know we got blue. I think yeah, blue and pink. Então, É claro, thing comes to me for some reason she doesnt want to pink. It looks cute look at this, its like cute, the cutest thing on the planet earth, so its one to 76 percent yeah thats. Obviamente, true those rc cars come in two types: fpv and non fpv and are equipped with the controller. So you can raise them out of the box. You can purchase the car only as by itself or use different controller with it, because this is the one that they add just to the kit. The differences between the fpv and non fpv are actually listed in the box, so the non fpv version can raise up to 60 minutes and the fpv version to 20. The capacity of the battery on non fpv is 1100 milliamps on fpv 1400 and weight of the non fpv is 19 Gramas, while the fpv is 24 Gramas, so i dont know i dont feel the difference not much Music, its cute. Eu, like it yeah its so cute and stuff thats cute. I like it actually do they come like charged Music with charge. Is it oh and also in the box, you get like a separate. I dont know like top of it. If you want it to be white, that would be good for you yeah and a little kind of keychain, so thats cute thats.

All that was in the box since they are charging lets. Give you a little bit more of an overview when it goes to those little cutie cutie cars uh, so the fpd camera only has four channels and is able to work on 25 miliwatts. Absolutely not any one of us would use more than that. I mean we dont need that, and then it goes to the specs of this. I think we can kind of skip it, because this is an fpv channel, so were gon na focus on fpv stuff, e agora. This is how i guess its gon na go. Bem. Hello there, your favorite friend lexi from the future here now i do have to say that from this point in the video it kind of went downhill and i will explain everything in a father, video and yeah. I hope you will enjoy grab some popcorn. I cannot go backwards, mine im being eaten by cats Music. What is this seoul city, but this is constantly thinking and this one is here or not. Yeah my mind is not working thats, Realmente, not always working. When i want it to go backwards. I have to go fast actually to make it work. Can you make it quick? Can i have to see something here, Música, hum, Música, so the camera is making stuff. Look like our floor. Is blue no mines, blinking Music, no im, não música, Música, dont kill it. Its only working yes, Música, ele diria, Embora, if you can just use one at once: Música, but im still blue this thing, overpowers Music.

What do you think lucky? Do you like it? Music there put the q33 and the transmitter close together. You cannot get closer than that, so were doing it turn on the cue 33 yeah and hold the on off button at the bottom of the q 33 for more than three seconds and ldl flash adjusted release the button and turn on the remote control. OKEY. So since we cannot make the other one work, this is a cut video now pilot tested, cut, approved the cats closed, the door Music. I dont know about you but im disappointed me sad yeah. Bem, não funcionou. So the second one did not this one worked. So we didnt have the full experience when it comes to fpv, sim, isso é. True the cats liked it, though yeah the cats like it. So if you have a catand you want to play with them with like random small things that that works, so pilots tested cats approved im, not sure how long it will last like its still fine, they had it in their mouth and they were attacking it. Its still fine everything yeah its nice, Eu não, know im disappointed that it doesnt work thats the thing: what do you think lucky yeah? Bem, actually this one didnt work at all like it didnt try. They actually did work yeah and on this one, the yeah the backwards driving only worked every third time. Maybe so you were clicking clicking clicking and some sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didnt so yeah yeah, Sim, sim., so its a mess lucky.

What do you think there? You can have it Music so its gone now so uh yeah, thanks guys very much for watching this um yeah, this uh little failure its just weird. It is what it is so yeah. Thank you guys very much for watching. I hope you enjoyed and if you did enjoyed the cats or something like this, then dont forget to leave this video a thumbs up to help us make our group happy and dont forget to subscribe for more fpv related, actually stuff. Unlike this, and thank you very much heiko for joining us for todays video im, really glad that you did and then you failed, so this didnt work my mind was driving. He was driving yeah mine was not running its sad im still sad anyway.