Finalmente, for some action on the port royal raceway and see if it lives up to its name super. Is it super? I dont know were gon na find out in a moment, so when tamiya announced that they were releasing a new chassis or new buggy, the super avante td4 people were very opinionated before they even got their hands on one, and i guess so was i um. You know peoples, opinions ranged from one end of the spectrum, all the way to the other they hated it, they loved it. Some people were kind of like on the fence about this. You know some people despised it just because it had the name of vonte. Não, não.. Understand why tamiya would do that? Some people, like the body other peoples, hated the body. Some people liked the paint scheme. Some people hated the paint scheme on here so very opinionated on all the facebook groups, um the youtube comments and um. You know on all the online forums. Desnecessário dizer, you know i kind of was impartial like i was. I was on the fence and um. You know i see where tamiya was coming from with this, and you know i was intrigued, uh not so much about the looks but about you know the build the build quality and um just the chassis itself, and because of that, i wanted to get my hands On one, i wanted to see what it was all about and im glad i did, because i really enjoyed the build its its a quality, build a couple of things i really liked about.

It was that you know its all hex hardware on here uh. The plastics are much better grade its something like new and fresh um. Eu, like the inboard, lay down shocks, um that are underneath the body over here um the fact that it came with a ball diff. You know you can get the optional slipper clutch and theres a whole bunch of after market hop up parts that tamiya put out when they release this so thats. Everything that i discussed in my video when i built this i didnt do a build series. I did a build overview, just sharing what i liked. What i found interesting and just gave everybody some tips um. You know to help them out when its time for them to build their td4. Por isso, Vídeo, Embora, were gon na get it on the port royal raceway, which you know we already did get some awesome action footage and then come right back here and im gon na review, how it went out there as far as uh driving it and how It handled out there and so forth now something youre going to notice in this video. We have a couple new camera angles were going to be experimenting out there a little bit. I did a little aerial footage. I also uh got a camera mounted on the back over here, so thats going to be pretty cool, so you know just to kind of mix it up and play around and do things a little differently also.

You could obviously see that i did not go box. Arti was one of those people who, like i just said, aesthetically wasnt, really into the td4 and didnt, really particularly care for the box art so um. I i opted to go with like a trf scheme, not the actual colors that you see like maybe back here on my avante, the pink and the blue. I uh, you know i went with like the avante colors, the yellow and the blue, and i actually had a gentleman by the name of larry from custom, Rc, graphics paint. Isso até. I came across his work on instagram. He is awesome and so uh right as soon as i finished building my super avante, i shipped the body off to him, told him uh what i wanted and bam looks pretty cool so much so i didnt even put any stickers on here, because i just loved The paint scheme so much and how it came out um. Bem, i put some stickers on here. Yeah ill probably put some stickers on here eventually, but for right now, im just enjoying it, as is. I also dont have the actual wheels on here that came with it. These are from jc racing. I believe um theyre from overseas over in the uk, um ill put the little icon up here and, and you know the actual name on the bottom um and something else you know out there is that you know usually im a big fan of running goosebump uh J concept goose pump tires, especially for four wheel, drive vehicles on the front and on the rear.

I just ran the stock tires out there and you know anything else, uh. Não, i think thats about it. So all right lets get to the action footage already. Bem, Música, hey Applause, Música, Música. I mean Music, Aplausos, Música, Aplausos, Música, Ei, Música, Música, Música, de modo que é, some pretty cool action. Footage and i love the new camera angles very, muito legal. Nwo, before i get into reviewing how it ran out there. I just want to share what hop ups i have in here because earlier in the video i did say that i have a couple hop ups in here three, to be precise, and in case you didnt see my earlier td4 video that i put out a few Months back about the build overview you know i just want to let you know so. First off um i have the slipper clutch in here number two. I have the aluminum alloy t nuts for the front and the rear ball diff, because the plastic t nut that you put in there stripped didnt strip. Para mim, i never even used it, but a lot of people were saying in theirs. It strippedand the third hop up i have in here is the aluminum ally survey, the servo stays because with the plastic ones, there is a great deal of flex. When the servo moves back and forth. No entanto, the aluminum servo says servo stays thats a tongue twister right there, servo stays dont eliminate it 100.

It definitely cuts down on the amount of flex a lot better, but does not eliminate it. Nwo. A few people online shared that um the front drive shafts for them popped out um. They said that you know what it being four wheel drive and the wheels spinning and the wheels turning at the same time. Um they popped out for them. I had this out there for 45 minutes to an hour, ran two batteries and my drive shafts did not pop out. I had no issues with them, but preemptively before i even uh got this out on the port royal raceway. I did go and i bought two sets of the universal drive chassis upgrades to put in the front and the rear, mas um. I wanted to see how it was out on the track. First and like i said, i didnt have any issues so will i put these in yeah? I put these in. These are an upgrade, but i didnt have any issues with my stock ones in there. So thats a concern of yours, i dont know it ran on the track. It jumped turned nothing popped out, sem problemas, so i dont know all right as far as how it handled out there um. I want to say now. I had fun with it. Dont get me wrong. Um. I have fun with all my rc cars out there on the track right thats. Why im an rc enthusiast? I love rc as far as how it handled compared to some of my other tamiyas.

I want to say its kind of like subpar and maybe its my fault a little bit because its a little underpowered this thing is built like a tank. It weighs like a tank, definitely weighs a lot more than my other four wheel, Dirigir, rcs and uh. I have a sport tuned motor in there a brushed tamiya sport tuned motor in there and um it definitely wasnt peppy out there, it wasnt, quick um. You know i have a sport tune in my top force that moves out there. I have a silver can in my terra, scorcher and thats a lot quicker than this as well. Então você sabe, i guess you know to meis you know, put this out with the idea that you know it could handle brushless power. You can use lipo in here. You could also run brushed motors if you want im a brush guy im good with sport tune because thats fast enough for me on the track. The track is not built for speed its built for precise um running, Direcção, Você sabe, being a good driver out there driving the lines um, and so i went with a sport tune and it was kind of sluggish out there. So will i eventually put a different motor in there yeah when i become a better driver, Você sabe, but for right now, maybe slower is a little bit better. Para mim, i dont know um as far as the steering steerings, not so great in here uh.

It kind of turns wide and i did play around with the steering thats something i talked about um in my build overview of the td4 that i put out a couple months ago. Um, you know its its. You got to stay in the center of the track. Um, when youre making all of your turns, whether its to the left or to the right um, because it has a wide steering radius and its the steerings, not very forgiving um. So you have to set yourself up to be right in the center to make the turns and if youre not well, then youre going to hit the tubing or turn extremely wide. So you got to be very precise with this its you know, você sabe um. So not really thrilled about that, mas isso é, something that i will play around with. I know right after we filmed uh harry and i took it off the track and you know we took a spacer out of the front put another spacer in the rear, made it a little bit harder and stiffer in the rear and a little bit softer in The front, maybe that would improve the steering um, maybe a little bit it did. But its still, you know very wide, and you know the end points are set on there. The wheels um do have full range of motion, so i really dont know what it is and i have to just figure it out.

Eu suponho, as far as the suspension on here nice and plush love the way it took off from the jumps loved the way it landed, handled all the little dips, um bumps and jumps on the track very, very nicely and other than that. It looked really cool out there, como eu disse, not a fan aesthetically, but out there when it was running awesome uh. Could it probably have handled a little bit better? Had i had some j concept goosebump tires on there, probably because thats the tire of choice for the port royal raceway. These are running the stock tires on here, but for the track conditions. On that day, these were okay. It was very powdery out there um, but would those tires on here have helped this yeah? Probably so i altogether had some fun with it looked great. I do like it very much again great paint job by larry at custom, Rc, graphics, Grande, shout out to you. Larry and uh, Você sabe, i guess ill just do a little bit more uh wrenching on here to get it to where it needs to be. Will you see this in the four wheel drive class races? It will eventually pop up in one of our four wheel. Drive races over the next season, im still going to use my top force and my terra scorcher out there, but im going to add this to the stable of four wheel, drive vehicles to run in the races so well anyways.

I hope you enjoyed this video and uh my honest review of the td4 uh great, build great quality subpar performance out there gon na make it better. I promise all right, so i hope you enjoyed the video.