AVENTURAS RC – NOVOS CAPTAiNS! Barcos a jato Thrasher em Lipo 5S – DEIXE-OS TENTAR!

Welcome back my dad Mike. Como vai você? We have a couple of dad's friends, Todd and Doug here to try out the new Thrasher jet boats. Now normally my buddy Everett is here to give us a hand. He couldn't make it here today and these boys are going to give us a […]

Mom & Son drive Traxxas Slash 2WD Brushless Trucks with SKIS in SNOW! | FAMILY RC ADVENTURES!

At all times nice to see an ideal Mother (Jem) and her 5 12 months previous son (Maurice) out having enjoyable with the pastime of Radio Management! At the moment we take out the 2WD Brushless Traxxas Slash Vans we unboxed a short while in the past. See the video right here: What a beautiful […]