AVENTURAS RC – Unboxing the Blackjack 29 BL Catamaran RTR Radio Control Speed Boat

Now as I've mentioned in the last video, Eu fiz, I unbox the pro boat, the impulse 31, which was a V hull. Nwo, when I was on the horizon hobby website, I was under the Pro boat category and I saw the blackjack 29 Nwo. Este é um 29 inch brushless RTR catamaran, Que […]

AVENTURAS RC – Unboxing um Spektrum DX4R Pro 4-Channel DSMR Racing 2.4ghz Controle de Rádio

Você sabe que se queimam ou quebram, ou você sabe apenas basicamente desgastado do abuso que eu colocá-los através do estúdio e um monte de gente que seguem o show. Pode realmente reconhecer este caso. Este é realmente um caso muito velho, it's bashed and beat up. I actually used to […]

AVENTURAS RC – Unboxing the iMPULSE 31 Deep-V BL RTR V2 Radio Control Speed Boat

This is my impulse 31, a lot of my regular viewers that have been watching rcadventures for a while know that I've recently, this season just started to get into radio control boats. Now the impulse 31 is a speedboat it's. UMA 31 inch brushless deep V hull, which is basically down here now, I'm […]

AVENTURAS RC – Losi DBXL 4×4 charrete – Unboxing (Gas Powered, 1/5th Scale Desert Buggy XL)

AVENTURAS RC – iMPULSE 31 – 6S Power, Radio Control Deep V-Hull Motorboat

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AVENTURAS RC – 4S Lipo Blackjack 29 BL Catamaran RC SPEED BOAT from ProBoat