Realmente, today we have a bit of a chorus uh yeah, our we’re talking about some uh rc basin that we were going to do here. Let me just grab the camera first, no, no, no don’t touch it all right! So sadly, our google home isn’t working, so you can’t, play music like that anyway, these are the cars and um so we’re doing the lamborghini versus the. What like and hypersport yeah that’s, all like in hypersport, which is the red one lamborghini, is the orange one zooming on my back. Look at that lamborghini see. Olhe para isso.: OKEY, OKEY, focus, Isto é, multa, OKEY, let’s go set up the camera boys we’ll nah. We won’t even pause. Let’S go wait our first sponsor! Oh, eu não tenho, Meu deus, Oh sim, we’re gon na do this jadah heat, not an actual sponsor but like like just like nascar, has sponsors but like we’re, not sponsored anybody we’re not actually sponsored anyway. Primeiro, car racing sponsor jada heat. Thank you guys and we’ve got ccm, bring that over we’ve got mostly hockey stuff, mostly hot um hockey stuff, and then we’ve got the warrior. We’Ve got sherwood and cooper pads. Let me grab those for you all right. Our uh last sponsor for this race is the dodge car uh uh. This used to be my old rc car. I drew this and look at that right. There that’s a little chirpy too turned down the that’s. A little chirpy trip, so we’re just gon na get started.

Oh sim, quick reminder. We might actually have like a big problem. I brought batteries and a screwdriver down just in case we needed to um. We are gon na go ahead. Oh uh, can you grab the pillow carter all right, give us a second, oh bro. Imagine getting hit by that i’m gon na actually have to move guys as soon as we line up we’re doing it on a carpet. So don’t expect barrel rules and stuff. OKEY, all right wait, move back both of us. Desculpe, eu não sabia., sorry you guys can probably see us all right. Três, two one and the race is on seven left all right, é, not the big one, no carter, we won’t have a full caution. Just you back up, then i back up and we just line up all right. Bem, just one we’re gon na end, it’s gon na be restarting so we’re, not when when we pass. So this is a completely restart. OKEY, OKEY, ready ready! Três dois um ir! Oh, eu não tenho! Oh, eu não tenho, oh, Meu deus, guys all right that’s going to be a caution. My bumper action made me stuck. Oh, tudo bem., that’s gon na be a caution first question of the day and if our cars die, one of our cars will die, maybe and then we will. It will be an automatic caution and automatic to where the race wait. Do you have all right, he’s going to get an automatic win, Sim, that’s stuff, Está bem, então vamos, just um dupont, you just turn it on, and then you have these.

This is really old by the way, so you probably won’t find it, but here, if you squish the top down all right, so the first one, se você, if you uh squeeze it like this, come on well i’m on the ground right now, i’m gon na push It down – Meu Deus, it sucks, please all right guys. These graphics are so bad carter move for a sec. Meu Deus. It needs to focus! Meu Deus. It wasn’t focused guys we’re. So sorry about that. Meu Deus, Está bem! OKEY, just leave our toy, and then we just click the sides to make them talk. This is jeff gordon and Music. Yeah we’ll pause it and we will see you right in a bit commercial break kind of anyway. Yeah we’ll see you in a bit: okay guys. We are back um, we are fixing up the cars right now, we’re still waiting for the screwdriver from carter, keep it on the one it is. Hopefully we can fix up these cars, otherwise we might have to just keep it the way. It is to postpone it and get some new bats. I mean i have four bats, but that’s for me, partners is actually chargeable, so it’s gon na be like gas. For now, oh guys and if there’s, a big caution like if, like if there’s, a big caution or no just like you, need near okay, i can’t talk right now near the middle of the race.

When, in if there’s, a caution, we’ll have like a five minute break in real life and carter will be charging up his car actually no party, you can’t do that right now. What i need to see if it works? OKEY, Caras, oh, it does work. OKEY, Está bem – i actually have another plug over here so anyway, Direita, estamos, gon na get started actually all right. OKEY, OKEY, we’re gon na get back to the couch wow. Oh, eu não tenho, can you put the screwdriver back the way it was there? Vamos bem.! Oh carter, can you just fix that? Oh hey, we are going to get back underway. The music is just kind of background. It is oh, Meu deus, oh caras, please subscribe hit the like button because our videos are copyright. Isto é. Why we’re listening to non copyright? Music partner, why not let’s get started all right? OKEY, Está bem! We’Re gon na line up three wait. Two one go carter, looks on the inside a purse. É claro. Stop that blue. That glue is actually so bad. Olhe para ele., i can’t look. It will do this, Meu Deus! Thank god! No and i got stopped again. Então, oh, meus deuses caras, Esperar! Um and now i’ve lost control of the car adam has lost control of the car. Oh my god guys guys! Meu Deus. Oh, eu não tenho, Meu deus, um yeah it’s, not really that i feel like okay good anyway. It reading was up like this, but it was like over here because the stool was holding it yeah, the stool was holding it and then and then we hit the stool and then his tire got caught and he went like this onto the barrier.

Sim, de qualquer maneira, it’s not too good, but a crash Music anyway. Sorry about the stuff. Ao fundo, Está bem, we’ll just get through the questions, guys we are going to have to change the lamborghini’s batteries Music. This is going to be the big caution, the biggest one. We have sorry about this, but we will see you guys in a bit after i charge batter or after i put in the batteries all right guys, uh we’ll just be silent for a second. You can listen to this awesome music that youtube gave us so we’ll just change our games. Bem, not really batteries for you. That is what means ah charge so it’s kind of like a gas Music, Coisas, Música, OKEY, Música, all right Applause, Music be post. We might be posting gaming that wasn’t in the channel theater um, we might add pirates to our channel Music. Não, you can’t charge you’re! Oh, eu não tenho, were you using turbo, Sim? OKEY, OKEY, guys all right, i’ll pause, okay right now, we’ll just get through our classroom. Can you say welcome to our sponsorship as i’m? Still just like working um mine is easy to work on, so our first one is actually should we order smallest, the biggest here um here’s, what they look like all in hand here all right, maynards um eat it. Oh, eu não tenho, we actually have some uh, so yeah um they’re, actually really good. I swear um actually, but here other one is uh, noob right, radio control charger for a dune buggy.

Oh sim, i had this dune bug. I wish i could use it. We took it outside thinking, it would be great, but it actually broke so rip yeah, so new bright. Thank you for sponsoring us, but like not actual sponsors, yeah we’re we’re, just doing this normal we’re trying to be like cool, no we’re, not cool we’re, not trying to we’re, never cool we’re, not trying to be cool yeah. I know i know but, and our last one is mobiledon’t get your face in the camera. Desculpa, Está bem, mobile um make sure just get a touch or something Music. Oh sim. I did sorry guys sucks, Espero, carter. Imagine i didn’t grab the right batteries like i just put in the old ones. Again all right, we’ll just see after this question and when you come back it’s on the line: OKEY, guys back it’s, not the line that’s where we’re going. Oh, eu não tenho, my god carter. Oh, eu não tenho, Meu deus, Sim! These are the fresh bats. Applause i’m. Just gon na do another slap. Oh my god carter. Meu Deus, carter. We actually might need to fix that all right come on carter. Can you hit my car? Please guys? Música, Quatro! Não! OKEY! God pardon we actually need a fifth side. Caras: OKEY, hey um, give me a sec carter. What are you doing? You’Re, not racing okay carter and i on the same lap. Oh, eu não tenho, it went on my car carter. Meu Deus, eu não., Meu Deus.

OKEY, guys we’re just gon na pause and we’ll try to fix this as soon as we can. OKEY, guys we’re back we’re gon na. Why not Applause? Três dois um ir! Oh, eu não tenho, look at all the answers. Oh, é, the pic just stay where you are just stay. Where you are, let me just okay go, Meu Deus! OKEY, just stop just stop where you are just go. We have to go soon. Não! We don’t! Meu Deus! Desculpe, eu não sabia., sorry i’m! Sorry about that! Meu Deus! Meu Deus! OKEY, we’re gon na try to fix this as soon as we can and we’ll be back with you. OKEY, Caras, we’re back we’re, just gon na go go, Ir, Ir, Ir. We are on lap, five i’ll just stay. Where i am, Eu juro. We have to go. Wait wait go! Meu Deus, as i say that guys we are on wait. Meu Deus. OKEY, six blocks on the last left. Oh, eu não tenho, oh! Não! Não! Não! Very close to the finish! Isto é, a caution! Sim, oh my god and it’s a destroyed track. Oh, eu não tenho, Meu deus, it is a destroyer. Itis. It should have been a caution but we’re gon na let that slide, but in the 50 lat race that will be that 25 lot race will be next race. Desculpa, that was our seven lot right. Hope you enjoyed carter carter’s going to victory. Please hit the subscribe button, hit the like hit the notification bell.