So please subscribe good luck and happy fpv. Tudo bem pessoal. Welcome to my review of the fly hal rc car, we have two different bodies that came along with this car. It has sort of the uh basher sport version with the car body, and it comes with the truck version and i kind of like the truck version. A little bit better, so this is the one were gon na test today were gon na drive it around the park. Gon na hit. Some walls were gon na hit some jumps and well see how much of a basher. This truly is today, in this review. No holding back, but underneath we have a 2s battery, it came with two batteries in the box: some extra shocks, some hardware and a wheel tool, some extra, even extra servo arm, which i think is super cool some. I guess some foam tape in there. O manual de instruções, even some extra pins in there as well so thats, pretty cool and two usb chargers, one for each battery. I thought that was really cool, but this is the 2s battery right here. É um 1600 milliamp brushless motor in there and esc drive servo up front and pretty good looking suspension so well see how it holds up and lets get started with some driving guys. Here we go so ive done some other reviews that you can check out in this same jump park. Se você gosta, this kind of review im going to go ahead and get started with this and first im going to just make sure that the wheels are straight when i turn everything off, and it does have an on off button on the very bottom right here.

So you can switch that switch and you can see how your alignment on your wheels are on. The front, looks pretty good theres a little bit of camber out in the front there and the back and were just going to go ahead and get started. Got a fresh battery in here handling some incline pretty well. We should probably just go ahead and send it right its kind of like a little. You know like a little monster truck basher, so here we go tried to get me not the first time ive jumped the car nice. It seems to handle good, pretty good on the jumps. Lets go up here and get some speed up. You guys it is not flipping over too it has oh man its hard to keep it straight. Eu, like the nice high end on the throttle, go ahead and get lined up full throttle boom. Oh legal, no walk of shame on that one coming back around here, cara! This thing is hard to flip over the smaller wl toys cars. They go a lot higher on the jumps, but then again you i i i tend to walk for those more because im constantly flipping them over and crashing this one has a really good center of gravity and the way i have it set up its a truck. So you can have a car or a truck thats kind of cool. Do some little jumps here? Do some burnouts yep? It will definitely flip itself.

Over second time, ive had to jump that thing. Dude its got some its got. Some high end throttle to it im liking this one, and this is like a budget car. You know what i mean its, not an expensive car or truck yeah. This thing is fun: its got some pretty decent suspension, its just a full throttle. Turn you think its wound up on the flats, i would say its probably about a 35 mile an hour like top speed on this car or a truck dude yeah, getting some all right. We got definitely got to get some big jumps in here. I feel like i want to take it up, something like and just do a drop. Should we jump off this thing, vocês. What do you think if i can get it straight? Oh Música? We need to do that again. I think we could do it. A flip off that dude thats a nice little drop right there, that is a nice little drops, come back up this ramp. This is like its made for bikes, but its really cool with rc cars. Here we go lets do another one here. Oh almost made a flip, since it is a smaller battery im expecting that you know 1600 miliampa. It could get you somewhere in the you know, somewhere in the like 10 Para 12 minute range, but im hoping for 20.. Nice and i havent watched the other reviews on this car, so this is completely completely unbiased, aceleração total, Oh sim, ele pode.

If i can get it straight, we can go all the way across nice. She landed on her belly, get out of it get out of there. One of those pins just stuck me in the thumb, yep im bleeding on that one: Oh sim, no blood, no glory right all right, so i got my finger to stop bleeding uh had to go to the car. Muito rápido, just grab a little tissue or something but see one of those pins got me. You got to watch out for these pins theyre, muito afiada. I was pulling it out of the weeds there and it just uh. Just nabbed me pretty good, so lets uh continue this review on and hit some uh some of this berm over here this nice new berm. They just reconditioned this one way up to the top. This is a really nice berm get some really nice mountain bike parks and trails in oregon. All about mountain biking out here, its like a big skate ramp, its freaking awesome seems, like those tires, are ballooning up a little bit right, theres a little bit of power in that brushless motor for the price of this guy lets get up here. So you can see from this perspective nice, oh nice little basher, though really, and i feel like its not fast enough to where, like im breaking stuff, you know what i mean like a lot of these cars have like so much power that you end up really Like breaking stuff ooh, nice jump, i did that one handed.

How did i do that trying to hold this uh tissue on the other finger? Bem, while i drive one handed left handed all right, little blood on the wheel never hurts, and this thing is yeah it like drove up on the wow that was cool, drove up on the front wheel, oh off the back, so much fun with this car. Está bem, im gon na try not to fall down the side of the mountain. Está bem. This thing is perfect up here, a little skateboard ramp drill, a drop in you could probably have a lot of fun at skate park with this lets go over on some of these other jumps over here. Do outro lado, see if you cant get some air off this one nice and the canopy is not like or the the truck the truck body is, is really not super thick. It is kind of thinner than what ive seen before, but so far no cracks in it, o que é bom. Nice made it over the tabletop thats cool wow, taking some somersault there and im still on the same same battery, and it still feels good man id love to make both of those real quick. Meu Deus, eu não., all right here we go oh wow. That was a pretty good hit. Lets check out the bottom of this. You know this ones, not all blinged out like the wl toys ones or the dhk hobby ones, but you know what like this is cheaper parts than what you have on those.

So the parts are available for this little guy, so its not a big deal got some guys with bikes showing up time to scare the jumps you guys going to do some jumps. OKEY, we dont jump. I dont jump either, except for with this. Oh, eu não tenho, you do awesome im trying not to break it today. Eu acho que sim. Acho que isso é.. How were gon na do it today were gon na were gon na were gon na, keep it low to the ground. Try not to break it. I try to do the same thing with my mountain bike: not break stuff right, Sim, Im, just just testing it out today for the first time whats what whats the whats yours called a sandyland. OKEY, this ones called like a flyhow yep. There we go all right. Oh legal, one very nice dude it handles it. Handles jumps really straight im loving that look at that perfectly. That was awesome up. Try to do a flip, andar de vergonha. Very cool still got plenty of power on the high end of that throttle man. This thing is not bad, so i have another body. I have a car body still so that ones perfect. So i have maybe my basher body and street body and it does come with a wing. So if you want to put a wing on this and make it a car body hey third time, i had to jump that guy never know which direction this ones going.

It may be my driving, or maybe the tracking, on the front, wheels im gon na say its my driving, vocês. O que você acha, but ive been getting lucky so far, and this thing is im really getting used to the way it is now wow. That was good air. What do you guys think this thing is? Este? Is a bike park? Beast yeah? Oh lets just keep jumping it. You guys thats what this this trucks all about. Oh that was awesome. Did you see that standing up on his back? Ok, vamos? Get all the way up this hill all the way to the top full throttle. I feel like this batterys just about had it but its got. You know its got good, climbing ability too, like it climbs anything out here and theres, definitely stuff in this park. Isso é, gostar 45 Graus, all right going, i havent heard any gear problems yet either boom and you know jumping it has enough forgiveness that, como eu, can really kind of get away with stuff that inexperienced drivers, Você sabe, have a lot of problems with jumping and crashing. So thats really really cool its easy to jump if youve never jumped an rc car before like. Sometimes it takes a little bit of timing right, especially if youre trying to do flips and things like that there we go really taking some hits im just going to send it im just going to dude. I am just just murdering this thing, so this may be one of the probably one of the most hardcore durability tests that youve probably seen on youtube as far as this truck and just continuous jumps slamming it down cartwheels full frontal impacts, like all that stuff, like I feel like its just taking it.

It doesnt get as much air as the wl toys one, but it does stay on its feet more and it flips back over easier. So it just kind of makes it fun when you can do like jumps and really get away with a lot its a lot of pressure. I should have popped something off by now. Oh beautiful jump right on the front of it. Oh cara, all right guys same battery still going and still has a ton of throttle this. This bike park is so much fun wow through the thick stuff, making it out not flipping over amateur driver hour. Oh cara, this thing is going off. I love it when it starts to get to be dry season for rc cars, Isto é, really fun yeah those wheels are ballooning out a little bit man. This thing is super fun all right now, im getting getting a feel for it now. Can you tell really starting to understand how it drives once you get used to it? Youll love it oh down backwards, heck yeah! So i have to say this is probably the most fun that ive had in um man, months and months of different rc cars and ive been featuring a lot of budget ones. Lately got a little bit of blood on this review from that little pin right there. So watch out for the pins, but uh super super fun. Two batteries, two bodies controller, all in one box and now im gon na go home and clean up my thumb.

Thanks again for watching the drone camps channel, Caras, Im, justin davis.