Just really quick, coming out of the box is the truck nicely packaged very safe. A few things. I noticed right off the top opening this truck up. Ive. Never had one of this brand before one ive got metal, driveline components, the shocks are pretty nice, youve actually got aluminum adjusters on them. The blue spots and overall feels a little bouncy, but nicely sprung tires good, Também, você vai notar, Direita. There youve got phillips head and thats what youre gon na find throughout this truck is phillips head screws. You know on hobby grade trucks, sometimes thats gon na bug me, but on this truck given its target audience, i think its the right choice, people arent necessarily going to have a bunch of hexes laying around getting into the truck itself. Some stand outs. It comes with lights, which is not something youll see on small trucks, from major manufacturers for more than twice the price. Youve got a brushed motor proprietary esc here, so the connectors are a little different than what you might be used to, but theyve left enough space in there for you to put in whatever you want. I know guys are going brushless with these, o que é muito legal. This is the big thing that im happy with youve got a deans connector deans connectors are super common. You can put them on all kinds of batteries. A lot of batteries will come with deans connectors, which brings us to the batteries theyre, giving us 2s batteries.

850. Milliamp hours and youre getting two of these a lot of the other trucks in this size come with nickel metal hydride batteries and theyre, not as good or as fun. Ive checked these they came balanced and it comes with the charger as well. Então, realmente, you add two double as and youre ready to go out of the box. It even came with a screwdriver next thing. Im going to get into on this is the body body felt good, pretty high quality, not too flexy goes on there nicely and youll see right here on off button, easy to get to and away you go well. Do the running video talk a little bit more about the rest of it? If you want to see what else came in the box really quick, it comes with a manual. The english is quite decent guys. A lot of this is multi language. Então, realmente, your english manual is only about that many pages, so youre not going to have a big issue there. It comes with stickers. Everything you want to put on there and customize it comes with its own. Remote has a reference for a standard size, rc remote thats, what youre looking at now. This is a 118th truck meant for people getting into the business or who havent maybe had a truck before, or in my case, my three year old, who has small hands. So this is actually perfect. Um quality wise it feels good trigger, feels good, and so does the steering wheel a little plasticky but thats to be expected on off, takes two double a batteries has a slow and a normal mode, also super great and a steering reverse.

If you ever have to replace that servo, i forgot to get into that servo micro servo, very popular now, amongst pretty much all the brands doing this size not going to have a hard time finding backups of those. If you ever need to replace this, you can do it very very cheaply. Probably you could redo all the electronics in this for under 50, Canadense, o que é ótimo, because the whole car is only about 130 brand new shipped overnight on prime and im. Happy im excited im, gon na go run it Music. Aplausos musicais. Come honest, Caras, Música, Música, Isto é, Impressionante, Música, uh, Aplausos musicais, Música. OKEY, you guys quick post run feedback had a couple good crashes. Everything is looking healthy and happy in here, something i forgot to point out before. Is it its actually, a metal drive shaft right down the center super good. The truck is really smooth some of these less expensive trucks. Their escs are cheap, but this one you can hear its got like a nice smooth, come on like its its great um. It is locked front to back, so you can do the cool spins like i was showing in the video and uh yeah. The four wheel, drive too, is really great like for something this size. My thoughts, vocês, Você sabe, Youre, probably going to have a bit of a harder time with part support than you would with say something like a traxxas or like an la tract teton, ou algo assim, but fun, wise price, sábio, ready to run wise.