This one is the yellow, rc carro, already added battery white rc car, and this is a small golden archicad, three different remotes. Now the thing is that if we use only one remote, every rc car is working Music working. Now all the rc cars can be used by any one remote. It can be operated with any one remote. Why lets see the boxes? So this is a box for this smaller seeker. Radio control and here retain is 27 megahertz, 27 megahertz okay. So this is a box for this rc car, and this is the box for the white and yellow seeker. OKEY, so here also is written over here. 27 megahertz, so the frequency for all the remotes are same thats. Why all the rc curves uh can be operated by only one remote here it can be seen that the this button is for the backward, and this is for the forward. OKEY, this is also say backward forward now lets check what is actually the circuits inside the rc car. The battery is added, para que você possa ver, there are two led lights, two led lights, OKEY, and this is the main circuit, and this is the motor now letsuse the same remote and check so this remote is actually connected with this motor. So if i have this motor and the circuit, this circuit, you can buy from the stores also you can make it, and this is the motor. So these are some circuits you can see so here we have three batteries and the batteries are connected via these two lines: ah red and blue, and then this circuit is also connected with this motor, and this is the antenna the same antenna, so both the remote Antenna and the card antenna having the frequency, 27 megahertz, de modo que é.

por que? The all the radio control the rc means radio control all the rc cars can be operated by one remote, and if you want to see the what is the circuit of a remote, i can show you this one. Sim, OKEY, so this is the body part, and this is actually the circuit. This is actually the circuit. So here this is the induction whereand this actually generates the signal and the antenna actually amplifies the signal and that 27 megahertz signal is catch by this car antenna. So this antenna is basically nothing but to the signal that is generated. That is amplifying and it is catched. So this is the sender, and this is the receiver. So this sender is actually sending the signal 27 megahertz and it is received by this. The motor is operating and the light is automatically switched on when you put the battery. So you can see this is the two buttons on off on off and ah here we actually put two batteries: two batteries. These two batteries are connected via these two air. With this circuit, and if you see the circuit you can see, there are some small. Ah pins are there. This is for register. Capacitor capacitors are there so this circuit you can also buy. Ah, não., this is actually the loop. Ah, não., that is generating the signal, and this signals is sent by this uh antenna and it is received by this antenna, so you can see so if i just switched on the car, so this is the circuit.

This is actually receiving. This is the receiver this one this one, this one is the receiver, so light is through led lights are automatically switched on when you put the battery. Ah, não., this is actually the receiver, so it receives it and then the when you forward backward the motor is working. According to this, and this angela is helpful to receive the signal that is sent by the remote. So if i have these two circuit this one and ah this one circuit, these two circuit, you can convert any car into rc car with the same remote. You dont need another remote, so same remote, É possível, with the help of this circuit and this motor convert any car into rc car. Thank you for listening.