So you can actually take that over and drive it away or add some long range remotes and even a security system if you wanted, but stepping you through that 10 minute install for anything with a Honda Civic Accord, CRV HIV any of those automatic vehicles out there Simple fake, yet we’re, just a few guys Music good afternoon, welcome back down the carbon char systems. Nwo, today we are going to be showing you this. This is our new remote start. Do it yourself kit for the Honda vehicles out there? Now we have two different versions of this kit that will suit all of us. Every single Honda from 2005 right through the current we’re gon na show you today how easy this is to install it’s a plug and play kit, and you can do it yourself with very very minimal tools and it’s. A very quick process. I mean we’re gon na. Do a Honda CRV today we’re to show you that’s, contains probably about 10 minutes to do we’re gon na run you through what you’re gon na need and how you’re gon na do it now. This will suit other vehicles like the Civic, the Accord CRV HRV. Anything automatics, como eu disse 2005 onwards and they’re very, very similar installations. The vehicle configures slightly different, but programming the module and how to plug it. All in is exactly the same as this okay, so this is what you’re gon na get it in this vehicle.

Então este é um 2013 onwards. Como eu disse., there is two kids on our website and we do have a graph of which one suits which vehicle, but this is what’s going to come in at you know, your two main looms that are plugged into this main remote start module. Now I should mention this is for all the automatic models. Only this will not work before the manual vehicles. Infelizmente, so the manuals can be done, but there are hardwire installation and you would need a professional store to do that. But and your automatic guys out there you guys get lucky and it is super easy to do so. You got your main ignition plug here and then you’ve got your main in mobile as a harness here and the cool thing about this, because it is plug and play there won’t void any warranty. It doesn’t edit or change it. If you’re on your car, the firmware is designed for your Honda and is literally gon na read data from your vehicle and allow it to remote start very quickly and easily. So when you come in in something like a hot day like this we’re sweating, you know you can hop in a car and it’s gon na be nice and cool for you or in winter it’s gon na be nice and cooled heat it up for you’re, ready To go so let’s show you what we’re going to need for this installation. Oh, eu não tenho, and I should mention you’re, going to be able to do this from the factory key.

So you know you’re gon na be able to press lock three times or you can actually get some long range remotes. We do have long range remote available for these systems on our website at carbon car systems. If you wanted now, this is all we’re going to need for this installation and honestly, you can probably do a little bit less we’re going to need a Phillips head screwdriver. You know some cutters just to cut the cable ties. Some cable ties to tie the module and the looms up you’re going to have these plastic non marring pry bars, Isto é, going to make panels easier to get off, and we do have these available on our website now, they’re very, very cheap they’re. Only. I think ten. Eleven dollars tester tape, which is just a cloth tape, but any other tape could do. We use this specifically because it is an OEM style or original equipment, manufacturer style and just a knife. You know in order to cut a few things such as tape and things like that, so it makes life easier, but let’s show you how to install it and program it very quickly and easily so underneath here, you’re gon na have one little screw just at the Back there’s, actually three holes, but there’s only a screw in the back, and that is a Philips head screw and you got ta simply undo that anti clockwise, so let’s see if we get this quickly without looking there we go answer you clockwise now a couple of Quick tips on this and making life easy is.

The next stage is to pull the top of the steering screw out off and that will actually just pop upwards and the way to do that is just pinch from the back and you can actually just pop it. So there you go and that will lift up and that’s very easy tuck it out of the way so you’re not going to get any damage. And the next step is take your key turn it to reds or the on position and turn your steering wheel. Because what you’re going to need is a little screw behind the steering wheel here and there’s, one on the driver’s side and there’s, one on the passenger side and they’re just going to undo to be able to take the bottom of the steering shroud off. Então, como você pode ver aqui, there’s going to be a really really quick installation, so I think it’s, one of the best kits that we’ve ever designed and we’ve made it really affordable for you guys out there to be able to do this yourself so I’m. Just doing the passenger side, one here you do have to have the steering or the ignition on because of the steering lock, you can’t turn the steering wheel without the steering lock coming on. If you don’t have the key inside there, so you know once you’ve done that you can actually just pull it down and she will come completely off. So you might have to move a little steering lock arm here or the lever just to get out of the way.

Now there we have a guys now. If you wouldn’t have bit more room, you could pull this paddling off and we probably will pull that paneling off to mount the module and tie it up nice and neat, but we’re going to show you quickly and easily how fast you could actually do this. These are the two looms you’re going to need here. One is the main power ignition loom on the left hand, side here and the other one is the ignition immobilise a loom. OKEY. Now this does not remove any security on your card, actually retains it. Your security, because it’s designed for the vehicle it just bypasses, are during the remote start stage, so you can actually have all your security and it’s not going to change anything for your vehicle. So let’s show you how to unplug these, but firstly there’s going to be a white cable type or any other black cable tie around this section here. Just holding that loom up you’re going to really just cut that off we’ve already looped this one up, but you can cut that off just to give you a bit of room. Em segundo lugar, guys you’re going to want to cut this one here so that’s, another cable tie. So that’s the second one. You would cut one here, one here, that’s going to make the loom a little bit looser and you can actually cable tie those up after you’ve completed the job to put them back in that factory position.

OKEY, so sort of at the Sun glare on the video, but you can get the idea to cable ties going to cut that. Give us a bit of room now to get these plugs off guys, eles são, Muito, muito fácil. This is just got a little locking tab on the front here and you press that and pull the Loom out very easy. If you want to, you can undo this one to give yourself a bit of room and you can undo these ones as well, but we’re gon na try not to undo anything on the left hand side on the front of this plug you’re going to press in And up at the same time, so in and pull that up and it’ll pop outwards and that’s just a little locking tab and as you start to remove this plug it’ll pull upwards even more so let’s try and remove that here there we go so see they Came out a little bit more and that is actually removed now on our main loom here. These are just going to come, cable tied up or a little loom around them, Mas, como você pode ver, you’ve got quite a bit of length there to be able to mount your module down the back, but the the male side into this theme is very short. There so we’re going to undo this looming, to put it back behind the dash here and make it really really neat. But basically this is just going to T piece in line.

You know plug this in here and plug this back into the original room, but to give us a bit of room, we are going to untape it, so we are going to take our knife slice with the grain here, not against it just to undo a bit Of the tape so that we can always put it back and keep it original, so let’s just undo that a little bit you’re just going to be careful not to cut any of the cables but it’s not too hard to do all right. There we go so she’s gon na pull that looming out of there. As you pull it down, you can see we’re getting a bit more length and pull this conduit right off. Okay and we’re gon na put it back on it at the end, so that’s going to give us a bit of looming room and then we’re gon na plug in that main, harness okay. So that’s going to be really easy to do straight in make sure the locking tabs all the way out as you push it in you’ll, go to lock it in place. OKEY, now that will loom up like that in the factory position is going to tie that up nice and neat as well. Como você vê, that’s right near the back now, let’s Bend a limb up really neat it’s gon na look really good. We can actually plug it in now. There we go and we’re gon na tie that up nice and neat behind the dash, but don’t forget that we do have this secondary loon to do and we’re gon na do it at the same time.

So it’s going to come down like this it’s, you only have this little relay block at the back we’re, going to tape that up nice and neat there later we’ve put a bit of tape around some of the cables here that you won’t need during installation, and There is a little plug here, but don’t unplug that it’s just different for different vehicles, but you don’t need to worry about that and it’s going to t piece in as well so straight in very, very easy to do so. Plenty of cable there we’re going to learn that up quickly, nice and neat and pretty the tape around that and have it run to the back, but we’re also going to quickly show you how to program it Music, guys we’re, actually gon na tie this up. You can see we’ve started to tape it up and we’re, going to learn that up right now before we put this module behind. But if you have cut that cable tie, sometimes it actually stays in the vehicle, and you can just pop that out. Just put your bars on it and pull that out, see that was stuck in there sideways so pull that out. Then you put a new cable tight unit through the hole that is actually left. There example being at the top here, we’ve done the same thing put the cable tie through I’m gon na cable tie that up into the original position and just cut that off so that’s gon na be nice and neat and we’ll do that on the side there Once we sort of put these cables behind now and we can make it look really factory and I am genuine and for the cables out of the way so nothing’s going to come loose.

OKEY, so we’ve sort of learned that up nice and neat ready to mount behind the dash when we are going to pull that panel off in just a sec to show some of you guys but, como eu disse, every vehicle be slightly different, but just going to Pop those panels off but let’s show you the most important part, which is how to program it. We’Re going to look at these lights on the left and right here, all we’re going to do is turn the ignition to the on position. You’Ll get a red light that will flash green once once it’s actually done that you can start the vehicle itself and get a couple more green flashes here and then eventually it will go solid, green on both sides and turn off. You’Ll hear a slight click on the car. Once that’s actually been done, the module has been programmed to read the car, but now we need to program the speedo or the rebbe’s. So we know when the starter will release when we remote start this. So all you’re going to do is hold your hand on the foot brake and on the back of this module is a little button, you’re going to press that button, it’ll, light up red and then you keep holding the hand on the foot brake or your foot. Whatever until this goes green okay, so you just sort of go green, Então, and that is programmed now. That is all you need to do and that will actually remote start now.

You can actually test it pop out. The vehicle hit lock three times in the factory remote make sure it works now. Let’S show you how to do that again quickly, for you guys out there. If you do make a mistake, or you miss a step, you can reprogram it so don’t, sweat. All you’re going to do is unplug this section this little section here. You got ta press and hold the button and plug it back in now, as you keep holding it as you put it plug it back in and if you watch here, this will flash red really quickly and release now that’s reset it back to the initial programming Stage it doesn’t change the firmware, but it does allow you to program to the car again, so you can see the process here again, flash green start. It goes again, two flashes three flashes, then solid green on both sides turns off and done again. Learn the Tucker hand on the brake touch the button. It’Ll learn the tack level and look. It is as simple as that for learning. This is from poster hunter, the guy probably a 10 minute job we’re just going to pack it up and tie it away. Try it quickly make sure it’s a hundred percent before we do that and, como eu disse, Se você quiser, you can add long range remotes, which are actually plug in on the back here we have a series of about eight different remotes on our website.

If you want to be able to do it from your house, which is going to be longer range than your factory, controle remoto, so obviously this remote will only work from the distance that it actually now operates from the car, because that’s dictated by the Honda remote Key guys we’re gon na remove this panel. Primeiro, there is a little section here, that’s a little cut out when you use our pry bar and you’re gon na pop that section off and that’s going to make it life a little bit easier. OKEY, there we go very easy, we used it, we actually leave it. The left hand side as well on the back here under that plug a little locking tab again and we can actually pull the rest of this section off as well. So all working tabs very easy to do on the back of the switch here. If you have traction control or any other switches that will actually come down and now that will allow us to mount the module behind here and we’re going to tie it up. Nice and neat behind the glove box or behind the shroud here or the undercarriage of this of the driver side, and that is going to be our completed job. So there you have it guys. We’Ve got to quickly tie that up and pack it away. So there we go guys have actually melted that up behind the just be careful. There is a lot of sharp metal under the if you are going to mount it behind there, and the only reason we actually took that panel down is to give us a bit of room to tie that up nice and neat.

Now you can’t pull all these other panels off, but this is very hard to get off. This left hand side section so that’s why we didn’t pull it completely off, but we actually gon na put this top section back in completely and we’ll quickly. Show you something on the steering shroud to make life easier when you’re putting those back on as well. So there you go that’s our main paneling on all tie it up nice and neat gon na quickly pull this down, pull it out towards us and we’re gon na put this shroud on, but you gon na make sure. On this left hand, side you’ve got to tuck it up under to make sure it suits properly so gon na show you that as well, so those are putting this in this is going to push on nice and neat and the main thing you have to worry About actually pull this off and show you just here on the back of this is a little section, it’s a little tab, alright and that locks in under this tab and that’s all. You really got to make sure on this that you’re getting in place, because if it doesn’t, you won’t sit around your key barrel very neat. So what I’m talking about so you’ll see here see how that sort of sits off a little bit guys. All you got to do is just push it in and under and that’ll sit perfectly.

So just make sure this sits. Nice and neat put your screws in pop. The cover on job’s completed now just be aware as well on the screws. There is two different styles of screw, so this is the two different styles. These two go on the top of the shroud. This one goes underneath you can see, it’s got a slightly wider pen head on it, so just be aware of the two different styles there, Música, so there you have a guy’s all complete and all you got to do is hit lock three times off the factory Mode, it will lock the doors for you, it will start the car up. You can see it started there. It will recheck that the doors are all locked and she’s up and running in. You can have that roughing on a hot day like this, então você está, nice and cool inside as you can see, vehicle is locked up and when you come back to it to take it over and drive it away. He’S gon na hit unlock open the door and can actually just take it over there’s, no need to start it again. All you got to do is take it put it in the ignition turn it once to accessories once to ignition don’t go too far, because it will kick the starter in again like any vehicle. If you already got it on and try to start it again, it will grind so turn it to the ignition where you put on the brake and you get us drive it away like normal from there.

If you come up to a stop, just turn it off and she’s all like normal there’s, no difference to the factory driving of it again. If you didn’t have it on most artists, you could just drive it like normal. One thing to be aware of, Embora, just make sure you boys got your handbrake. Will you put prank in this case or your handbrake on, because the remote start will not work if that is not on, whilst automatics will not start, unless they are actually imperfect, they actually still need the sense that the handbrake is actually on awful break. In this case, so tranny again quickly and easy remote start roll.