It says on the box plus more so lets get right into it. So what this thing is supposed to do is do some wheelies, 360 spins and quick turns. I mean it says 360 spinning car, so i hope its gon na do that now. It also says we got some led lights and then we got some nice big rocket tires to help pop some awesome, Cavalinhos. Bem, hopefully wheelies. But if this thing can pop some wheelies, we have this big wheel on the back, which should help you ride that wheelie down the whole driveway. So we will see if it does that later now, weve also got some tech stuff. Here i dont know what it means, but if you do want to know what that meansand if you want to know more specs about this car or where to buy it from there will be a link in the description below lets. Unbox this thing. So in the box you get your manual Music and then this very tasty silica, gel pack ill save this for dinner tonight and finally, your controller and car. So for the quick overview, we got a controller that has some joystick controls an on off switch and then this button up here which we will get to later and then for the car. The tires on this thing seem quite plasticky, but seem pretty durable, and they are actually pretty big well for the skill of the car, É claro, and then this wheely bar actually seems more rubbery than the actual tires.

And then your on off switch is in the perfect spot, so rocks wont be hitting this and turning it off and then the battery tray that have these little knobs to keep it from falling out. You open it just like that. This is actually really cool, but we will see how it performs later and speaking of battery tray. You will need a nine volt for your controller and then four double, as for your car, now lets install these and then start testing. This thing now we are outside lets start testing. This thing lets find out. If this thing can pop a wheelie here goes nothing oh yeah, oh shoot. He went under the car, so the answer is yes. This thing can definitely pop a wheelie now other than it being awesome at wheelies, its also very controllable, but its so hard to make it not pop a wheelie and check this out. Do some 360s. Meu Deus, eu não.! This thing is hilarious. Nwo, if you do just want to drive this thing normally and not make it pop a wheelie, you just kind of toggle these back and forth until you get enough speed and then it drives normally guys look were breaking the laws of physics. Now were going to wheelie this car down the driveway and then see how far it can go from the controller using this measuring tape. Música. Está bem, it seems like we lost signal now lets go measure it.

So this car went 70 feet from the controller, if only it was one foot less, mas no geral, not a bad distance for a 15 Carro. So i would say for 15 bucks pretty good, but here are some things that i dont like about this car. The first thing is when this thing is up popping really its so hard to steer this thing left and right, because it can tip over so easy and then once it tips over its so hard to get this thing back up. So you have to most likely walk over there and pick it up. No entanto, there is some times when you just press the throttle and it will just lift this off back up, but i think the ground has to be like perfect for that, and the second thing is since theres no screws on these front tires. That means that if hair were to get caught in the axle, it would kind of lock up the front wheels and you would barely be able to get it out, but i mean really guys. Those are the only two things i dont like about this car. I mean the remote has no delay to the car. The buttons are easy to press the battery, never falls out, oh and if youre wondering about this button, thats how you pop a wheelie and youve got pretty good range, so the remote is pretty good and for the car, this thing is pretty sturdy, but you will Get scratches on it, but i mean what do you expect for a car like this? You get working leds.

You got tires that actually grip the ground really well in the wheelie bar that keeps this thing up when it pops a wheelie and man. This thing can definitely pop a wheelie, and you also dont have to worry about any rocks hitting the switch off because of the way its positionedand i have not had any problems with this battery tray at all. So it keeps the batteries nice and secure in there, and one of my favorite things about this is that there is absolutely no screws for the batteries which means anywhere. You are, if you have batteries on you, just pop them in no screwdriver required. Oh and almost forgot, if you get hair or something caught in these axles, you can just take that screw off. Take the tower off and get whatevers in there out so that the tires can move freely. Então, if youre thinking about buying this car for yourself or somebody else, you have my approval to do so. I dont think youll regret it. No entanto, you might regret buying this car right here, because theres just one reason that makes this thing absolutely suck.