It open and see what you get for your money, Música. Bem, that was a bit random Music Applause, so ive had quite a few products from rock hobby, and now we have this little fella. Now one thing that im not too sure about is: are they trying to produce models that you can also drive, or is it an rc thats just highly detailed? I honestly dont know they just seem to be pushing more and more. I mean its all there, its a hard body, but i think theyre kind of aiming for people that want to take something like this and then can add more to it themselves as in. If you airbrush this up and added a bit of weathering and then you maybe did a little bit of rust and stuff like that, these are going to be amazing. You could easily turn in this into a full blown model. I mean with the interior theyve. Given you youve got a dash, youve got dials, steering wheel seats, as portas não se abrem, but still you get door handles. Now i mean the door handles are separate pieces that are added and theres a button and a handle. So if youve got enough detail, you could go in and polish those up and make you know, put some wear on them and all kinds of things also theyve theyve left it. So you can add more like these lights at the top here they have pass throughs on the inside, mas há, nothing in them.

So you could add lights to these also theres, these two little spots on the front where theyve actually left the holes, so you can put lights in as well. The front lights do light up and you get you can do sort of low and high as well as the back do as well. I think only on breaking but its like theyve kind of left it a bit open. So you can put more lighting in yourself as well as adding more detail, and another thing that makes me feel that way is that theyve actually made the back that drops down. So it is a proper bed, so you can actually stack it up with scale stuff. So you could have boxes, barrels and all kinds of things in here as well as you could weather this down, because its its actually got a wood texture to it. So you would actually stain that or paint it and actually turn it into wood. So theres a lot more, you can do with these little things. So im really really impressed they. You know its nice to see companies that are continually trying to improve their products and produce better and better detail and quality. Now it has got friction shocks its not oil, mainly because its so tiny, whether you could actually get 1 18 scale or shocks. I honestly dont know its not portal axles or anything like that. I fired it up and its pretty smooth is the way to look at it.

The modulation that its actually putting out was better than im, pretty sure ive seen on a lot of these. So from a precision point of view, and if you want to do some indoor scale crawling or you want to do some outside, i think this could be a good way to go, even though it would be nice if it was waterproof hold on on the box. It doesnt actually say anything about being waterproof, but i was watching tomly rcs video on this vehicle and he took it to what looked like an open drain yeah. I hope hes had enough injections to cover that anyway, he drove it pretty much completely underwater and it kept going. Então, at the end of this video im going to dunk mine in water completely and see what happens whether he got lucky or whether yes, actually its waterproof, so one thing i wanted to do was deep dive a little bit more into the driveline must admit these Tires are very pretty lovely and they are hex, so you do get little hex and little pins to do now. I dived into the back diff and, como você pode ver, it was great its got lots of what looks like marine grease. These are bushes from what i can see. I took a photograph because theyre so small, its very difficult for me to actually check but im, muito certo, theyre bushes, but having a nice big dollop of marine grease is gon na, keep it nice and smooth and obviously they are metal gears in there as well.

Itis 1 18escala th. We are getting pretty small, so its not one youd want to be dismantling that often, but you can do it as you can see now being ready to run. You still get your box for storage. Then you get a manual. You get a little tiny, lipo battery usb charger and you get the transmitter as well, which has all the buttons underneath no different, that weve seen before from them and its perfectly acceptable and its a reasonable size, one its not massive. All this will actually store in the box, which is what i really love. If youve got a lot of rcs like me, storage can be a bit of an issue so putting them all in this box, sealing it up, putting the cover on and then stacking them is brilliant. So i wish we could see more rc manufacturers doing this as it cant cost much, but it just makes storage so much better right. I think that pretty much covers everything so lets take it out for a bit of a blast: Bem, Música, Música, então a música. Então, Música, então a música. Nwo, as i said at the end of the video, we were going to test to find out just how waterproof this is being that tom lee sees him to put it underwater quite a lot and it worked fine, so were gon na run. An experiment, but we do it so you dont, have to and im a trained idiot, and we have all the health and safety requirements to meet the legislations that have been brought out for people to do stupid, stuff or something right.