Music whats up guys, francis here from rc review and what we do is we provide insightful objective information about rock crawlers and upgrades, and today we are going to reveal the most important upgrade of them all. If youre new, here this rc review, how you can help us is by clicking on the links in our subs in our description, uh, anything you buy will help out our channel from a main hobbies and uh click that subscribe and more important that notify button. So you know when we have new content all right, so here we go. Ive tested a lot of tires click here for a tire playlist. I compare them and lately all my crew bay area, rock crawlers, have been switching to this hallowed tire. A true cheater try tire on a cheater rig and what are they? They are the j concepts ruptures 1.9, so they are available in 1.9, Roda, size or 2.2. But obviously we do these crawlers 1.9, but whats interesting about them is they are a little bigger than the standard 4.8 that everyone does theyre about 4.9 in outside diameter, so its theyre, not legal in any competition, even class two competition, but what makes them special is Climbing and descending ability and ive done now about three sessions on it and theyre really mind blowing what they do, and what really surprised me is. I knew they were gon na bite on the side where its a lot of sharp edgy rocks thats.

What ive seen do, but even on straight up flat, steep surfaces they bite better as well than the hyrax or the team hot six, the voodoo klrs the best tires already that we have. These are beating them hands down. OKEY, so what makes them great so, first and foremost jake its a company that knows rubber j concepts. I think you need that kind of knowledge with rubber compound and they have a very soft, very tacky rubber, its not enough to have soft rubber. They just wear out fast has to be tacky, tacky and gummy and supported as well. So what they have is a very unique design. I didnt expect this to be good, so they have what they call these big blocks or big islands with a lot of siping. A lot of edges edges are like claws that you have so they have this huge island here with with these uh vertical knobs uh vertical sipes, and they have these hollow islands that that that look like uh uh, just this kind of a shape with a hollow Middle then they have these small islands too. So any kind of uh structure is used as a claw to bite and claw and they go all the way to the sides where the sides as well have an incredible sidewall. You know in mall crawlers uh theyre for decoration, but in rock crawling they really work because sometimes or the only bite you have is a rock on the side and these will really grab.

So this is what makes this tire unique is it has the ability to just grab, especially with with little sharp edges and whatnot? The other thing that shocked me is how much straight up grip. Eles têm. You know when theres no edges its just concrete or a rock slab, they have more grip than a than a hyrax, even in predator, compound, OKEY, so and how you set them up. So it comes with its not its, not expensive, either its just normal price uh. It comes with this foam and typical of jay concepts. The foam is very soft and its okay for climbing, but its not great for side hills. So what we all use is the dual stage foam from proline. Então isso é. This is kind of our match made in heaven and heres something thats really special about this situation is the foam. This thing is made for a 4.8 4.7 inch tire, e este é um 4.9 inch tire, so it doesnt quite fill up the cavity and, como se vê, thats whats needed to make these stars perform. J concepts tires. They always uh come with really soft foam because they rely on the the rubber uh conforming distorting to to to get a uh a grab at the rock. So you dont want to fill this up with a stiff foam or a super supportive foam. So the support is here is for the side wall and here and a little bit of space you know lets it conform super easily, even when brand new.

So i only have three runs on this tire and even on run, one im like wow its mind, blowing already the other foam. I would recommend for this kind of tire. Is the team, ot6, Olá, foam and halo is interesting because its dual stage as well. So if you have your inner core, you can have a big inner core for this one, but the the outer core is is super conforming, the bad news, the medium news. This is not legal for for for competition, because its a little too big 4.9 Polegadas, but the real bad news is its very hard to get, and but i will tell you how to get it its always out of stock, so how to get it? Is you you click on our link on the description at amain and youll see most likely unless youre, just the luckiest person alive, that is out of stock and what you do is uh number one back order. It just back order, pay your money and every every 30 Dias. Amin will ask you. If you you want to keep the back order so the minute they get some units, they will fill the back orders first. It just does things weve, never seen any other tyre. Fazer – and i hope you see that in the footage all right so enjoy the footage ill do some commentary just so you understand what youre looking at thanks a ton. Okay here are the j concept ruptures in action.

Look at that descent, how controlled it is! These tires are brand new out of the package very gummy, and it doesnt look like they need a lot of break in its right here. Very slow crawl youve seen this before not the hardest, but what we should notice is how slow it is and how it seems to bite those slippery rocks so by the way, hang on to the end of this video, because the lines get harder. As this video proceeds look at that little jump very controlled were using a belly dragger. Oh this. This line is crazy, so thats a hole if youre familiar with the channel thats very hard to get through. We either have to go to the left or the right, mas há, no problem the descent too, where you just stop and look at that roll in you. Never see that without other vehicles and thats, because even in descending he starts to grip and right there look at that jump and we could have proceeded all the way up. But we said okay thats a little fast. Por que não.? We see it go slow and it doesnt slide back. It just has enough grip to do whatever it wants so very composed so thats. The shocking part is its not only grippy, as you see later, in the edge rocks, but also the smooth rocks right there. It goes right through that hole which is something we never see, and here were gon na.

Do a little crab, walk, meaning, go traverse to the side, have a better entry at a steep part, its a little hard here, because it has so much grip. You have to make the vehicle slip, so itll go sideways, but theres tricks to make a vehicle slip right here. You proceed on to the side healing we didnt expect these tires to side hill well because it doesnt have any vertical knobs theyre all. But look at that no problem at all and thats, because the knobs that it has those islands are interrupted, a lot of siping and they have a lot of grip and really these are first attempts its like a non issue and usually we have to catch the Slide there wasnt a lot of slide happening beautiful shot. Here you can see our whole rock quarry formation. This was an old waterfall. When california had rain, it was allowed to dry up thats. Why we have were so lucky to have this its right here. Muito, very slippery and thats a key move right there to be able to perch by climbing that black rock is cool. Look at that punch move this. This line ive never done before, im usually more to the right or to that cavity on the the wedge there, and it has no problem, and this is a new line, and this is cool, because this is this is a rock with edges. Man made um and oh, i see a little jump, a little pop and right there, any kind of angle, imperfection or crack or hole.

These tires are very, very good at you know they like inconsistency in the rock, Porque, like a rock climber, human rock climber is able to claw its way up, use those cracks, and here we are never able to do this on the right with no power, and This is where this is mind, blowing to see that you can just go through that use. Those cracks in the rocks to get grip so were doing here. Very subtle is were using the steering using the side, edges of the front tire catch an edge and get a grip look at that saw a strong steering, servos key right there, using the right edge and right there. The belly is stuck so im going to use the front tire right, Esquerda, Direita, Esquerda, find some kind of grip and, as promised, the stunts get harder here is a corrupt carbon rig, much wider, copper axles and so that the chassis is different, more capable heavier up Front, but weight is nothing unless you have tires that can claw its way up both the front and the back are very balanced, Hes, even taken a tough line there to get the belly out of the way and heres a crazy descent boom whats happening is the Tires have so much grip, its able to hang and heres our friend nils uh, and we said as a joke back up back up. You forgot something and he says. Oh you want me to let me back up and look at this tire.

The tire not only grabs with its paws, but it also conforms it contorts to get a grip. So here is just an impossible impossible line. You need a great vehicle to do this, a good driver to execute and have the vision and tires, and our drivers austin said: high racks, no theyre not going to get up this.